• Published 8th Dec 2018
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A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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И сегодня вечером, на Новогоднем «ВРЕМЯ»... (And Tonight, on New Year's «VREMYA»...)

"Tell me again, you two," Sunset said, "Why exactly are we gonna sleep at Aunt Natasha's and Uncle Ivan's tonight? I mean, we have a hotel room and they're house is full."

"Usually, we just sleep on the pullout couch when we come, but you're the reason we got a hotel this year."

"I feel like last-minute things are better in the Soviet Union than they are in the US," Seth said, "That or we just struck gold when the first place I found had a place to stay over the holidays."

"Probably last," Sofia said, bringing coffee out to them in the living room, then setting the television to record the New Year's program in Red Square.

"What are you doing?" Sunset said.

"It surprise from us."

The trio from America just looked at each other, not knowing what the surprise was.

"Whatever they have planned has to be something good. The first year Arnold was here, we all took him to the Cosmonaut Lab," Autumn said, "We were in Omsk."

"It was a bone-chilling experience."

"When was his first year here in the USSR?"

"Five years ago."

The day went as normal, everyone enjoying their gifts and still being amazed by Sunset and her life, but at 10:00 that night...

"Everyone get in estate car!" Aunt Natasha said, "It going to be crowded!"

Everyone got in their station wagon, then Vladislav drove them to Red Square.

A trip that took an astonishing hour and forty-five minutes.

At Red Square, there was a huge ball with a 60 printed on it in a huge, Russian-style typeface. Hundreds of people were gathered, almost butt-to-gut, presumably to see the ball drop.

Getting out of the car, Sunset could see her own breath and snow falling on Red Square, every inch lit up like daytime, she smelled all kinds of Soviet foo... scratch that. She smelled foods that she found out were as far west as Germany. There was music blasting, and she could hear a roar of all kinds of languages.

"Novvy God, Sunset!" everyone said to her, "Enjoy yourself!"

They all went their separate ways, enjoying themselves, though Autumn and Seth stayed with Sunset in all of the madness.

"What is this!?"

"The biggest New Year's on the planet!" Seth said, getting the trio Pepsi-Vodka, "Drink up! I think it's Vodka and Pepsi! I made out that much!"

At 11:55, they all met back up with the rest of the family.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Ivan said.


"Ball should drop any minute!"

"Izvinite menya!" a television reporter said from behind her, so she turned around, "Izvinite, no ya iz programmy Vremya! Kakovy vashi novogodniye tseli?"

"What?" she said over the crowd, "I'm sorry, but I don't speak Russian! I'm sorry!"

"Ona iz Ameriki! Eto devushka, Sanset Shimmer!" Natalya said.

"I am from the program Vremya!" he repeated, "What are your Novvy God resolutions?"

"Wait, is this live?"

"Da, ma'am! Across the CCCP!"

"Okay! My resolutions are to just try to be a nicer and better person overall! Also, to try to fix a few relationships I've broken over the years! Beyond that, I think I'm good!"

"I wish you best of luck!"

"Thank you!" she replied as the crew moved on and began to film the ball drop.

"Almost here, Sunset Shimmer!"

At ten seconds...

Desyat'... Devyat'... Vosem'... Sem'... Shest'... Pyat'... Chetyre... Tri... Dva... Odin... S NOVYM GODOM!!!

The Russian version of Moskau by Dschinghis Kahn played over Red Square as everyone was cheering and celebrating with each other.

"I love you guys so much!" Sunset screamed at the top of her lungs, earning gratitude and agreement from the rest of the family.

Author's Note:

I'm getting back to the Christmas storyline with this baby. It's 31 December in Moskva, and they're in for a treat.

Merry Christmas and Novvy God!

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