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Just a few more steps...



In the middle of a blizzard, Sunset throws herself out in front of a car that stops just in time not to kill her, which leads to her having a Christmas in a... different way than even she would deem normal.

Tell me what you think. I look forward to reading comments.

12/28/18 4:32 AM: I came up with this idea to see if anyone who reads this can find all of the references I made in this story (evidently I made more than I thought)

1/16/2019 3:50 PM: I'm going to add the narcotics tag to it. It shall be needed.

2/5/19 7:16 PM: I added the "sex" tag, just to be safe because of a small scene involving a certain pair of lovers.

3/1/19 10:45 AM: For the blooper/gag scenes, I want you guys in the comments to give me suggestions.

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Will this be continued, i have to ask as this was way too fast.
So yeah not a fan of it, so hoping be continued at a slower pace.

Maybe, but I make no promises.

Sorry, what just happened?

Sunset tries to kill herself, but instead she gets a place to live for Christmas.

Aha. That makes things a lot clearer.

“No! Seth, you are not going into that kitchen and making something that’s SUPPOSED to be edible! The last time, you doused pasta in alcohol and set it on fire!”

I like Seth.

Short but sweet I like it good job. You thinking about making a sequel?

I tried to base his off of myself somewhat. Thanks!

“Sorry!” Seth said, revving the engine to get it to warm faster, “Soviet cars of the 1980s need to warm up first, and two-stroke engines are the loudest! In 1995, they swapped over to more modern four-stroke engines, but I don’t think that the new Soviet cars are all that. I’m more the retro-type!”
ahh, privet comrade!
“Yeah,” Seth said, pushing a box wrapped in brown paper with the words Сунсет Шиммер written across the top.
да, добро пожаловать в советский союз
“Yeah and a Merry Christmas to you, too,” Autumn said, hiding her offence to the term ‘Nirik’ as she swiped her debit card and left with her bags, running to the food court where she met with her cousin.

“Boy or girl?” Seth said, knowing the familiar expression Autumn shown when she was called a Nirik.

“Bitch,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Guess I’m not beating her teeth out because she’s a girl.”

“Let’s go.”

aww, why deny violence?

I was actually listening to Soviet Christmas music while writing this.

I don't know, maybe not in public? I feel like I know so little about them.

ikr, still though Marxism seemed rather interesting (aka the original name of communism, before stalin changed it)

Kind of. Originally, it was supposed to be a one-shot, but I picked up that people in the comments wanted me to continue. The thought of Sunset spending Christmas with families that care more for her (seemingly as compared to the Rainbooms) related to the two cousins pushed it in that direction. Add that to the fact they're in Moscow, and it really isn't a quiet situation, especially when they all just accept her when she says she's a unicorn from an alternate reality.

I'm dealing with some legal stuff as I'm writing this, so you might have to forgive me if something doesn't exactly add up like it should. It'll all be better soon, I hope.

Ah, OK. Glad to hear I didn't offend you.

I'm an... odd... person to offend. There is no consistency in what does or doesn't push my buttons.

Wait a second; FimFiction exists in the EqG universe?

Kinda. Well in this one, at least. But that really is a good story.

Indeed it is. Petty the sequel is moving so slowly...

Yeah. What with everything that's going on, I haven't had a chance to start it.

It's only got one chapter, about 1,000 words.

As to quote famous comedian Jeff Dunham.....

I couldn't breathe cause I was laughing to hard.

And Deadpool.....

Oh I feel sorry for the next guy who pressures her into Prom night sex.

Yeah, stay on the good side of Autumn Blaze if you want tomorrow guaranteed.


Your violence wasn't denied. Rather, it fit in quite nicely, what with the events in the EqG Universe at Christmastime.

They're gonna pay him a visit at the hospital later, just to scare the shit out of him.

......am I gonna have to delete my browser history now?

I would not recommend doing that on your main device anything you own, unless you're okay with wiping it clean and starting over. I wouldn't do that to begin with. Nasty malware lurks in those waters, my friend.

So when Anon A Miss going to be exposed?

Yes because i want the Rainbooms to realized how stupid they were, it never gets tiring.

Eh, but I've seen it done so many times in the same way it just gets tiresome.



The Blue EM2 does have a point, but even if I did get to that point, it would be very hard to actually do it in this AU.

There needs to be Justice! They should confess, if they know now they nearly drove Sunset to her death, maybe maybe one day she can forgive one of her former Friends. Letting it go like that is....bloody stupid as hell.
It's not right they get away with it, and keep ruining other people lives.

They've achieved their overall strategic objective, so in all likelihood they can just delete the account and vanish.

That's why I generally avoid doing it.

I'm not giving it back to them. Zecora and I got it fair and square damnit.

She doesn't necessarily mean literally. Everyone there's pretty smart, so Sunset's gonna have a laugh by the end if she cares enough to.

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