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Unsettling dreams are starting to worry Princess Luna. She is positive these dreams hold an ominous portent for all of Equestria, but there is only one stallion who knows for certain the answers she seeks. King Sombra has been imprisoned again in Shadow since his defeat and the shattering of his body, but he is no less cunning and ruthless. And as Luna tries to interrogate him over time, she finds there is a softer side to the unicorn king, one nopony has seen before. But Celestia fears for her younger sister, warning Luna against Sombra's advances. Is the once-tyrant truly starting to court Princess Luna...or is she simply being used as a pawn in his plans to regain power?
Cover art by the amazing MickeyMonster, who has permitted me use of it for this fanfiction, as this image inspired me to write this story in the first place.
Edited and proofread by my girls TheOneBehindYou and LabyrinthineMind.

8tracks playlist: https://8tracks.com/yoru-the-rogue/lingering-shadows

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Spike had always caught my eye, but I wasn't expectin' for him to steal my heart. After his fight with Twilight, I thought bringin' him on the farm would help him, not harm us both with a good time. Though I wonder... can I get him to like me back?

Edited by the up and coming, FanficReader920.

Drunk Applejack by xcopyen002

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Feeling introspective and adrift after the ordeal at Rainbow Falls, the last thing Spitfire wanted to think about was having to fly all the way back to Cloudsdale, let alone do so with Soarin, Fleetfoot and an uncomfortable atmosphere. So she took the train instead, where she ended up talking to a pegasus from the Ponyville team. Turns out they have rather different outlooks on life.

This is not an accusation story, and it was not written for the purpose of humbling Spitfire. Quite the opposite – this is about forgiving her.

If you like, this can be a standalone story, or it can be a prequel scene for Haunted Wasteland, of which King Of The Stingers is another, though with a completely different cast and situation to this one.
Proofread by NaiadSagaIotaOar.

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Sunset Shimmer has been distant lately, spending time with Starlight Glimmer. Twilight doesn't know how to feel, except jealous. When she gets a call from Sunset asking her to come over, she doesn't know how to feel, except hopeful.

What she discovers is something altogether unexpected.

A commission fic for ShortSkirtsandExplosions

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This story is a sequel to Forever

Now completely taken by the insanity of her immortality, Twilight Sparkle decides the best course of action is to spread it to her friends.

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Moonlight Raven doesn't date much. As a dark mistress of the night, she often finds that others cannot comprehend her mysterious nature and her unfathomable magical powers, poor mortal fools that they are. Besides, her loving sister, Sunshine Smiles, is the only real friend she needs. But when Sunshine sets her up on a date with none other than Maud Pie, the only pony in Equestria more mysterious than she is, Raven finds herself having to do some serious self-evaluation.

This story is about Moonlight Raven from the Canterlot Carousel episode.

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Fourteen authors, one story. I foresee precisely zero problems.

This is the culmination of a round-robin event in which a whole bunch of neato folks whose words you may have read before wrote a chapter each in one big story, with the proviso that they were only allowed to see the preceding chapter. This was totally a cool idea, like, a year ago.

This is the story that they wrote, and these are the people who wrote it:

Lucky Dreams
Whatever Rusty's Fimfic Name Is
Ponydora Prancypants
Cold in Gardez
Wanderer D
Dawn Scroll
Pen Stroke

There are no elephants.

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Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape.

After one-thousand years of being bound in the celestial body, Nightmare Moon is free! Right alongside the poor sap that got bound with her.

Thrust into an unfamiliar world, with scars and memories that are now drastically out of place, this is the story of the former guard captain, Magic Barrier.

Do the words above sound familiar? If they do, then you've probably read my other story, A Pony Displaced. This tale isn't a sequel. It isn't a rewrite, though you might consider it a re-imagining of sorts. It is a tale of progression, one that I hope will show my development as a writer in both skill and quality. But more importantly, it is a story that offers exploration into one simple question. What if Magic Barrier had trotted down another path?

As always, thanks go out to everyone who helped me get to this point. In particular, thank you to Alticron, for editing, proofreading, co-writing, being my idea-wall, and arguably the single biggest reason this story saw the light the day, and thank you to Word Worthy, formerly Izanagi, who also edited, proofread, and threw ideas around with us. It wouldn't be possible without these two. In addition to those two I'd like to thank the newest member of the group Omnicron25 for his efforts in proofing/editing as well. Damn glad to have you on board mate.

Additional thanks to Wing for keeping me company late nights and for being a wordsmith when I needed one.

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After a freak accident, Princess Celestia finds herself in a whole new universe. As she seeks a way home, she is captured by none other than Team Rocket.


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In the heat of the moment, a poor choice of words is all the difference between pragmatism and spite. Especially when spoken out of anger.

Three weeks without a word to her girlfriend has nagged at the back of Applejack's mind. But she's not in the wrong, she's sure of it.

She was only trying to look out for Rainbow's future.

Preread by Jondor.
Vector posted by SlayerBVC on Derpibooru.

Entry for the AppleDash Contest. Soak it in, Tcherno. You absolute heathen.

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