• Published 7th Mar 2019
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A Summer To Remember - TwiPON3

After having the most memorable Christmas of her life, Sunset has the most memorable Summer of her life.

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And Everyone's All Settled In

"Starting in three... two... one..." Seth said, trying to start the damn thing back up, but it wouldn't go.

"Und es hat been running like diese alles Woche?" Alex asked as the backfire roared to life and Autumn's CD player started up.

"It works!" Seth said as Sofia leaned a now-out Autumn against one of the windows in the back seat then fell asleep, leaving Mitzi to drive the others home at Rarity's direction.

Adjusting the mirrors and locking the doors, Seth looked at Alex, "Earlier, at the school, I gave Autumn what I think her engine is at right now."


"That her '99 Civic DX has went from an inline-four that could produce 106 horsepower to most likely a twin under about 35 horsepower. Her idle is way too high, clocking in at 4500, with most of what it is doing being turned into smoke."

"Was did she do zu es?" he asked as Seth finally got up to 20 miles per hour, then time stopped and the scene turned gray.

"Yes," TwiPON3 said, walking in front of the scene and looking directly at the reader, annoyed at the situation, "That is a notable achievement for it right now. Let that sink in."

A minute later, he turned, left and the story started back again.

"I have no idea!"

Forever later, they were at Speedy's house, so Sofia ducked under the seat as Seth and Alex carried Autumn to the door.

"Was hat Autumn been Essen?"

Her breath wasn't as unbearable as earlier, but it was still pretty bad.

"How much did she drink?" Alex said, wincing at the horrid smell coming from her wide-open mouth, and her snoring wasn't making it any better.

"Probably a lot," Seth replied as they made it to the door, "Hold her."

"Ja," Alex said as Seth started pounding on the door until Speedy opened it a minute later.

"Hi-oh," Seth said, immediately looking at the large bandage on the side of Speedy's face, "I am officially worrying for my life right now, Speedy."

"Don't. It was just a slap."

"Well, we brought Autumn."

"He your dad?" Speedy asked, seeing what looked like Autumn hugging Alex.

"Cousin from the DDR."

"What happened?"

"She's shit-drunk. I mean, she's done this before, but not this bad and without a reason, so... not quite 'I've fucked the world over' drunk but still in the range of that when we go to the SSSR."

"She can spend the weekend with me," Speedy said as Autumn's snoring began to reach record volume, "But how long will she be like this!?"

"Best guess, all night at the worst," Seth replied, shaking Autumn awake.

"Watashi o seikō suru," she slurred.

"Uh, yeah," Seth replied, "Autumn, your breath is terrible and we're at Speedy's place."

She looked around in a daze, then stumbled and fell onto Speedy and started crying again.

"Gomen'nasai!" she sobbed, holding onto Speedy as he cringed at the smell of Christ-knows-what, "Watashi wa anata o kōgeki shite wa ikemasendeshita!"

"What?" Speedy asked as Seth went over to the two.

"Autumn, it's okay."

"Īe, watashi wa hidoidesu!"

"Autumn, you are not awful," Seth replied, comforting her, "Just give it to morning and everything will be better, I promise."

"Soshite anata wa yakusoku shimasu ka?"

"Yes, I promise," he said as she went back to snoring, though she was still crying in her sleep.

"How did you understand what she was saying?"

"Well, I was born in Byelorussia, so I learned Byelorussian and Russian growing up. Not too long after, I started learning Deutsche, German, so I could talk to my cousins from the DDR, and then English later because another one of my cousins is from London. By the time I met her, for the sake of how I grew up I already knew four languages, so it wasn't hard to pick up Kirin-Japanese."


"Yeah, it's weird."

"But sure, she can stay over the weekend."

"Thanks," Seth said, "Oh, one more thing, Autumn's car has been, well it's essentially a piece of scrap-shit now. Do you have anything we could use?"

He tossed Seth a set of keys, "My custom Chevelle. You wreck it, you'll wish you were in hell."

"Yes!" Seth said, somewhat startled as he went over to the Civic and started getting stuff out of it when Speedy took Autumn inside and closed the door.

"Can I come out now?" Sofia said.

"Sure," Seth replied, "Follow us."

A few minutes later, they were in Speedy's car, and on the way to Seth's house.

"Sofia, humor me," Seth said, "Do you have issues?"

"You are one dating Kirin."

"No, she's my adoptive cousin, yours by blood. Speedy's the one dating her."

"Good point."

Conversation was kept to a minimum until they arrived at Seth's house and went in.

"Wot 'appened ter Autumn's Jam Jar, ya guys?" Liz asked, looking up from Zecora when they made it in and closed the door.

"It beats the literally motherfucking hell out of me," Seth said, going and getting a bottle of Vodka, "It is more dangerous to drive than a Trabant now."

"What is on television?" Sofia said, plopping down on the couch and starting a random Crunchyroll playlist.

What was left of the night was rather sleepless in the rather overcrowded house, even with all of the vodka they had to share with each other.

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