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Dylan Rider, a six-year-old foster kid, has been placed in Foster Homes all across the state of Massachusetts, and was hoping that one day, his parents would come and get him back. But one day on a hiking trip with some other foster kids, he got a little woozy and fell unconscious.

The next thing he knew, he was in a hospital, in a whole different world, in a whole different body. Dylan woke up as an alicorn filly, but that wasn't just the only thing that Dylan was put into.

This story is based on Living Nightmare by Autum Breeze, but a little more complicated.

Chapters (17)

After an acident at a Concert, I wake up in Equestria with all my memories intact. Trying to create a new life will be a challange I have to face, but it proves to be difficult in a society that is the complete opposite to what I am used to. Will I manage to find my place here in my new home or will it just end in another failure?

This story is named after the song that gave me the courage to finally start posting here.

Edit 02.06.2020: Changed rating from E to T for the fool language, what I plan to do, and for implied sex.

Cover by the amazing Mix-up, check out his DA here.

Big thanks go to rikithemonk for his help with editing this story

Chapters (36)

Phoenix a college drop out with no motivation or drive beyond trying not live on the streets, is set to ship off for the military till a chance encounter changes his fate. When he is offered a way to restore his motivation by going to Equestria of all things he agrees believing it to be a nothing more than a joke. Upon opening his eyes he soon realizes that he truly is in Equestria but as a filly of all things.
Placed into a life he didn't want, hes forced to confront his own flaws learning what he never could on Earth.

Inspired by:
Anon3mous1 Greenhorne's Trust once Lost
Minalkra's Oh to be old again
and most substantially by AlexW Boopy Doopy's Mind over Matter

Chapters (14)

Regina Wake and Karl Brenin used to be your average social outcasts who were always bullied just for the hell of it. They are always beaten up, belittled, and ignored by their parents, but they have always had each other's backs. Then on one fateful walk home they are attacked.

As they lie there one voice is heard telling them that this won't be their end.

At least not yet anyway.

When they awake they find themselves In snowy wasteland with a Crystal Spire over the horizon in completely new and confusing bodies. Follow in their adventure as they try to make something of themselves in this strange new world with inhabitants that tend to judge a book by its cover.

Huge thanks to Darkspyro951 for prereading and the new cover art. You're the best man :twilightsmile: send him some love :heart:

(Set after Alicorn Twilight but before Tirek)
(This is my first story and Tags may change as the story progresses. Feedback is greatly encouraged)
(Big thanks to AdrianBrony for telling me the source of my Cover art :twilightblush:)

Chapters (5)

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid.

So what happens when a lucid dreamer ended up in Equestria during the fight between Celestia and Nightmare Moon? The answer he gets caught in the magical blast from the Element of Harmony and Nightmare Moon, becoming the new guardian of the dream realm, but will the ponies accept a new dream walker?

The world of dreams is mine to control, I am its master, I am its guardian, I am the Prince of Dreams. I am the son of Nightmare Moon. Not that I want that you understand.

Rated Teen due to sexual innuendos, cursing, and violence. Doesn't contain graphic depictions of violence, but nightmares can be scary.

Editors and Prereaders! I really thank everyone for lending their help in this project.
EverfreePony - Editor
Mix-Up - Prereader
KKSlider - Prereader

Cover Art by Mix-Up's Deviant Art and his YouTube


Chapters (4)

On a world where magic exists only in the distant past, a young unicorn Princess is utterly convinced she won't live to see the day when it is rediscovered. Thus, she doesn't know what to think when, after a particularly nasty run-in with orbiting procedures, it changes her life forever.

Updates Mondays, if ready. Or, on Patreon, when ready.

And last but not least, many thanks to Shooting Star for graciously permitting me to use his OC, and to Gerandakis for the editing assist!

Rewrite/translation to past tense started 6/21/2020. There's a few changes to the wording being made, so it flows better, but all the same events are taking place in all the same places, and all the same words are being said. I'd recommend a re-read for the details being added, but it's not necessary.

Chapters (32)

The ponies of Equestria speak an interesting language, it’s a shame that Anon; an extraterrestrial alien from a universe far away, can’t speak it or understand it.

That won’t stop him from being a massive chuckle-fuck, though.

Sex tag is only there because Anon just oozes that energy and you can’t stop him. No seriously, just try it.

Profanity tag is also there because Anon.

Chapters (1)

Joel, a Human who has lived in Equestria for some time now has finally gotten used to it and what it brings... Except for constantly calling the brightly coloured and adorable looking Equines cute at every turn that is. Maud Pie just so happens to see this side of him quite quickly.

Chapters (6)

Twilight may have had a bit too much to drink one night and accidentally brought a human named Arc from Earth to Equestria. They have much to teach one another. That is... if they will accept him into their society. Time will tell if humans and ponies can truly live together in harmony.


This is quite a long story I originally wrote for my wife as a Christmas present two years ago. Work on it has continued over the past year, and just recently hit 1,000,000 words! I'll upload it chapter by chapter as fast as I can translate them! The Equestrian Odyssey contains many characters from the show and comics, as well as a number of original characters I dreamed up to fill various roles. I hope you enjoy the first volume of my first ever story as much as my wife and I did!

Chapters (370)

Throughout his time in Equestria, Anon has seen a great many things - that being said, he's in for a first. The strange behemoth is as beautiful as she is baffling, leaving the man in a bit of a pickle. What does one do when faced with a literal giant of a pony?

Artwork by AnonTheAnon (Twitter @RealAnonTheAnon)
Big shout-out to MiddyNight (Twitter @Middynight_) for help with the Scottish accent for her!

If you want to help support me, I have a Tip-Jar/Patreon HERE

Chapters (5)
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