Hello, Luna

by TwiPON3

Chapter 8

Twilight had been called in to see the doctor alone with her brother, Cadence, and niece.

"We don't know how much longer your mother will live, but we can't give you much hope beyond a few weeks. Due to her condition, she needs no surprises, whatsoever. It runs the risk of another heart attack, most likely a fatal one. We'll keep her here in go-"

"I want to take her home," Twilight said, noticing this week's edition of The Canterlot Journal, which had an article on Princess Luna, straight on the front of it."

"She can't have any surprises."

"Cadence," Twilight said, about to lose it, "Shiny. Get. Flurry. Out. Now."

Both knowing that tone, they left and went to the waiting room so Twilight could explain to the doctor.

"Twilight, your mother can't-"

"Be surprised! I KNOW!! You fucking SAID that!" she beat her fist on the desk, picking up the paper with her magic and shoving the headline into the other mare's face, "But THIS is okay‽‽ How in Celestia's name do you think she'll react when she sees the paper or turns the television on and the headline is 'Princess Luna x'‽"

Defeated, he sighed, "Okay," he slid a waiver to her, "Sign here, then get on the bed."

"Why?" she asked, finishing the signature.

"Get on the bed."

Reluctantly, she complied.

"In the event of cardiac arrest," he gripped her wrist's pulse enough to feel it prominently, "Check for a pulse," he demonstrated CPR on her, "and CPR. Have someone call Emergency."

"Okay," she said, getting up, "But she should be taken back to our house in an ambulance. Canterlot's changed, now that Princess Luna's back."

"Yes, ma'am," was all he could say, "We'll have her ready to be taken home at ten o'clock tomorrow morning."

Going back into the waiting room with the others, she explained the deal.

"Mom can't have any surprises, so she's going to come home tomorrow morning at ten. We need to rebuild the monarchy in there."

"Are you insane?" Cadence asked, "Do you know how hard that's going to be?"

"The guy from the cable place that I work with can take care of the harder parts. That aside, we just have to redecorate the house."

Seth walked in the waiting room, carrying drinks for everypony, "I thought you could use these."

"How much do you know about electronics and wiring?" Twilight said to Seth.

"I know everything about electronics and wiring."

"Can you mess with some of the cable outlets in our house and take out the Internet?"


At the house, they took down the decorations that referenced Luna to keep Velvet from the possibly shocking reality. It involved breaking Velvet's radio, turning off the cable feed to her room, messing up the wireless, and cleaning everything, just so it would be fresh for her.

All-in-all, they were up until three o'clock the next morning, seven hours before Velvet would be discharged, making absolute sure that the house was "Luna-proofed".

"Earlier," Seth said, "I took old recordings from Analytical Program «TIME» and Current Camera, spliced segments together, and burned them ta DVD. Thirty-two editions of TIME and eighteen of Current Camera. Ya gonna have ta wait until she gets back before ya go and connect the reader to the TV. I also put in there close to ninety episodes of those shows ya said she likes," he gave her a box, "Everything time-specific is labelled for when it should start. Just tell ya mom that ya went an antenna. Got an antenna."

"Will do. You can sleep on the sofa if you want."