• Published 27th Jul 2017
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Forever (And Ever) - RarityEQM

Twilight's madness over the concept of her immortality is spreading...

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Spectrum Smiles


Rainbow Dash gave an irritated groan, while her ears perked at the sound of her name being called. Over, and over and over again. It was always something when she was taking a nap. With a frustrated sigh, she twisted to her side, and peered over the cloud she'd been snoozing on. Below her, the owner of the voice calling her name, Applejack, gamboled and pranced in a circle, giddy like a filly and beaming a bright and cheerful gleam of a smile. Rainbow Dash drew in a quiet sigh. Whatever it was that was going on below, wasn't going to let her get back to sleep. She was sure of it the way Applejack seemed beside herself with excitement.

"Yo AJ. What's up? I was kinda in the middle of a nap." Rainbow groused, leaping from her cloud high in the sky with a graceful little flip that set her down neatly next to the smiling Earth Pony. A contagious, beautiful smile that screamed of optimism and happiness. It was enough to make Rainbow Dash smile too, despite her grumpy demeanor at being woken up well before her nap was complete.

"Aww, shucks Rainbow! I didn't mean ta wake ya up, but trust me, heh, ya'll have all the time in the world ta nap!" Applejack squeaked happily. She was practically prancing in place with energy Rainbow swore she saved for bucking trees.

Applejack was cute in the way she could hardly keep her excitement down. The normally reserved Earth Pony seemed ablaze with ecstatic energy and Rainbow Dash found her wings starting to twitch in anticipation. As if she were preparing to dart off in a race or something. To her surprise, it only took a moment or so after she'd touched down for Applejack to wrap her forelegs around her in a loving hug.

Surprised by the sudden embrace, Rainbow Dash found herself returning it eagerly with a quiet laugh. It was unlike Applejack to be so open about her emotions, but Rainbow Dash caught herself smiling along with her friend. Whatever the reason for the good mood, it was making Rainbow Dash smile too.

"So whats up? Whadda mean I'll have all the time in the world to nap?" asked the pegasus. Applejack chuckled quietly and took a deep breath. She opened her mouth, shut it, opened it again, and then shook her head, as if finding the right words were difficult for her. Patience was not particularly a strong suite of Rainbow Dash, but she could wait while Applejack wildly searched for an explanation to her condition.

"Well...uh...forever! Reckon we're gonna live forever, Rainbow Dash! Least, that's the way Twilight tells it. Don't rightly understand it, but I-" Applejack began before Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Yes, yes. Forever. Duh. My legacy as a Wonderbolt will be passed down, I'm sure. I mean, Wind Rider? Sonic Storm? Those legends? They're nothin' compared to me!" Rainbow chuckled. Applejack simply shook her head quietly and sat down in front of Rainbow, like she was carrying a huge secret. A huge, wonderful, glorious secret she couldn't wait to share.

"No, Rainy, ya'll ain't listening! You, Me? The Elements? We're gonna live forever!" Applejack explained in a rush of breath. Rainbow raised an eyebrow slowly. What?

"...err....whadda me-" She began.

"FOREVER Rainbow Dash! We're Immortal! I- I mean we're gonna be! Don't reckon I understand it myself, but, I got to talkin' with Twilight and-" Applejack stammered before Rainbow held up both her hooves. Slowly, Applejack was starting to understand Twilight's crazed behavior earlier this afternoon, for now her mind was racing too. The more she explained, the more she found herself drifting into thoughts of the future. She was going to need more land if she was going to plant so many apple trees. Much more land, and a better schedule, one Twilight surely could help with! Yes! That would work! She was snapped out of her thoughts by Rainbow's sudden, (and completely understandable) outburst.

"Wait, wait, wait! Whoa. Stop. Hold on. Back up. Rewind. What do you mean 'immortal' How does THAT work? We're not immortal!" Rainbow Dash snapped. That's when Applejack started laughing again. An onset of helpless giggles that came out of nowhere and seized her without mercy. It was a little unsettling to witness, but Applejack didn't seem to be able to help herself.

"I don't rightly know. I mean, Twilight was mighty convinced, and, uh, I gotta admit, I am too. She made a real good argument. Said, that uh, in the future, somehow, somewhere, we're all gonna be Alicorns. Didn't really take to it at first, but now that I've been thinkin' about it, it all feels right as rain." Applejack explained breathlessly through the throes of laughter that had over taken her. Rainbow Dash shook her head skeptically and gave a dismissive snort.

"Uh huh. And exactly what did Twilight say to convince you we were gonna be Alicorns, Applejack?" Rainbow asked. Applejack sat back on her haunches with a smug little grin tugging at her lips.

"She said she could see the pattern. That if it happened to her, she expected it to happen to all of us." Applejack responded. Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, but she was a unicorn. She was special." Rainbow said quietly. Applejack's grin didn't waver in the slightest, and she leaned forward to boop Rainbow on the nose with her hoof.

"And you ain't, miss 'Sonic Rainboom'?" Applejack asked, watching with amusement at the adorable blush that radiated over Rainbow's cheeks. She reached back to rub a hoof behind her head quietly.

"N-No, that's different. I mean, Twilight was-" She began.

"Just an ordinary unicorn that done did something extraordinary. Kinda like you. Kinda like me. Kinda like all us elements." Applejack grinned. The giggles were trying to return and she was doing her best to try and keep them at bay. Rainbow Dash gave an irritated snort at Applejack's clearly raging insanity. So it was Twilight who was to blame for interrupting her nap. She waggled a hoof dismissively and gazed back up at her cloud.

"Yeah? I mean...No. That isn't...that's crazy." Rainbow laughed nervously. Her voice was faltering. Applejack was grinning more and more.

"Oh yeah? That's just what I thought. But lemme ask ya'll this...why is it so crazy? We've defeated Gods. We've braved hundreds o' changelings. We done saved Equestria more than any other hero out there. Ain't nothin' out there that can stop us." Applejack explained. Rainbow Dash gave an irritated sigh.

"Why is it so crazy? Cause....Well...see...we can't just become Alicorns...that doesn't...that just...that just doesn't..." she sputtered quietly. Oh, but it did happen. It happened to Twilight. Rainbow Dash had never given it much thought before, but that's exactly what had happened. And if Twilight thought it would happen to them...

"Think about it Rainbow. I mean really think about it. Ya'll gonna live forever. You'll be the captain of the Wonderbolts. You'll create the worlds best stunts. You'll help me teach honesty and loyalty for generations and generations to come. You'll have all the time in the world to learn every trick, every stunt, every amazing impossible maneuver pegasi can do. You'll be the most sought after Pegasus by youngin's all over the place. Face it Rainbow Dash! Ya'll gonna be immortal!!" Applejack squealed, clapping a hoof on Rainbow's shoulder. The cyan pegasus's mouth had dropped open and she sputtered and squeaked, looking for whatever words she could find to prove Applejack wrong. Words that weren't there. Words that turned to ash in her mouth and resurrected as an unstoppable, burning laughter. Noooow she was getting it. Applejack joined her, lost in the mind bending insanity Twilight had bestowed upon them.

"Now Rainy. I know we'll have the time n' all, but ya'll gotta promise me, one 'o the first things ya'll do...is teach me how ta fly, alright? Tween you n me...always...always kinda wished I could..." Applejack stammered quietly, a twinkling smile wrapped around her lips. Rainbow's muzzle twisted into a helpless grin and she threw her head back a cackled. Racing through the sky with her friends by her side? It was so surreal she couldn't wrap her mind around it. But oh, how she wanted to. It was a truly heart warming thought- a warmth that enveloped her soul entirely and left her with an unmistakable, unstoppable joy. Immortal...

Slowly, she turned to Applejack with a cheerful, unstoppable beam and wildly nodded her head, unable to pull the smile from her lips.

"OF COURSE I'LL TEACH YOU!!" She barked happily, squeezing her best friend in a firm hug! The idea of her and Applejack racing through the sky sent a tingle rippling down her spine and she found energy she didn't know she had coursing through her frame. Immortal? YES! She would be immortal! She'd touch the sky with Applejack and the others, race from one end of the planet to the other, and save any pony she came across and solved problems as they arose! She would be immortal, and she couldn't wait to tell somepony!

Somepony like Pinkie Pie...