A Christmas to Remember

by TwiPON3

Sunset Meets the Girls

It was two hours, exactly like Natasha said, before Sofia from Belarus (or Byelorussia) made it to the house. Sunset had made it a point to get to know everyone, though it wasn't until about 9:30 before everyone was there.

And Sunset had cold feet about this.

"Dàjiā hǎo!" a girl said, coming in with, just like everyone else, an armful of too many gifts to carry.

I don't remember anyone mentioning anything about a Chinese girl, Sunset thought to herself, I dunno. Maybe they forgot.

"Sorry I late. I had feeling to pick up something for someone," she turned to Sunset, "It never let me down."

"I'm Sunset Shimmer."

"I'm Hong Liu," she held a bag with the words 夕阳微光 scripted on it, "It is for you."

"Aw, thanks!"

"I would be honored if you tried it."

Sunset sat down opened the bag, "Sweet Celestia."

"You like?"

It was a Chinese dress, purple trimmed in orange, decorated with what resembled her two-toned Sun cutie mark, along with a pair of traditional Chinese shoes, hand-painted to have the same wavy two-toned pattern that her hair did, along with a pair of orange chopsticks.

"I love it."

"Go try it on," Hong said.

Sunset went to the bathroom with her new clothes, changed into them, and came back out, looking as if she had just been to Shenzhen herself, albeit without her hair tied back.

"I couldn't do my hair."

"Let me show you," Hong said, going into full detail on how to fix her hair with them, "Done."

"I love it," she said, looking at her new attire in a mirror on the wall.

"I'm so glad. Have you met rest of family?"

"Just Mitzi and Natasha. Briefly."

"I sure Elizabeth is in kitchen making English tea."

In the kitchen was Natasha, Mitzi, Autumn, a messy girl about Sunset's age who highly resembled Seth, and a brown-haired girl aged somewhere in between herself and Mitzi.

Natasha looked up, then went over to the two new girls in the room, "Elizabeth, Sofia, this Sunset Shimmer."

"Wotcha, Sunset Shimmer," the brown-haired girl said with a cockney accent, "It's sugar and spice ter meet ya."

"Nice to meet you too, I think."

"You're funny!" the girl laughed, "I'm Elizabef, but ya can call me 'Liz'."

"Oh, you're from England!" Sunset replied, smiling.

"Straight from London. I've 'eard a Hoppin' Pot abaht ya, and I fin' we'll get along just Calvin Klein," she noticed Sunset's new dress, "I golden dove the bleedin' dress. Was it a gift from 'ong?"

She knew that was a compliment, based on the expressions Liz was giving out.

"Yeah. It was. I love it."

"'ong Liu, you've gotta take me ter China sum day so we can Scapa Fla shoppin' together."

"In Summer, it will be just two of us."

"And you must be Sofia from Belarus? Byelorussia?"

"It can be called either."

"They told me you love physics."

"Da. I saw your work online after Friendship Games."

"Aw, that was nothing."

"Not often great minds like you are born. You would be like god at lab in Minsk."

"I guess it's too late to hide it. I did get kind of unnerved when we first got here, though."

"I saw incident on Vremya last night. You needn't worry. Militiamen can be jerks sometime. Fine is always low, never more than five rubles for me. Have you met Vladislav yet?"

"I haven't met anyone out of this room, yet."

"We talk more later, Sunset. You go meet others."