• Published 24th Dec 2018
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Hello, Luna - TwiPON3

Twilight Velvet has a heart attack, then her family has to keep one BIG change from her that happened during her coma.

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Chapter 4

Velvet was in a coma, a rather long one. Eight months.

She missed Nightmare Moon coming back and being reformed, she missed Blueblood and his crew almost getting found out several times, and her anniversary. She slept through her birthday. The music school couldn't operate without her and Foal Support Services were at a standstill.

Anything that relied on her either changed drastically, stagnated, hit a standstill, or just fell apart.

Every day, Twilight would come and visit. Shining and Cadence did, but less frequently. Sunset had the least time because she wanted to find out what was going on with Velvet not getting decent medical care, or why she felt the doctor couldn't have given a shit for Velvet to live that day.

The woman was too nice for anyone to have that thought without reason.

Every week, Twilight would have the Pioneer Foals come in to sing for their teacher, providing relief for everyone who was awake. They would talk to her, and Twilight even bought a TV and antenna with a cable long enough to stretch out the window, just so "they" could watch the Ponyville channel every night.

Anything to bring relief to her family.

Some days, Twilight would sit next to her mother's bed, filled up with coffee to keep her from sleeping and having a repetitive and rather terrifying nightmare. Others saw the nurses playing recordings that her children made, had she woken while they couldn't be there.

Cadence and Shining weren't doing any better, really. They were having the same problems on top of Cadence having to control the heavens now.

One day, though, after Sunset had been poking through some rather confident papers, she was walking through the hospital with a pair of headphones around her neck, connected to her Zune.

She was supposed to drive Twilight home later, so she decided she'd listen to one of her playlists until she walked by a certain door on the way to the waiting at the ER unit...

"Turret! You can't just jerry-rig a couple of glass bottles, tape, and a tube together for a transfusion! You know that!"

Sunset opened the voice recorder on her phone, set it to record, then put it in her pocket, microphone facing out, along with pretending to be listening to Don't Stop Believin', and really getting into it.

"Nurse Rose, all that woman ever DOES is bark out orders!"

"Oh yes, her and the princess both, I'm assuming. I've never ONCE heard of anypony in the monarch making our lives miserable, just because!"

When she noticed their hoofsteps coming to the door, she quickly turned on her playlist so her lie would be believable.

This isn't going to end well for somepony.

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