• Published 8th Dec 2018
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A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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To say that Sunset had never seen people drink Vodka with lunch would be one of the many things she'd consider wrong. But she was also in the USSR, so... shrugging it off as normal would really be the only thing to do.

"Sunset, you can handle Vodka, da?" Vladislav said.

"In Equestria, we had apple cider. That was hard."

"It on."

Sunset and Vladislav were in a drinking contest because of who-knows-why for a few minutes before Seth's phone rang.


"'xcuse me," he said, stepping into the living room, "Hey, everything okay?"

"We found the coffee-"

"Just go ahead and call it a rat's nest. That's what our pantry feels like, anyway."

"Yeah, but you just got a delivery, the return address just says 'Anonymous'. Were you expecting anything?"

"Open it."

"It's a Dollar Store phone."

"Turn it on and plug it into my computer in my room."

"Okay... done. The phone says Readme and Chrome."

"Gah, chrome sucks, I hate chrome. I use FF so I can build off of it."

"Riight... should I do anything else?"

"No, that'll do it. Anything in the mail?"

"Just a few envelopes."

"Put 'em in my drawer with the MINECRAFT logo."

"Okay. Talk to you later, dude."

"You too. Merry Christmas," he said, ending the call.

"Sunset!" he called, opening his laptop and connecting it to the wireless, "C'me here!"

Her and Sofia came in the room.

"You got something?" Sunset said, unaffected by the copious amounts of alcohol she drank.

"Guess what was delivered to the house," he said.


"I think it was Anon-a-miss's phone," he said, opening up a bunch of BitRazer files to download, Autumn following them into the room, "Get me coffee, it'll take, like, ninety seconds."

After decrypting the archives, he connected to his desktop, then to the phone, which, indeed, turned out to be a $15 phone at best.

"Remind me to ask you how you do that," Sofia said as the phone's screen came up in a HackDroid window.

Opening the Readme file, it contained two lines of text:

You get to be the next Anon-a-miss!

"Definitely their phone," Seth said, clicking the link, then the home key when Chrome opened, "Just run-of-the-mill, checkout-line, Dollar General junk. I've actually pulled better things out of a garbage pile before."

Opening the Wi-Fi settings, he saw that it had been connected to over a hundred networks before.

"How-" Sunset said, but was interrupted by Sofia.


"Extracting syslogs... The first network this was connected to was AppleHomeWiFi. Fill me in on some details."

"A while back, Rarity had a slumber party, and Applebloom called and said Apple Jack's nickname, Piggly Wiggly, then-" Sunset said, being interrupted by Seth.

"It was those three."


"I told you, despite not giving half of a microshit, I could have this thing cracked in less than two minutes. If you're gonna do something like this, at least get a two-dollar WiFi router from the junk store and set it up with something like Publix Wifi or something. Don't, in any realm of insanity, human or pony, do something like that with a network name that matches your name, of all things."

"What are we gonna do now?" Sunset said as Seth imaged the phone to his laptop.

"What do you want to do?"

"Give the phone back to them?"

~~~Meanwhile in the CMC's treehouse~~~

"Any idea where that phone ended up?" Sweetie Belle said to Applebloom, who was looking for the phone on Google Devices.

"Comin-" the girl froze when she saw where its GPS had pinged from, "Uh...oh.

"What?" Scootaloo said, a nasty feeling in the pit of her stomach as Applebloom turned her HP Streambook to them.

"Shit!" they all said in unison, noticing the address.

1405 Fourth Street East, Canterlot, Delaware

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