• Published 8th Dec 2018
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A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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The Hospital

Going in the house, Sunset noticed the place had a different atmosphere than when she left. Autumn was holding flowers and Sofia had her "reading bag" as it was dubbed.

"Sunset," Seth said, holding a key that had the word ЮГО etched in the keyhead, "Sofia, Autumn, Speedy, Zecora, and myself are going to the hospital to see Dickless-Jock. You wanna come?"

"Yes," she said, dropping the key she was holding, one headed with a hammer-and-sickle, with the thought of her harasser in the hospital going through her mind.

"Let's go," Seth said.

Speedy and Zecora, however, stayed back for a minute.

"Care to one-up it?"

"If he's scared to rest, you can see and touch my breast. If he is full of anger, you are to kiss, in both places, the girl who caused him danger."

"Deal," Speedy replied, shaking on it.

In the Yugo, Sunset, Speedy, Autumn, and Zecora turned a tiny three-person seat into an extremely-cramped four-person seat, while Sofia sat up front with Seth so she could read a copy of МорнингДев, ТИП, анд Цримсон Бох Сториес, one of the very few things that Seth found a little uncomfortable about Sofia.

"That is sick pleasure," she commented on one story.

After a more-or-less uneventful-for-the-circumstances ride to the hospital, he pulled the car into the main parking lot, giving Sofia enough time to put her magazine up.

"You made my leg go ta sleep!" Autumn said to Sofia.

"Deal with it."

When they went in, they found that he was in room 606 in the East Wing, not a far walk from where they were.

"That day, my bedroom would've been 666," Autumn said, inciting laughter from the other five.

After a few minutes, they got to his room. He had several IVs, was mostly wrapped in bandages, and had several casts.

"Touchdown," Nurse Rose said, "A few of your friends from school are here to see you."


She left the room, so Autumn took a cup, put some water in it, and set the flowers on a table, "So," she asked him, "can you have your dick back?"

"Shut up, you bitch! I'll kill you when I'm outta here! I don't know if I fucked you or what, but I'll kill your motherfucking ass!"

"You could at least say 'Thanks'. I brought you flowers."

He rolled his eyes.

Zecora looked smugly at Speedy, so, blushing, he went over to Autumn, turned her around, and kissed her on the lips. Neither of them knew what was going on for a second until Speedy broke away and started to bend down.

"Whoa!" Autumn said, taking a step back and pushing him away, "Take me to dinner first! Then we can... get busy."

"Wait, you're..."

"And you're..."

"Whatever happens," Seth said, "I'm already a fire hazard to two other people, so don't up it to three."

"Autumn... I've had a crush on you," Speedy said, rubbing his arm uncomfortably, Autumn feeling just as awkward, "since the day you came into class drenched in rain."

"Oh, uh," she stammered, remembering how heavy her head felt and that weird feeling she got when someone mentioned her hair to her that day, "I uh, I always thought you... were a snappy dresser."

"The kiss... was a bet with Zecora. I never thought I'd get it, though."

"It was nice."

"So... where do you want to go?"

"I know a nice Kirin restaurant on Coffeelake Avenue."

He looked around, "We'll be outside," he looked to her, "You won't hurt me?"

"No, where's the fun in that?"

After the door closed, Sofia walked to Touchdown.

"Can I have your penis to take back to Belarus?" she said, no intention other than being an asshole to him, "It will not weigh anything on luggage scales."


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