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Just a few more steps...


Several countries become ponies in Equestria, removing their parts of Earth's land in doing so. Will they make it back home? Will they have to adjust to the pony life? Will the universe cease to exist!? Stay tuned!

Twilight is still a unicorn in this story as it takes place before she became a princess. Anyway, tell me what you think!

19 Apr-15: I have all of the ponies I'm using in this story and in the sequel. I won't FOR NOW be taking requests for more countries. Here are my selections. There will obviously be spoilers.

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Rip for Canadians but it's pretty neat and cool story

Do you think I should continue it?

for sure mate. but uh, could you possible Ref some Canadians in the story eh? since you know... they are biggest country behind Russia (or don't. that is fine by me)

If you know where I can find a pony version of Canada, I'll gladly do it!

“I feel naked.”

Like Vladimir Putin riding her, possibly?

“It feels like some could have come with me, but your country is rather large for me to search for them on my own.”

Russia is the largest country on the planet by land area. Is Equestria even larger? Or has Marusya not been between opposite sides of her country for this very reason?

Wasn't Tara Strong born in Canada?

i don't know mate. i have pretty bad memories. its like a gold fish!

Maybe. Perhaps Marusya could find it better in Equestria than back home in Russia, but her family, etc. would be left behind.

I'm loving this so far. It's definitely got the potential to be a good story, but it's also got the potential to be a massive flop. So, be careful, and I hope you've got a plan, but game on, this is gonna be amazing!

This is delightfully silly.



I dunno, it sounded like it would fit.

Well this seems interesting, I'll give it a follow.


Водка идет.

Osten and Westen are sisters and one has the hammer and compass as a cutie mark... how did the Cold War and the Iron Curtain affect their relationship?

And how do you think somepony from the USA would react to ponification?

(And what if Osten complained about the monarchy?)

At the end of the cold war, the USSR and the Socialist Bloc stayed to the present day in my timelines. The DDR and BRD, instead of the DDR becoming part of the BRD like in our timeline, formed the DU (Deutsch Union), which works with the two on a level between the EU in both timelines and Deutschland in our timeline. As for their relationship as sisters, they don't see eye-to-eye on everything (just as normal siblings do) but won't fight about it, rather opting for respecting the other's viewpoint completely or coming to a compromise. In short, they're really close, but still have their individuality.

As for the USA question, they would react the same as the rest of the countries that still exist: panic would ensue in the human world.

And while it is completely possible for Osten to complain about the monarch, it is also entirely possible for Westen to have questions/objections as well. At the end of the day, they would still have each other to keep them in line, though.

But I'd still imagine it would be pretty crazy if one of them is a communist, though...

So what if an American became ponified? Would he be complaining (or perhaps happy) that no police of any kind are seen? Would he be afraid that the government has all of the weapons?

Nice chapter can’t wait for more plus I’m making a fanfic as well look up Sunset’s guardian angel that’s my fanfic

Okay, I will! And thanks for the compliment!

The prologue and first chapter have been made and prepare to be awwwwwwwwed at the end of the first chapter also there’s a third brother to Jakub Sparkle Dash and Twilight and his name starts With an S and no it’s not Shining Armour plus I think I’ll leave this here just to see if anyone has a heart attack because of cuteness

I see this is set back during the soviet days. East and West Germany.

The human-world parts aren't set back in any particular day, though you could imagine them as anywhere from October 3, 1990 to the present day, just any time after Germany was reunified because of how minor those parts play (Mainly newspaper articles and news segments).

I don't know, plus I couldn't find a ponified America. Plus, it would be funny to see how us Americans would react to parts of the world just going missing all of the sudden.

So these aren't just regular people being sent, but rather "parts of the world"... would the USA pony have to be President Trump? Would he campaign to build a wall at the border of the Crystal Empire and put tariffs on their crystals?

To answer your first question, yes.

To answer your second question, the US isn't going to be ponified. Even if I were to do it, it wouldn't be a pony version of Trump, rather, it would be more along the lines of how the average American's personality. The big reason is that's what the country news stuffs is going to be taking place because I can try to write the best scripts and articles for here. Sorry.

I'm considering doing a sequel if this gets enough likes. What country does she represent?

Phillipines, it's a interesting OC if i think about it.
(Click the link)

Comment posted by fyre-byrd deleted Apr 12th, 2019

Either Poland, the Czech Republic, or Belarus.

So far, I've got Russia, both Germanys, and Byelorussia. I'll let you take a stab at who's what.

I looked at that and I thought that was in Polish at places (no offense).

But do you think a Pole or a Czech could understand a Belorussian or a Russian well (and vice versa)?

A Byelorussian speaker, now don't quote me on this, could communicate with a Polish speaker and a Russian speaker, with Byelorussian being a mixture of Russian and Polish, albeit the exact details would be lost in translation, but the general idea would still be more-or-less conveyed decently. A Polish speaker and Russian speaker, to my knowledge, wouldn't be able to speak directly to each other, or read the other's writing, as Polish uses a version of the Latin alphabet, while Russian and Byelorussian both use the Cyrillic alphabet, albeit in slightly different forms. So, to put it in short:

Byelorussians can read Russian
Russians can read Byelorussian

Russians can speak to Byelorussians
Byelorussians can speak to Russians

Poles can speak to Byelorussians
Byelorussians can speak to Poles

As for Czech, I have no idea where that language would fall into play here, but for Polish and Byelorussian, I'm going completely on assumption from what I believe I heard sometime in the past, so don't quote me there, but I know they can speak to Russians without major problems most of the time.

And no, no Poland yet. You'll have to wait and see... :pinkiesmile:

Unique approach to be sure.

So are you doing a theme of Eastern Bloc nations or something? Perhaps there could be a pony Yugoslavia with parts of him falling off and becoming self-aware (not related to any Yugoslavian, but rather the country itself).

I'm not doing any part of the world in particular, rather just the ones that I could find ponies for. There will be more in the sequel, if I get that far.

I half-expected them to spend twenty minutes "sorrying" at each other.

Hazzah for Canadians!

You guys are extremely friendly and approachable!

Maple embodies Canada, which would sound reasonabe in some aspects for them to do that to each other, I wanted to focus on her having a good enough time to enjoy Equestria without freaking out. Like Marusya did.

you're welcome. also us canadians don't usually 'Eh' a lot. mostly but not a lot as Sorry, i don't know why but we kept sorry for the littlest things
Not sure why, must be in our genes or just being born from like that

I actually considered making Maple speak French until a few lines of her and Fluttershy, then speak English. But I do apologize that I don't know how Canadians talk more than what I do.

Its Okay mate and i forgive you. and also, like always. nice CP

Why does everyone think Canadians are so nice? Their flag is a three bladed nine pointed sword, it’s one of the most violent flags I’ve ever seen.

you're next line is "i was just pretending as a troll" am i right?


I have all of them for this story planned out already. I do have a few spaces open for the sequel. Just find me a pony and Hungary is on the list.

Mindannyian vannak, hogy ez a történet már megtervezhető legyen. Van néhány helyem a folytatáshoz. Csak találjon meg egy póni és Magyarország a listán.

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