• Published 8th Dec 2018
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A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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So Now What?

The drive back to Sofia's house was one that consisted of stress and tension, so much so that no words were said until she pulled up to a garage situated a few blocks from her apartment complex in southeastern Minsk.

"Sofia," Seth said as they approached the front door, "I know you had good intentions, but what the actual hell was going on in your head last night?"

The complex was old, being built sometime within Khrushchev's time as First Secretary/Chairman of the USSR, so most things were manual and cramped, and showed signs of age from an era bygone. The complex itself stood tribute as the first completely modern apartment complex within Minsk, but was long overdue for repairs. Nonetheless, it was still possible to comfortably live there.

"If they made Sunset do that," she said, going in and opening the elevator, "How many other people do you think fell victim?"

"This," he closed the door as she hit the button labeled 12 a few times until she felt the elevator jerk, "This isn't physics. We can't just go back and scratch out crap or start the experiment over! Besides, we have no evidence of what could've happened to anyone else."

"Shit," was all she could bring herself to say.

"You didn't need me here in the BSSR, did you?"

"That part true."

"Sofia," Seth said, "Will you-" he noticed her glaring angrily at a swastika and penis that someone had drew on the wall, "I may have a quick remedy for that," he pulled a sharpie from his jacket pocket and drew a large black spot over the drawings.

"Only good thing from that part of history is people know not to do that now."

"They should've known beforehand that that was a terrible idea."

"Exactly. If you go blind, way something looks doesn't bother you."

"Not to mention that history has, indeed, had it's fair share of idiots, just look anywhere."

"Stalin was paranoid idiot in my opinion."

"I think your feeling there is mutual amongst our entire Eurasian family."

"I have sudden urge to play Red Alert 3."

"We should try to do something to fix this, though."

"Like what?"

"I don't know!" he said as the elevator jerked to a stop, then he opened the door, "I'm not the idiot that wasn't thinking!"

"We call Autumn again and go from there."

After they made their way down the hall to Sofia's apartment, they both decided to give in to the facts.

Her 125-square meter apartment, despite the building being erected in 1961, was more akin to if someone were to put some decent Gangnam Style-era junk and send it back in time to an apartment built while the Berlin Wall was being built.

"I put on coffee, you call Autumn," Sofia said, walking into the kitchen and using the stove to make coffee with as Seth called Autumn once again.

"Yeah?" she said, not as pissed now.

"Listen, about-"

"They all say magic, but Sunset and I don't entirely believe that. I have a feeling it was you and Sofia, too."

"Is Sunset there?"

"Just a second."

"While I'm waiting, you're not mad, still, are you?"

"That's... listen. We've came so far since Christmas, and I don't want anything to get lost, okay? Here's Sunset."

"Listen, I'm not gonna tell Mom or Twilight if you help me fix this, but as far as the cops are concerned, you're on your own to come up with something. And before you say anything, I kinda picked up that something may happen when we were coming back to Canterlot, just not on this level. Rainbow Dash's heart doesn't seem to be reacting well from what any of us can see. She's fell in and out of it a few times."

"We're coming up with something right now. Just, if the cops ask, just say magic. From what I've gathered, they stay out of the magic business. Just bullshit a lie like 'Oh it was some stray magic that made clones' or whatever, okay?"

"Sure," she said, sighing, "Just don't do something this crazy again. I mean, I forgive you and the likes, but still."

"Call one of us back in a few hours and let us know how everyone is, m'kay?"

"Yeah," she said, ending the call.

"So?" Sofia said, coming in the room with two mugs of coffee.

"Cops are on the case, Sunset pretty much knows it was us, Autumn pretty much knows it was us, but they don't want to see us go to jail and death row. Autumn is probably gonna tear at least your throat out and maybe send me to the hospital for a day or so. Everyone is using magic as a deterrent, but that is structurally questionable on so many levels, not to mention we could've killed Rainbow Dash; she has a heart condition that you probably exponentially worsened."

"Now I going to be sick," she said, placing the two mugs on the coffee table and sitting next to Seth on the couch.

"You really didn't think this through."


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