• Published 2nd Jan 2016
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Crystal Prep Cuties - Wildcard25

Spike Drake reunites with six of his childhood friends, only to see they've changed a lot since they were children

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Gone Away and Came Back

"There's an old saying told by Thoreau. 'Things do not change; we change'. I learned that the hard way. My name's Spike, and this is my story. Six years ago I had six amazing friends, all who were girls. We did everything together."

"There was Twilight Sparkle, a brainy girl who also was a conspiracy theorist who tried to make sense of the everything around her and loved dabbling in mysteries surrounding the world. Personally, she should have her own show dealing with that stuff. Though a bit socially awkward, that's what always made her cute in my eyes."

"Sugarcoat was an honest girl who would always let us know what she was thinking and her opinion on anything. It was her honesty that got me to believe I could do anything if I really tried."

"Sour Sweet despite her name is actually one of the sweetest girls I ever knew. If ever I needed a friendly person to talk to about any problems I had, she was always there to listen."

"Indigo Zap was one of the best athlete's I ever knew who wasn't a boy. If there was ever a challenge in terms of sports she'd take it. Plus she'd always show good sportsmanship in the end."

"Sunny Flare was elegant and self confident. She always knew the latest fads and trends and made sure we were up to date on them as well."

"And Lemon Zest was a wild thing and lover of music, especially rock. She's always never been seen without wearing headphones on her ears or around her neck."

The six girls explained who were about ten years of age were pulling along the boy Spike who was about eight years old. The girls tugged Spike along as they made their way to the local playground.

The seven friends were sitting in a sandbox building a castle, "Finished. And very life-like." Twilight inspected it.

"Excellent job, girls." Indigo smiled.

"It's wicked!" Lemon clapped her hands.

"Marvelous." Sour Sweet folded her hands.

"We really outdid ourselves with our skills." Sugarcoat added.

"What do you think, Spike?" Sunny looked to the younger boy who spoke up.

"I think it's amazing," he looked at them, "Oh, girls. I love spending time with all of you."

"And we love spending time with you too, Spike." Twilight answered.

"I wish we could stay like this forever." Spike wished.

"So do we." Lemon agreed.

"But I'm afraid we can't always do this kind of stuff together," Sugarcoat admitted, "I mean, we can still do stuff together, but I don't think the playground will always be on our list of places to be together."

"Sugarcoat's got a point," Twilight agreed, "I mean if we get older the playground will seem smaller to us."

"I understand." Spike replied.

"But don't worry, we're all still going to be friends, right?" Indigo asked the girls who nodded.

"You all promise?" Spike asked hopefully.

Indigo smirked and leaned in pecking Spike on the cheek making him blush, as she answered, "Promise."

"Hey, how come you kissed Spike?" Lemon complained.

"I made my move first," Indigo smirked, "And in sports the one who strikes first gets the lead."

Lemon glomped the little boy and held him close, "Well, then I'll snatch him out of spite!" she pecked his cheek, increasing his flustered expression.

"Lemon Zest, don't suffocate, Spike. Give him here." Sunny Flare pulled Spike over and kissed his cheek.

"It's my turn!" Sour Sweet took Spike and gave his cheek a kiss too.

"I'm not getting left out." Twilight gave Spike one too.

"You're all crazy, but I'm not gonna be singled out." Sugarcoat gave Spike the last cheek kiss.

Spike was left with a face as red as a tomato and a smile. Him and the girls continued to play happily.

"But eventually, the good times came to an end."

The girls were running after a car followed by a moving truck, with Spike poking his head out the window.

"Girls!" he called out to them.

"Spike!" they cried, still trying to catch up to him.

"Girls, remember that I'm always with you. I'll come back one day. I promise!"

"We know you will!" Twilight called, as the girls stopped and watched as their best friend and his parents moved away leaving them.

"There he goes." Sunny Flare sighed.

"I really hope we do see him again." Lemon Zest hoped.

"I'm sure we will." Twilight replied, giving them a confident smile which brought their hopes up.

Six Years later

A fifteen year old Spike stood outside the gates of school that looked to be strictly for the rich and sophisticated type. He was outfitted in black dress shoes, dark blue slacks, an aqua blue shirt, with a dark blue tie, and over it was a reddish-purple blazer.

"Crystal Prep Academy, one of the most prestigious school's in the city," Spike told himself, "I can't believe the school my parents enrolled me into the day we just moved back here, was this one of all places. But being alumni, they felt it would be good for me to experience the same school they attended. I just wish I didn't have to wear this uniform." he sighed and walked past the gates before entering the building.

Spike looked around seeing the place was exactly the kind of school rich and prestigious students would attend. It looked so fancy and big he was already feeling out of place.

"I better find the principal's office before class starts. But where is it?" he wondered, as he started walking the halls.

He was passing many other students wearing the same uniform as him, only the girls were wearing skirts, and bow ties. When Spike tried asking multiple students, they were either too busy with their own things to notice him or just flat out ignored him as if he was a ghost to them.

Spike was getting annoyed, "Jeez is everyone in this school an elitist snob? Isn't there anyone with a shred of compassion to tell me where the Principal's office is?!" he snapped.

"Just up the stairs and on the left." came a female voice.

Spike suddenly looked confused at the response. He turned around and saw a girl about his age. She had light cyan colored eyes, and her hair was a mix of pale light grayish cyan and light opalish gray.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"You were wondering where the principal's office was, so I figured I'd help." she explained in a meek tone.

"Oh, well, thanks uh..."

"Coco. Coco Pommel." she introduced herself.

"Well, thanks, Coco. I'm Spike. Spike Drake."

"Nice to meet you, Spike. I take it you're a freshman? I am too."

"Well, at least I'm not the only freshman here." Spike joked and the two laughed.

"I better get going. I guess I'll see you around." Coco said, as she headed off.

Spike smiled before taking her instructions and went up the stairs before going to the left seeing the sign on the door reading Principal Cinch.

He knocked on the door, and heard a voice from inside, "Come in."

So Spike opened the door and stepped inside. He looked around seeing the big office was dark with only two lanterns hanging above giving light.

He looked ahead seeing two women by the front desk of the room. The first one was tall and middle aged with dark shades of purple hair, blood red lips, pale purple eyes covered by glasses covering the bridge of her nose. She was dressed all formal like a respected principal.

Standing in her presence alone made Spike feel chilly as if all the happiness in the atmosphere had been vanquished.

The second woman accompanying her was much younger and looked unquestionably beautiful. She had purple eyes and her hair was a mix of pink, pale gold, and purple. Her outfit was comprised of a blue shirt, a darker blue jacket, a gold necklace around her neck, cyan skirt, gold high-heeled shoes, and a pin with the symbol of a crystallized heart. This one on the other hand make Spike feel calmer and trying to outweigh the dark cold feeling the first woman brought to the office.

"Um, Principal Cinch?" Spike inquired.

"Speaking." the principal answered.

"I'm Spike Drake, I believe you were expecting me?"

Cinch turned to the second woman who looked at some files, and handed one to the older one, "Ah, yes. Spike Drake, son of Johnathon and Bianca Drake. Indeed we were waiting for you. Though I half expected you ten minutes ago." she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"My apologies, ma'am."

"Well, nothing we can do about it now. Please take a seat," Cinch instructed, as Spike took the only seat front and center of the principal's desk, "Now then, as I'm sure you're aware Crystal Prep Academy is for the best and brightest students. You are aware of our reputation, aren't you?" she squinted her eyes.

"It's all I've been told." Spike answered.

"Good. Then you know that we at CPA value our victories and accomplishments highly and every student has something to offer. Have you anything to offer?"

"Well, uh-I can dance." Spike admitted.

"In what style?" Cinch inquired.

"Break dancing and hip hop."

Cinch was silent at first before answering, "I see. Well, I'm sure it'll come in handy somewhere down the line. But enough of that. Your schedule's already been filled up and locker selected."

"Thank you." Spike replied.

The second woman spoke up, "Spike, I'm Cadance, Dean of Crystal Prep. If you ever have questions on anything please come and talk to me."


"Now then, we've assigned six of our students to show you around the school to help you familiarize with it." Cadance spoke.

"Even though it only required one student, Dean Cadance insisted we assign six of our students to provide you with different outlooks from more than one student." Cinch explained bitterly.

"I understand." Spike replied.

There was a knock at the office door, "That'll be them now," Cinch spoke, "Come in, girls." The door opened and six girls stepped inside. All six of them were wearing the girls version of the Crystal Prep Academy uniform.

The first one had violet eyes covered by thick black glasses, and her hair colored purple with a single pink streak that was done up in a bun. The second girl had moderate cerise eyes, and her hair was short colored grayish mulberry with light raspberry streaks with a flaring yellow sun barrette in it. The third girl had moderate indigo eyes, freckles on her face, and long hair colored moderate rose with streaks of both a lighter moderate rose and grayish aquamarine while done up in a ponytail.

The fourth girl had amber colored eyes, a few ear piercings, goggles on her head, and her hair was spikey and colored blue indigo with streaks of different shades of blue in it. The fifth girl had grayish orchid colored eyes covered by red glasses, and her hair was light opalish gray with light arctic bluish gray streaks styled into two long ponytails on the back of her head with a bun tracing on the back of her head from a widow's peak. Finally the sixth girl with light brilliant amber colored eyes, and long hair with a mix of different shades of green, and blue eye shadow.

"We came as soon as you called, Principal Cinch." the bun haired girl with glasses began.

"We would've gotten here sooner if someone hadn't been spending too much time prepping herself." someone said in a blunt tone.

"Well, excuse me for trying to look presentable for the student we're meant to accompany." came an elegant voice.

"Girls, let's not fight on our first day back," Said a sweet voice, before whispering in a sour tone, "Especially if you're gonna drag all of us down with you."

"Come on, dudes, chillax," came a spunky voice, "We're all here to help a student out."

"Yeah. So Principal Cinch who is the student you wanted us to show around?" came the last girl.

"This young man here." Cinch said, as Spike stood up and turned around to face the girls.

To Spike's shock the six girls standing before him sparked something in his memories, "Girls?!" he gasped.

The girls were confused at his reaction, until they noticed his spikey green hair, and green colored puppy eyes and realized who they were standing before.

"Spike?!" they gasped.

Author's Note:

And there you have it, my first new fic here at the start of the New Year. If anyone has any suggestion like I was given for The Girls of My Life and Ladies Man on Campus, I'm open to hear them.