• Published 6th Nov 2015
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"Let's go, Shadowbolts!" - AppleJTZ

After the friendship games everything returns back to normal at Crystal Prep Academy. However, five students seem influenced by the spirit of friendship they witnessed at CHS, and are unwilling to go back to the cold-hearted usual of their school.

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Locker neighbors

The intervals between lessons at Crystal Prep Academy were rather short, just giving the students enough time to pick their things from their lockers. Aside from the rustling of books and the sound of opening and closing locker doors, the hallways of the school were relatively quiet at those time compared to other schools. There was some conversation and laughter, but the majority of the student body just minded their own business. Even after the principal's announcement there were only few talking about it, and instead of openly complaining about the additional lessons and homework they were mostly either quietly expressing their concerns of the extra work or hid their nervousness behind a smug attitude.


“Ugh!” Sour grunted, slamming her locker shut. Turning around she leaned her back against it, pressing her books against her chest. “Is it just me or did Cinch become even MORE terrible since the friendship games?” she asked.

Sugarcoat’s head peeked out from two lockers next to Sour’s. “This is no surprise considering her top student has left to go to CHS instead of applying for an elite school” she simply replied as she pulled out some books from her locker. “Now she fears the reputation of Crystal Prep might be in danger, and seeks to improve the grade point average by adding even more discipline and sternness into her education.”

Turning her head to the side Sour put on a darling look. “Oh, thank you for explaining it all in so much detail, Sugarcoat♥” she chirped, before her face fell into an annoyed grimace as she asked with dry sarcasm: “Or should I call you Captain Obvious?”

Holding her books under her arm Sugarcoat closed her locker, before pushing up her glasses slightly. “Better Captain Obvious than Obnoxious” she remarked, earning an even angrier glare from Sour. Pushing herself off from her locker the yellow-skinned girl with the ponytail took a step towards the blue-skinned girl with the three pigtails, about to snap something at her. Suddenly the girl occupying the locker between them held out a hand to both of them.

“Girls, calm down!” Indigo Zap insisted, sounding demanding and soothing at the same time. “I know it sucks the little rest of our free time is cut even shorter, but hey – this isn’t the first time Cinch randomly decided to toss more work on us. We’ll get through it, like always.” Grinning widely she reached out her hand between the two, yelling with a loud rallying voice: “Come on, give me a “LET’S GO SHADOWBOLTS”!”

Both Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat looked at the overly motivated student with a face that screamed “Seriously?”

On the other side of the hallway Sunny Flare reached her head out of her locker. “Sheesh, I really wish I had your spirit, darling” she told Indigo, gathering the books for her next lesson. “I had to move my piano-“

Sunny then paused, glancing in annoyance at to the locker next to her. The green mane of Lemon Zest poked out behind the door, Sunny clearly hearing the music banging from her headphones. “Excuse me, but would you mind turning down the volume of your noise a little?” she tried to call out to her. “I am trying to talk here!”

With a loud slam Lemon Zest shut the door of her locker, furiously staring at Sunny. “Hey, what did you call my music, dude?!” she shouted over the music from her headphones.

Sunny rolled her eyes. “I’d say “you heard me right”, but that would probably be a false statement” she calmly replied, making Lemon even more furious. “And I’m a lady, so please refrain from addressing me as dude.” Turning to the girls on the other side of the hallway Sunny continued: “As I was about to say, because of the arbitrary amount of math homework I had to move my piano lesson this afternoon, and-”

“Uh, look at Miss Fancy here and her piano lessons!” Lemon cut her off, flailing her hands in an exaggerated gesture of shock. “She had to move 'em! You want me to play on the world’s smallest fiddle for ya?”

Hands on her hips Sunny was about to return something, when she noticed a teacher coming down the hallway behind Lemon. Alarmed she pointed with one hand behind Lemon Zest, and with the other at her ears. At first Lemon raised an eye-brow at the wildly gesturing girl, before her eyes shot wide open as she got the message. Quickly she took off her headphones, almost dropping them in her haste. Switching off the music she hid them behind her back and pressed herself against her locker door. She put on a big nervous grin, her forehead getting sweaty as the teacher walked past her. Lemon looked after her until she was completely out of hearing range, then let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Thanks, Sunny” she said with a smile, putting her earphones back on.

Sunny smiled back. “You’re welcome” she told her, waving it off with her finely polished fingernails. Pointing with one of those sharp finger-nails at Lemon she added more seriously: “But you owe me one!”

Indigo Zap looked after the teacher, in her grey skirt and blazer, wearing a pair of large glasses and her hair in a bun similar to their principal’s. “Where does Cinch get those guys from anyway?” she wondered aloud. “Aside from Dean Cadance they are all boring eggheads! I sometimes can’t even keep them apart...”

“They really share a lot of characteristics which makes their distinction difficult” Sugarcoat agreed. “They even have a lot of similar voice patterns.”

Leaning back against her locker Sour chuckled. “Yeah, there are like two ways they can speak: Either they lull you with their charmingly boring voices into a deep slumber…” she spoke with a voice as clear as a bell, which suddenly cracked when she went on “…or they haunt you in your nightmares with their rants about discipline!”

Indigo broke out into laughter, while Sunny giggled with a hand in front of her mouth. A wide grin on her face Lemon said: “Damn right! It’s like half of them are failed clone experiments of Cinch who keep hammering into us to study, and the rest are zombies slurping from classroom to classroom while spreading boredom!”

“Them being zombies would actually make sense” Indigo joked. “First they teach us all this stuff so our brains get nice big and juicy, and when we’re ripe they crack open our skulls and slurp ‘em up!”

The others laughed. Lemon stretched out her arms, pulling one leg behind her as she began to walk around like a zombie. “Braaaaains!” she moaned, rolling up her eyes and opening her mouth wide with her tongue hanging out. “I’m gonna bore you to death and eat your braaaaaaains!”

“Braaaaains!” Indigo joined in, the two Shadowbolts limping like they were undead. Sour burst out into wild laughter, Sunny pressed her hand tightly against her mouth as she held back a chortle, and Sugarcoat raised one of the corners of her mouth to a smile.

Suddenly Sunny stopped, looking a little irritated at the others. “Wait, what are we doing here?” she asked.

“We are gonna eat your braaaaain!” Indigo mourned, playfully lunging herself at Sunny.

“That’s not what I mean” she responded, pushing the blue-haired girl away. “We’ve been locker neighbors for years, but we usually just silently pack our books and head into our next classes. Since when do we talk to each other, gossip or goof around as if we were… friends?”

Stopping in their tracks and falling silent the others almost simultaneously raised an eye-brow. Standing in the hallway the five girls exchanged uncomfortable glances for a few moments, feeling somewhat uneasy all of a sudden.

“You’ve made it awkward” Sugarcoat finally said.