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Just between the two of us, it's mostly for Fluttershy.

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  • T The Dazzlings Get Too Meta For Their Own Good

    I’m Daniel Ingram, a 41 year-old man based in Vancouver, and for the last seven years I've been the songwriter and composer for My Little Pony. The idea of beautiful women as composers' muses dates back to Ancient Greece. So do sirens. Oh dear.  · forbloodysummer
    9,269 words · 162 views  ·  12  ·  1
  • E Why Are You Here, Your Majesty?

    Following her defeat, Chrysalis visits Celestia in her chambers for a long chat. For all their differences, they also find they have a lot in common, some of which puts Chrysalis’ recent actions in a new light.  · forbloodysummer
    8,405 words · 2,927 views  ·  499  ·  11
  • T Rainbow Dash Is A Massive Fanny

    Sirens or Shadowbolts, Rainbow Dash always wins. But one’s been outsmarting and embarrassing her in the school corridors, day after day, and she may have profoundly misunderstood the other. But she can’t NOT win, right? She’s Rainbow Dash!  · forbloodysummer
    17,946 words · 519 views  ·  20  ·  2
  • E King Of The Stingers

    I heard one spoiler for Legend Of Everfree. As it turned out, it was completely false. But when I heard it, this is the scene I imagined. I was sad the film proved it untrue, so I wrote it down. This is the post-credits stinger scene I dreamed of.  · forbloodysummer
    1,809 words · 687 views  ·  20  ·  0
  • T The Song That Makes You Lose It

    Publicly defeated in the final of the battle of the bands and stripped of their jewels, three dispirited sirens sit backstage and talk. Post-Rainbow Rocks story of what the sirens did next.  · forbloodysummer
    7,725 words · 544 views  ·  25  ·  1

Today my favourite of my stories passed 500 views, a milestone it's been inching towards for a long time. For the last couple of weeks I've been having a race with myself, as it reached 470 views and Why Are You Here, Your Majesty? reached 470 likes. And, sure enough, Adagio won, with Chrysalis currently standing on 479 likes. So, in celebration, here's a blog post about how my writing things are going, and to let you know that in no way have I forgotten about that ongoing story.

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Hi everypony!

I’m forbloodysummer. No spaces, no capitals, and best shortened to ‘Summer’ rather than ‘Bloody,’ please (and in that context, then with a capital, just to be awkward).*

You may notice that one of my stories is about five times more popular than the rest; that’s the only time I’ve written Chrysalis and Celestia, and some people have asked for more. I don’t have anything planned for those two at the moment, so if you came to this page from that story then all I can really do is point you in the direction of my other work, and suggest reasons that those stories might appeal to you, even if they do involve different characters.

Everything below here contains some spoilers for Why Are You Here, Your Majesty? and hints as to what’s in other stories; I don’t know if you’d call them spoilers when they’re not too far removed from what’s in the story descriptions.

If you liked that story’s approach to villains; not rewriting them as different characters, redeeming them or necessarily excusing what they’ve done, but making their actions understandable and showing their side of the story, or if you liked that story’s format of a quiet conversation, especially the first chapter’s musings on how to go on after being defeated, then I’d suggest my ongoing work The Song That Makes You Lose It.

If it appealed to you because of the headcanon thing, then my latest story, The Dazzlings Get Too Meta For Their Own Good, has a couple I’m quite proud of.

If you liked Chrysalis swanning around being a bit magnificent even after her defeat, and generally poking fun at those who defeated her, then the first chapter of Rainbow Dash Is A Massive Fanny might appeal to you, and if you liked the way it took established events and suggested a more tragic new perspective, then the second chapter too. If recommending it by chapter didn’t highlight it enough, I should probably mention that that (two-chapter) story has a big shift in tone and subject halfway through, and it might be more enjoyable if you’re aware of that when going into it. The story may also be less juvenile than the title makes it sound.

And if you enjoyed reading Celestia being kind and keeping the same good-natured, innocent tone as an episode of the show, then I think the last story, King Of The Stingers, captures that best of anything I’ve done.

If it’s specifically Chrysalis and Celestia you’re after, then there’s not a lot else I can offer, as that’s the only story I’ve written for those two, and I don’t have any others planned. I would, however, very much recommend this one, this one and this one.

If it’s Chrysalis shipping stuff more generally (as my story could be interpreted that way), and you’re happy for it to be with Twilight rather than Celestia, then you really, really need to read these two.

Other things I should mention are that the wonderful artwork on this page is by Lucy Tan (who is my favourite), I have some old, non-FIM stories published on fanfiction.net, I read and write more about Equestria Girls than the show itself, and while I love writing and I spend a lot of time on this site, there are other things I’m really meant to be doing with my time instead, so I write when I can, and regular update schedules are beyond me.

Adagio Dazzle, Fluttershy, Spitfire, Derpy, Maud Pie and Chrysalis; that’s where it’s at for me.

*I don’t usually get funny about that sort of thing, but the name just looks weird when spaced or capitalised, like it emphasises each individual word too much. And ‘bloody’ in that instance is an expletive rather than a literal descriptor, more in the context of ‘seventy-six bloody trombones’ than ‘blood and bloody ashes,’ so on its own it sounds a bit more gory than intended.

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I had Cely and Luny touring the Royal Gardens before they came to the garden environment of a high mountain meadow; in that one, Luna comes to the grave of Silly Filly's Studio OC Snowdrop, who was interred there. I think that is the only one of mine with a garden scene in it.

I have voracious appetites regarding stories. I don't limit myself to any particular character; I do want a great story, and I want a complete story. My greatest peeve (sorry, Flutts), is the INCOMPLETE story; the great ride that suddenly jerks to a stop on the roller-coasters third hill and leaves me seventy feet in the air, ne'er to come down again. I avoid those at all costs.

Thanks for adding "A Visit by Sunset Shimmer" to your read it later bookshelf, by the way. I appreciate it.


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>>2414704 Ah right, yes I've seen that one around. Good to hear you enjoyed it, but the SunLight thing does nothing for me, and if Sci-Twi is there I try to be as far away as possible! I can't say my recommendations should carry any weight, it's all whatever seems good to you; I just wondered if you'd read them as a Spitfire fan.

I remember there being a good garden walk scene in "Diplomatic Relations," and I'm sure I've seen others elsewhere but can't now think where exactly.

Yeah I think I've seen that artwork, it definitely rings a bell. I wish there was a bit more of Celestia in the show these days, I rather miss her presence.

Sorry, as in time reading, or commenting? Or both, I guess? It's ok, I'm meant to be doing things but get easily distracted sometimes.

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Actually, I just put myself through "Long Road to Friendship", which was both BIG, and a bit emotionally draining. Have to give it a day to recharge the battery before taking on your recommendations. But I did enjoy it immensely. For a Twishimmer, it was endearing and kind, and definitely wasn't a clopfic mess. Kinda felt a bit wrung out at the end, though.

I think I need a walk through the garden with Cely...

The coffee mug idea was from ncmares over at deviantart. He does this 'messy manes' thing with ponies in his art, which I just like the hell out of. The Princesses are his favorite targets, and he did one with Cely that has her in a hoodie, drinking (probably tea, but it is the Day Princess) from that very same coffee cup. And of course, the usual 'Blame my Sister' tshirt sporting Luna.

And before I forget...Thank You for entrusting me with your most important thing, which is your time, and that I gave you good value for it.


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>>2414281 Sure, that's a very interesting take on it, I could certainly believe it. Especially the idea of her getting her patient side from elsewhere. I like to think of Spitfire as a little different to Dash, just for the sake of variety, but I know what you mean.

I like to have the best of both worlds with Celestia. I agree she'd be far from the usual royal archetype, but I also think she's been acting that way for so long that she can drop into it immediately and naturally, in a way that isn't so much acting, but more a certain side of who she's become. But her trolling side is a lot of fun, I love when she laughs with Discord about Twilight's poor flying, it's just a nice little moment that nopony should take themselves too seriously. I sometimes have to make a conscious effort to make some characters 'morning people,' or none of them would be up before noon by default. Celestia would be one of those I'd choose for that harrowing task, but I do think it suits her; I could see her swanning around the royal gardens in the morning sun each day. That would be a great mug though!

>>2414292 No problem! It's wonderful, isn't it? It's been a while since I've found a story that I can't stay away from on the day I start it, and after reading one chapter like I intended, I kept going back every couple of hours to read another, seeking any excuse to. Are you reading the two big Spitfire romances that are being released at the moment, Worst Patient Ever and Glow? I'm loving Worst Patient Ever, but I've so far managed to put off the other one for now, in the hope of actually getting some stuff done during my days first.

#24 · 6w, 4d ago · · ·

Oh...I read Ditz and Spitz...

Excellent work. I told them so, too. Plus the fave.

Thank you for mentioning it. It was worth every moment...


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