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Midnight Fang, an 8192-year-old vampony, accidentally meets one of his friends from Quarrel and has to learn to put the past where it belongs and move toward the future.

Update: Evidently, according to people who are more important than me, depression (at least in my case) is nothing more than drama for attention, nevermind what I've tried to do in the past. As a result, for now at least, I will be halting progress of this story as a result.

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This is just a compilation of backstories that I had the dumb idea of starting in the middle of the night. Each story will have M T or E at the beginning for the rating.

If you have an OC that you want a backstory for, just say what rating you want and send me a picture and bio, along with if you want the character to be human, anthro, or pony.

My rates are very affordable at the price of free. I'll also do a gift for you if it's your birthday by making an OC of my own for you because why not?

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Several countries become ponies in Equestria, removing their parts of Earth's land in doing so. Will they make it back home? Will they have to adjust to the pony life? Will the universe cease to exist!? Stay tuned!

Twilight is still a unicorn in this story as it takes place before she became a princess. Anyway, tell me what you think!

19 Apr-15: I have all of the ponies I'm using in this story and in the sequel. I won't FOR NOW be taking requests for more countries. Here are my selections. There will obviously be spoilers.

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This story is a sequel to A Christmas to Remember

After having a unique Christmas, Sunset follows up with the summer of her life from the Northeast, to Beijing and Shenzhen.

I want to hear your thoughts, too.

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Celestia finds Luna in bed on a Friday night, something rather uncharacteristic of her sister.

Tell me what you think.

I did some thinking about this story, and it's more-or-less how various people cope with grieving someone's passing. Each character represents a different viewpoint.

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This was inspired by the movie Goodbye, Lenin.

Twilight Velvet, avid supporter of the Equestrian monarch, has a near-fatal heart attack from seeing her daughter beaten and arrested during a protest that should've never come to be. She falls into a coma, and Princess Luna returns to the throne during her sleep. With the doctors saying "No Surprises," it is up to her family to prevent her from finding out that Equestria is now a diarchy, so she doesn't have a second, possibly fatal, attack.

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This story is a sequel to The Nightmare Spreads

Vice-Principal Luna drank a mysterious liquid the night before, and while she reacted rather positively, the others at CHS... not so much.

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In the middle of a blizzard, Sunset throws herself out in front of a car that stops just in time not to kill her, which leads to her having a Christmas in a... different way than even she would deem normal.

Tell me what you think. I look forward to reading comments.

12/28/18 4:32 AM: I came up with this idea to see if anyone who reads this can find all of the references I made in this story (evidently I made more than I thought)

1/16/2019 3:50 PM: I'm going to add the narcotics tag to it. It shall be needed.

2/5/19 7:16 PM: I added the "sex" tag, just to be safe because of a small scene involving a certain pair of lovers.

3/1/19 10:45 AM: For the blooper/gag scenes, I want you guys in the comments to give me suggestions.

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Sci-Twi finds something online after school one day.

I love the 1990s.

This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but someone in the comments suggested it be turned into a full story (more accurately saying that it sounded like the start of one, rather than the full one), so I'm trying to do that.

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This story is a sequel to If You Want To Go, I Won't Stop You. (2)

Sunset's funeral was four days ago. Seth jumped three days ago. School started two days ago. Almost 400 Missing Persons have been reported, and all fingers are pointed at Equestria, and World War 3 breaks out.

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