• Published 2nd Jan 2016
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Crystal Prep Cuties - Wildcard25

Spike Drake reunites with six of his childhood friends, only to see they've changed a lot since they were children

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Hang out like before

After Spike reunited with his six friends after school, the girls took him to one of their favorite ice cream shops in the city, known as The Cool Spot.

The group was sitting at a booth having milkshakes, while catching up on old times. Spike spoke to Twilight, "So, Twi, still got your eyes set on that Everton place for that Independent study program you talked about in your last letter?"

"Well, I was considering it, but Dean Cadance and the girls talked me out of it. Especially when I found out I'd be all alone with no contact to the outside world." she answered.

"You'd go crazy like in that movie." Lemon laughed.

"Plus if she went away and you came back, you might never see her again. And vice versa." Indigo added.

"And I realized I could get a lot more done around others than I could alone. So I tricked out my family garage into my own unique lab." Twilight explained.

"Where she creates mutant test subjects." Indigo whispered to Spike.

"Indigo!" Twilight chided her, as the girls laughed.

Spike chuckled, "Doesn't sound surprising. Twilight's always been the sciencey one. So if anyone could figure out a way to make anything like mutants or even robots it would be her."

"You give me far too much credit, Spike."

"So what've you been up to as of late, Spike?" Sunny asked.

"Well, keeping up with my grades, checking out the latest in hottest movies, and to top it off I found a calling card."

"What calling card?" Sugarcoat asked.

"I've developed a passion for hip hop dancing." Spike explained.

"You have?" Sour asked, "Well, that's just marvelous!" Spike cringed expecting her to say something harsh afterward, but to his relief she didn't.

"I never did take you for the dancing type, Spike." Twilight said.

"I didn't think I was capable of it myself. But I took a chance, made a good impression. And practiced some more. And now I'm one of the best dancers to leave Draconius Junior High."

"I'd like to see how you dance, bro." Lemon Zest said.

"So would I." Indigo added.

"Me too." Sour nodded.

"Well, we can do that later. I have been wanting to stretch my legs." Spike admitted.

"Let's go back to my place so he can show us." Indigo offered.

"You girls still live in the same places?" Spike hoped.

"That's right," Sour answered, "What ya think we'd move into different houses while living in the same city?"

"No. I just didn't think you'd still be here. I mean you stopped sending me letters so I wasn't sure if you were still there or not."

"Our bad." Twilight answered.

"Well, come on. Let's finish and get over to Indigo's!" Lemon cheered, as they finished their milkshakes.

Afterward they walked all the way over to Indigo's place, where the girl opened up her garage door. Spike looked in seeing an old chevy impala, "What's with the car, Indigo?"

"Just a little something my dad picked up for me a month ago. He said if I can get it running then it's mine." she patted the hood of the car.

"And once it's all fixed up, we're gonna joy ride this baby like we rule the city!" Lemon pumped her arms up.

"And hopefully our camaraderie won't be so wild that it lands us in jail." Sugarcoat put in.

"And I wouldn't want to be in jail," Sour began, "Otherwise I'd have to fight for survival like a dirty dog in the street."

Spike shivered at the thought of her fighting convicts with a raging mind like that. Indigo tugged out from the garage a cardboard box that was opened and flattened out to form a mat.

"Here's something you can use to dance on, Spike." Indigo said.

"Thanks, Indigo."

Lemon pulled out a radio that was in the garage, "And I got the beats for ya."

After laying the mat out, Lemon plugged the radio in and placed her app into the compartment and was able to play some hip hop beats from her app.

At first Spike was moving slowly as if getting into the rhythm. Soon enough he started dancing it out with all sorts of moves. With each move, the girls watched in amaze.

'He could've never have pulled that off when we were kids.' Indigo thought, while feeling impressed.

'That's hardcore awesome!' Lemon thought with wide eyes.

'Oh, my.' Sunny thought, while fanning herself.

'He's a genius.' Twilight thought.

'Now that's a killer dance!' Sour thought.

'He surely has what it takes to go pro.' Sugarcoat thought to herself.

Spike did a break dance number before he struck a final pose as the music ended. The six girls cheered as they gathered around their old friend congratulating him.

"Spike, you left me in wow!" Lemon cheered.

"That was so amazing words can't describe it!" Indigo added.

"It was a spectacular performance." Sunny applauded.

Sugarcoat smiled and crossed her arms, "You really do have a talent for dancing."

"Thanks, girls. And I'm glad I was able to show you."

Twilight stood by his side, "I know that talent's gonna take you places, Spike."

"So do I, but right now there's no other place I'd rather be right now than being with my old friends. Like this." he reached into his wallet and pulled out a picture.

The group looked and saw it was an old group shot of them when they were younger, "Were we really that small?" Indigo asked.

"We looked so adorable." Sunny smiled.

Sour turned to her, "What do you mean 'looked'? Are you saying we aren't now?"

"I wasn't implying that." Sunny assured her mood swinging friend.

"You know what, guys?" Lemon asked, "This calls for a new one."

"A new one?" Sugarcoat asked with a raised brow.

Twilight got the hint, "She's right. A new group shot."

"Works great for me." Spike agreed.

Lemon set her phone up in a spot on timer camera. The six girls and Spike got together in front of Indigo's car project. Spike was in the center with Indigo on his right, with Lemon next to her, and then Sunny. On Spike's left was Twilight, Sour, and Sugarcoat.

The picture was taken and it zoomed out to reveal Spike was in his bedroom looking at the picture on his phone that was sent by Lemon Zest to the rest of the girls.

Spike smiled at the picture, "I have a feeling Crystal Prep Academy's gonna be a hell of a place to attend. But with my friends there, it'll be all worth it." he sighed while kicking back on his bed.