• Published 8th Dec 2018
  • 1,632 Views, 276 Comments

A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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Wait, You Want to do WHAT!?

"Wait," Seth said to everyone, "You guys want to what!?"

"Those girls tried to make Sunset kill herself," Hong said, furiously, "That is not right!"

Seth looked at Sunset, who just shrugged, "Fine by me. I don't give a damn about 'em anymore."

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"Since you've been taking me in, I've had dreams where either I've pushed them into hell or just let them burn in hell, knowing I could pull them out," Sunset smiled, "Those are some of the best dreams I've had in forever. Well, apart from the ones with you guys in them," everyone looked at her with complete shock, "What? Just how I feel."

"Whatever the case may be," Alex said, "We need zu go zu Amerika und set those girls straight."

Everyone agreed with Alex.

"Autumn?" Seth said, "You wanna go with Sunset to get our stuff from the hotel? I know when I'm beat. Keys are on the counter."

The two girls agreed.

As soon as they left, Seth opened his laptop and started hacking into the airport's servers and got enough seats for everyone.

"And... done."

"How are we getting to US?" Vladislav asked.

"Tonight, around ten we board Moskva Air flight 63 to the DDR International Airport. We depart from there for anywhere between thirty and ninety minutes, then reboard to Airfleet Europe flight 12 to London. We then get on US Atlantic Air flight 197, straight to Delaware."

"Is that even legal?" Liz asked Seth.

"Hell to the no," he said, closing the laptop, "What do we do until they get back?"

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