A Summer To Remember

by TwiPON3

The Party Shows Up

After enjoying themselves for a few hours, someone called.

The sudden ringing of the phone startled Fluttershy, Sci-Twi was too caught up in their junk to notice anything, Applejack had been fixing things for a few hours (under the claim that it bothered her), Rarity was redecorating the house for obvious reasons, Pinkie was using what parts of the kitchen that worked to bake something, and Seth and Rainbow Dash were drunk, so Sunset answered the phone


"Es ist Mitzi, Sunset!"

"Mitzi, hey!" Sunset said, quickly getting a smile on her face, "How ya doing?"

"We are gut."

"So, where are you at now?"

"We are at die airport now."

Sunset looked over her shoulder to see Seth and Rainbow enjoying each other.

"Give us a bit."

"Okay. Bye!"

Sunset took a glass of water, ran over to the two drunken teens on the couch, and emptied the glass on Seth.

"Will you two break it up!? Seth, they're here!"


"UGH!" she said, running and grabbing two sets of keys and throwing one to Seth, "I don't know which one I'm more scared of! Your driving, your family, or Mom, Dad, and Twilight and her friends!"

"Le's flippakopek. HeadsIwin tailsyoulose," Seth slurred, laughing.

"Oh for Celestia's," Sunset muttered, running and getting some Red Bull from the refrigerator, "Drink this!"

It took a few minutes for the drink to kick in, but soon enough he was able to think and act with some amount of reason.

"You go grab the ponies, I'll go in my station wagon to get the others from the airport."

"Done," Sunset said as they swapped keys and hurried out.

"Darling," Rarity said, following them (Seth, more specifically) outside, "You simply must show me who made Sunset that stunning dress!"

"Rarity, you sure that's a good idea?" Sunset said, "They did seem pretty mad at you guys."

"They've gotten over it, I'm sure," Seth replied as Rarity got in the station wagon with him.

Before he could get his foot on the clutch, though, his phone began to ring.

It was Autumn.

"...Autumn...?" he put the phone on speaker.

"Imsorsorrimsorry," she cried before having a drink.

"Darling, is she okay?" Rarity asked Seth quietly, to which he held a finger in response.

"Dobreauwimeitwufun," she sobbed even more before forcing some level of sobriety into her speech, "Imstuck."



"Christ' sakes," Seth muttered to himself, unsure of how to get her out of this mess, then remembering Rarity in the car, "Talk her down, gimmie your phone, I need to make a few calls."

"Sure," she said, swapping phones and trying, albeit with no noticible success, to calm her down as Seth called Speedy.

"Pick u-" he muttered, grabbing the steering wheel with one hand before quickly being cut off.


"Speedy, it's Seth."

"This isn't your phone."

"It's Rarity's, beside the point," he said, sounding a little high-strung, "Is it okay if Autumn spends the night at your place? She's drunk, called me instead of you, and is crying for you to-"


"Wait, like that?"


"She told me what happened, I think, but she has been tense all week, so I'm guessing she hid it from you."

"I'll go with that."

"Thanks. It'll be a while before we get there, so don't wait up. Don't know if you heard her car, but it sounded like it almost blew up. Maybe you could take a look at it if my East-German cousin can't."

"Okay. I'll see you when you get here."

"Bye," Seth said, ending the call and noticing Rarity going through his texts, "What the literal fuck are you doing‽"

"Your cousin said they'll be fine to wait. Sunset already called them."

"Oh," he said, starting the car and backing out, "Just try to keep her calm. We'll have to go to the airport first because I'm pretty sure you can't drive an '80s soviet station wagon."

She nodded her head, still trying to keep Autumn calm, so Seth took this cue to shut up for a while.

The whole way to the airport, Seth kept quiet as Rarity kept talking with a crying Autumn until Sunset called fifteen minutes in.

Rarity quickly swiped IGNORE, then her phone showed Sunset's name, so Seth answered it.

"Sunset, this had better be important because I'm fighting traffic, Autumn is on the phone drunk-crying her eyes out over guilt, I'm having to shift gears on the steering column, and you're snuggled between my shoulder and face."

"Okay... well, we won't all fit in your Yugo. You're gonna have to come by and get some of us."

"Making another stop, then," Seth said, dropping the phone into his lap and ending the call the first chance he got.

"Rarity, we're going to the school, first. My Yugo's tiny."

She nodded her head in agreement as he started looking for the school.

A few minutes later saw him turning into the school's parking lot.

He had trouble comprehending things for a minute. Rarity, on the other hand, was still trying to work with Autumn.

"Sunset, your mom and dad I can understand, but clones of Twilight and the Rainboo-"

"You look famileere fam-ih-lee-uhr!" the Equestrian clone of his drunken cousin said, albeit with a hyperactivity-dial cranked to eleven.

"I'm no-"

"I'm Autumn Blaze!" she said.

"I k-"

"I really wanted to meet you for a wheel, while, now! Sorry, it's been SOOOOO long since I've said some words!"

He put his hand over her mouth before she could start back up, "I knooowww," he said as she licked her hand, "If I take my hand off, will you please shut up?" he said as nicely as he could.

"Mhm!" she said, nodding her head madly.

"Good," he replied, wiping his hand on his pants, "Gross."

A few minutes later, everyone was crammed into both cars.

"Where to next," Sunset said to Seth.

"The hell you wanna go, just don't total the car. I'm going to the airport and then taking Autumn, our Autumn, to Speedy's house for the night. Not only did she have a crisis today, but I don't want both Autumns near each other right now."

"Okay... then," Sunset said, leaving the schoolyard and going to the house with Princess Celestia, Discord, Princess Luna, Princess Twilight and Starlight Glimmer. Seth was left to put up with everyone else.

At least I'll have something else to drive in a little bit, I think, he thought, continuing to the airport.

When they made it to the airport, Seth's family from Eurasia was waiting just inside.

"Sunset said there ist something faulty auf Autumn's car?"

"Yeah," Seth said, thinking of a few minutes from that point, "But that's the least of what you'll have to wrap your head around."

"What is it?" Sofia asked, irritated.

When he took them to the car, they wondered exactly what he was talking about, but when they saw two Raritys, they all began to question things.

"Wait till Monday. Then you can shit a brick."

"Scheiße einen Ziegelstein?" Mitzi said as they all crammed into the car.

"I'll let you think on it," he said, starting the station wagon and going to Autumn's favorite bar.

"Rarity, hang up. We're getting her now," Seth said as Sofia reached forward over the seat and turned on the A/C.

She hung up the phone and gave it back to Seth, "I don't know if she's any better."

Soon enough, they found the bar she was at. Not a hard task, seeing as how a few of them didn't survive.

"Why... does her car look like das?"

"Long story," Seth replied, "But it probably has less than 30 horsepower when it does start now."

Alex, Mitzi, and Sofia went inside to get Autumn, but they saw her downing YET ANOTHER glass of alcohol.

"Blyad'," Sofia said.

She was crying and bleeding a little, mumbling something incoherent.

"You said it once, so I'll say it again, Sofia," Seth said, "Fuck."

Sighing, Mitzi and Sofia went to get Autumn while Seth tried to show Alex what was wrong with the Civic, but it wouldn't start.

"Before you say anything, of course it needs a new starter."

After about twenty minutes, it finally started with its now-trademark explosion-like noises. Unsurprisingly for those that knew, Autumn was still inside, crying her eyes out.

"What now?" Sofia said, looking at Mitzi, who was going over to the depressed Autumn.

"Sore wa kare no seide wa nakatta!" Autumn cried.

"Just watch," Mitzi said as she sat down to Autumn and pulled her in a hug.

This could end badly, Sofia thought to herself.

"Was happened, Autumn meine Tochter?"

"Watashitachiha kurōzetto no naka de sekkusu o shite ita, soshite watashi wa koronde okotte kare o kōgeki shita!"

"Ich kann nicht understand Kirin," Mitzi replied, attempting to keep her lunch down because drinking like this made Autumn's breath turn almost to a lethal bio-weapon.

"We were having sex in the closet, and I fell and got angry and attacked him!" she repeated in English, breaking down again immediately after.

"Ich bin for sure he will listen to you," Mitzi said.


"Ja," Mitzi said, helping Autumn up, "Now, we need zu go if Sie want zu talk zu ihm."

"Nikakogo ublyudochnogo puti, kotoryy tol'ko chto sluchilsya," Sofia said to Mitzi as they were leaving the bar and to Autumn's half-destroyed Civic.