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Anon-A-Miss occured before Winter Break, and tore down everything Sunset had built up to prove she had changed. She's the main victim of this deadly online secret teller, and everyone believes she's guilty. Including her so called friends.

It takes her to a point of no return, but at last minute before she jumps, she's saved by an unlikely ally... does she even a right to that word anymore?

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to "Let's go, Shadowbolts!"

Contains spoilers for "Friendship games"

Being an admirer of the classic arts, Sunny Flare loves the theatre. She has actually written quite a respectable amount of plays herself, aiming to be just as good as the greatest of their times. But no matter how brilliant and deep the hobbyist writer thinks her scripts are, the theatre group of Crystal Prep Academy refuses to play them. When an opportunity to actually perform and direct one of her works pops up Sunny is more than eager to take it. But as she tries to bring her vision onto the stage, she is not only confronted with the difficulties of transmitting that vision to the other Shadowbolts - but also with the flaws in her own script.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Reformation Buddies

After the Friendship Games, a cold war of academic ideologies has sparked at Crystal Prep Academy. While Dean Cadence pushes for a new student exchange program and a more friendly environment, Principal Cinch is instituting stricter rules and more drastic measures to keep her students in line. There are even rumors of a No Magic rule being enforced, though the details are sketchy. With so many mixed signals being thrown around, no one really knows what's in store for the prestigious institution.

Over at Canterlot High, meanwhile, the Sirens have their own problem. Sunset Shimmer's research has shown that music isn't the only way to tap into the magic of friendship. It comes out when those that wield it are true to themselves. Only problem is none of the Sirens know what that means. This is especially disheartening for Adagio Dazzle, who hasn't even regained her powers at all.

After hearing about Dean Cadence's student-exchange program, Sunset decides that she can help the Sirens and the Shadowbolts in one fell swoop by signing them all up for the program. For one week, she and the Sirens will be attending Crystal Prep, discovering their true selves while unraveling Principal Cinch's draconian schemes. Sounds simple, right?

Well, now add Discord into the mix, along with a dash of distrust from Adagio and just a pinch of the Shadowbolts not exactly being a united force. Yeah, Sunset really has her work cut out for her.

Takes place before Legend of Everfree.

Special thanks to Bookish Delight for inspiration and help with conceptualization.

Cover art provided by the amazingly talented GemiNiah.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Music To Our Ears

One cold and dark Nightmare Night, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, and Sour Sweet get together at Lemon's house to celebrate the holiday with a slumber party. But things take a terrifying turn when a long-hidden secret is revealed about one of their members...

I'd like to thank Bootsy Slickmane for not only pre-reading, but also being a terrific brainstorming partner, and providing cover art. What a guy.

Chapters (3)

The holidays are fast approaching for the city of Canterlot. Snow is on the ground, carols fill the air, and the students of Canterlot High await release for winter vacation. However, its never peaceful in Canterlot for long. Right when things are looking calm, secrets start spilling around the school. With more being revealed each day, all eyes turn to Sunset Shimmer, the former bully of CHS. With the school turning against her and no clues to follow, can she possibly figure out the culprit and clear her name?

Of course she can. You know this story. At least, I assume you do. You're probably here because you want to see an alternate take on the event after all. A timeline can be altered drastically with nothing more than a single decision, just one choice, at the right place and time. So the proper question is: Can Sunset make it to her happy ending...and will the choice even be hers to start with?

TvTropes Page: Here

Co-writer: SunnyDays

So I'd like to give two quick shout-outs.
First one goes to Dainn for his wonderful tale, 'Anon-a-Miss'. It was the base inspiration for this little drabble of mine.
Second one to cerealkiller78 for her branching story, 'Silent Night', for more or less creating a sub-genre of a sub-genre and for the Dark tag on this story.

Featured: 3/21/17, 3/26/17, 4/23/17, 5/13/17, 6/2/17, 7/11/17, 8/6/17, 9/16/17, 12/2/17, 12/20/17, 2/25/18, 6/3/18

Chapters (21)

During an otherwise ordinary bus ride on the way back from the Friendship Games, Indigo Zap and her friends reflect upon what they have seen and experienced.

Until one of them has an unsettling realization about the very moral fibre of their characters.

Rated Teen for mature language.
Special Thanks to SolidFire for his editing work.
Cover image by the talented Uotapo
Story inspired by the works of Mitchell and Webb

Chapters (1)

Background scenes from the EG special, "Dance Magic" featuring my OC, Second Person as Sour Sweet's moralistic boyfriend. Contains spoilers, obviously.

(Sex tag for suggestive humor only)

Chapters (1)

Contains spoilers for "Friendship games"

A few weeks have passed since the friendship games. After the students of Crystal Prep Academy had experienced magic going loose, things have slowly been returning to normal at their own school - meaning everybody minded their own business and tried their best to survive Principal Cinch's harsh education. Eager to reverse any damage caused to her school's reputation she has become even more strict, forcing additional lessons and homework onto her students.

Despite having had some cheerful and warm moments at Canterlot High, most students of Crystal Prep have returned to their selfish and smug attitude, seeing their fellow classmates as little more than rivals. However, a certain group of students seems to have enough of the repulsive behaviour of the other students, and seeks for friendship. Will these five able be able to cast their differences aside, or is even the magic of friendship not enough to warm up the hearts at Crystal Prep Academy?

Chapters (10)