TwilightSparkle Online

by TwiPON3

Chapter 6

Midnight was clearly bored, but I was beginning to feel easier until someone pounded on the door later.

"Shh," Midnight said, going to look through the door viewer, so I nodded in response.

I got worried when she opened the door, but was relieved when it turned out to be Sunset and the princess.

"I hope I did the right thing," Sunset said as Midnight locked the door and we all headed to my room.

"Me too."

Thankfully, my room was still the way I left it, even with the text file still onscreen.

"Mind filling me in?" the princess asked, confused.

"My world, according to this person, is going to change soon," Sunset, Midnight, and the Princess looked at me blankly, "I know hackertalk or leetspeak."

Sunset hid the window, only for us to find that the icon with goggles titled VRnet was there again, so she opened it.

As soon as she did, though, the AOL sound began, so she and Princess Twilight covered their ears, "Is this what you normally listen to?"

"It's only 1995. Home Internet actually involves-"

"Nevermind, not now," Sunset said as the noise subsided, then sucked us all into the same matrix-like room, "Where exactly are we?"

"I have-" but I was interrupted by Midnight.

"Your AOL account."

"My what?"

"Email," Midnight counted on her fingers, "Pinned Newsboards, Weather, a literal DOOR to the Internet," she noticed what looked like a file cabinet labled BUDDY LIST, each drawer labeled with one of their names, "On second thought," she went over to it, "I'm not so sure."

It had to be my America Online, "NO!"

"Too late," she said, opening a drawer, pulling a page out, then laughing as she read it, "Really? THIS is your way of saying 'I love you, let's go to dinner'?"

Oh, Jesus Christ.

"When we get out of here, you're meeting this dude."

I wanted to shrink to the size of an amoeba, regardless if we all got out or not.