• Published 8th Dec 2018
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A Christmas to Remember - TwiPON3

Sunset jumps out in front of a car in a blizard, hoping to end it all, but it turns out better than she could've thought.

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So a Cockney and a Tsakhlai Become Friends

Author's Note:

This chapter takes place the same time as the last.

"Please have a seat by me and let's be," Zecora said to Liz, as Sunset, Sofia, and Seth went into his room.

"Merry Christmas, Zecora. If I knew Autumn and Sef were friends wif ya, I would've came before na!"

"Something about Autumn we were able to find, going on the pretense that she won't mind-"

"Don't say a word before I get out there!" Autumn said, running out of her room, "I know this one, but I want to hear your version of it."

"Very well," Zecora started, "Someone who was disturbed did something to make all of CHS perturbed. An athlete, Touchdown, did something that earned more than just a frown. As Autumn is a Kirin, you should know the word from here-on-in. Despite being muscular and tall, his brain is... rather small. He pulled his shit, but took more than just a hit, landing him in the infirmary for an incident not-so-pretty. He thought he'd get sex, but he had a hex. Autumn turned on him in full demon from the starts, with only a little bit of smarts. He was burnt, bit, and cut, more than deserving for the piece of smut. From the start, though, Autumn turned him from a man to a woman, burning off his dick, repeating the words for his pick."

"So Autumn, ya burnt 'is todge Frank Bough?" Liz said as Autumn broke down laughing, "That's beyond 'ilarious!"

"Oh, I ripped it off, too!" she said, holding herself and almost cackling, "He was O-U-T OUT when I was through with him!"

"You've gotta come Hammer and Tack ter London wif me, Zecora! You'd 'ave an absolute blast!"

"I would more than enjoy it when time will allow it to fit."

"'a is your summer?"

"Summer is fine, but for now, do you wish to dine?"

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