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Shining Armor has many secrets. The first is that he has a diary, that he lovingly calls his Shining's Logs. And the second is that he is a reincarnated human. See how both secrets effect the life and relationships of Shining Armor, and help shape the future.

Explores the relationship between Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor, and how it set both of them on their respective paths. Also explores the development of Shining Armor into the captain of the guard, his relationship with Cadence, and the powers of love and friendship.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 206 )

That's a new Idea for a Human in Equestria Story. And a good one too :twilightsmile:

I like your Idea and will follow this Story.

See, Shiney would've known all this if he had finished watching Season 2.
I find it hilarious that he hates Pink too.

Wow, I do very much so like this story idea! Good for you on thinking up something rather original for a HiE fic. :twilightsmile:

Instant Upvote: just add water!

Dis is pretty awesome. Next chapter please!

Well, that's what you get for not watching all of the show. And now look at you, fainting next to a mare that just gave birth.
For shame.

Well, he got over that quickly.
As in, real freakin quick.

You do a great job of showing Shiny grow up in this story. Keep it going! And Get more likes this instant!

Are you going to have him use any other language aside from English for this? I mean having him speak another language would allow him to say some things that no one would be able to actually understand.

I'm loving this story. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Story Approver

This is an interesing concept, kudos for originality there. Looking foward to seeing how you explain him and Cadance hooking up to the wedding, among everything else. : )

Nice, an elaboration on why Armor calls Twilight by that nickname. I like that.

Hmm... I wonder... So far we had read, the events from season one has not changed.

BUT! What will happen, when Celestia or Twilight found out about Shining? Or even Cadence?

...cool ;)

Yes, that is the only possible conclusion to be reached. Definitely not reading anymore into it.
I'm guessing this guy didn't have a love life before he became Shiny

Why, when I read the description on this story, I thought, "There is no way anyone can pull this off and still have it be a good read." You blew me out of the water and saved my life from that killer shark pool that is doubt, because this is amazing. First off, any human in Equestria story is usually hard to do. You have to balance out what would probably happen (cliche) and what you want to do with the story yourself. Personally, him being a human doesn't matter all that much, it really only affected the beginning where he was afraid of messing up because he has knowledge of the future. So well done in that department. What really blows me away is your ability to create the events that affect the future of the characters. We don't know too much of Shining's history in the show, and just barely enough of Twilight's. You have done an excellent job of putting the puzzle pieces together to make an acceptable plot line. What impressed me the most though, was your flow of time. For chapters that are only around 1k words, you do some of the best work I've seen on keeping the story at a nice pace that doesn't feel you're rushing through events, but also isn't extremely slow and boring to read. You sir, have earned a like, favorite, a mustache, :moustache: actually take a few more, :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: and I leave you with this gif.


This is one of the better HiE stories I have read. Granted thats only 3, but it is an incredible story none-the-less. By the way, it is not Irregardless, it's just Regardless.

2641145 What the Hell is up with your profile picture?!

Uuuuhh... Cadence take the Offensive :raritywink: ^^

She got hit in the face by a door...

Story Approver

Eh, just ask her out already ya big pansy!

This is still rather interesting, its very much a snapshot style approach to passing the time and whatnot.

I am cracking up laughing. This is hilarious. Continue, if you will.

This first chapter gave me a big smile. It's a HiE fic like so many others but just different. And that is very good! I hope there are other bronies in this universe but they al decided they have to keep silent (wouldn't it be funny if Cadence is a Pegasister?)

I think Shining can speak Equestrian just as good as every pony. But he uses English to write his secret logs. Cause there is no better language to write a secret log in than a language that doesn't excist on that planet.

Comment posted by Lord_Kalbario deleted May 29th, 2013

2617634 trust me, when you see firsthand the "miracle of birth" you'd be either out like a like at the mother's first roars of the very second you enter the delivery room. I mean, those times are EXTREME! Hens my VERY healthy respect for women.

kinda hoping for more bronies in this fic, would be awesome to find out how shining learns that he did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do even in canon

ahh SHINING? you have just single handedly (hoofedly?) got FIM started with Twilight being a bookworm and all...so THAT'S how Twilight's bbbff started

2637378 unless anyone of them can read English then, then their humans to... or at least WERE.

This is a pretty good story, but... it seems the premise has been left behind. The first few chapters were fun because of Shining's human perspective and knowledge about the show, but now it feels like the recent chapters could have been part of a story about Shining, the not-previously-a-human unicorn.

Still a good read! I'm just saying the main "catch" of the story has kind'a disappeared...

Well if you've been living as a pony for 18+ years, you'd stop constantly thinking about how you 'used to be human' too. Sure he used to be human, but he's moved on with life since then and is actually doing what he swore to do (and probably whatever whoever sent him here intended for him to). It's not healthy to think about what used to be every waking hour of your life.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

Will everyone ever find out that shining was a human?

I love the story. Keep up the awesome work.

It doesn't have to be constant, just occasional reminders would be nice, like, say, he sees something new and compares it to something he saw as a human or he sees how ponies are doing something one way, and think about how much farther humans are with technology, allowing it them/us to do it easier or just anything, really--any kind of reminder that helps keep the used-to-be-a-human part of the story.

Can't wait to see what he puts in his journal about this.

Comment posted by Fluttermac36 deleted Jun 2nd, 2013

Do a time skip. DO A TIME SKIP!!!!!!!

The time has came.
I can't wait to see it (not) blow up in his face.

Skip to the Time, where Shining ask's Cadence to the Date. :fluttershysad: PLEASE!!! :fluttershysad:

2 People requesting something happens in the story...
Now to see if the author gives way and goes for it.

This story... This story! THIS STORY! THIS STORY!!! *Foam at mouth & pass-out on the floor*

Joking aside this is a really well thought out story and I'd like to see how this transitions into the future. :pinkiesmile:

The one flaw with this chapter,

It's spelled "Sergeant". Other than that, keep doing your thing. This story is amazing.

“You drop something like that on my back, and don’t expect me to buck?”

It's little, naturally slipped-in pony-like things like this that really completes a fimfic story, in my mind...

are there going to be any bronies in the future?

"I hope you enjoy your new posting as Cerberus's chew toy. Don't worry about dying though, the spell I put on you will prevent that. now have fun!"
At least, that's what I think would happen to anypony that breaks Cadence's heart.

2683210 If there is anything left to be a chew toy after Cadence herself dealt with the pony who breaks her heart...

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