A Christmas to Remember

by TwiPON3

Almost to the end, I think

Over the next month, Sofia made arrangements for a few of her neighbours to check up on her apartment every few days or so, all understanding the situation unexpectedly well, Seth worked with the lab's computers, and on February 1, they headed for the US.

"Do you have any ideas or plans to get out of the insane home?" Seth asked Sofia as their flight took off that morning.

"I will just have to work with what I end up with."

"Jonagold took me back to Brooklyn, then Mama committed suicide a month later. I had just forgotten about it when this shit started."

"If Aunt finds him, she would easily create hell."

"I hope the bastard and slut falls in a volcano. Fell in a volcano. The last I heard they were in Maui."

"He is terrible man."

When they arrived at the airport, they were greeted by Sunset, the Rainbooms, and the CMC, Rainbow looking mostly fine plus a decent amount of scarring.

"You got something you wanna say to us?" Dash said, very pissed.

"Sunset," Sofia said, "Get me. Away from them. Now."

The way she said that was enough to scare Sunset into thinking there might be a round-two of this shit.

"Listen," Seth said, after Sunset and Sofia were gone, "Sofia heard what you did to Sunset, she let it slip at our Novvy God party in Maskva, and it resurfaced old, terrible memories of what our dad Johnagold did to our family: He came to Minsk knocked up Mama and left the week she was supposed to give birth to us. He came back seven-and-a-half years later, verbally abused Mama and Sofia, calling them no-good-reds and the like, then took me back to Brooklyn a month later. That... caused our mama to go into a depression. Skip forward to sixteen, and Autumn and I were living with him and a slut, Fushidarana on'na, and he left us and everything for said slut. A month later, I get a call from Sofia that Mama jumped from the balcony of our home in Minsk and died on impact with the ground. You doing that had to have triggered something in Sofia. Frankly, I'm disappointed in each of you."

"We did apologize ta Sunset," Applejack said, "but that may have been more out of desperation than anything."

"Listen," Seth replied, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I'm sure Sunset's already done the whole 'Forgive-and-Forget' thing, but this vendetta is just beyond stupid, even by my standards. If it were me, it would've played out differently."

"How did you vent, Darling?" Rarity said, ready to run.

"I'll just say that Jonagold spent more time in the hospital than he did thinking about sex. I'm fine, yeah I can handle myself, but Sofia is either gonna end up in prison or the nut-home."

Rainbow Dash and Scootalloo looked at each other.

"We're in," they said.

"I'm sure neither of us wants anything else like that to happen again," Rainbow commented.

"Well, the poor darling does need our help," Rarity said, joining.

"And throw her a BIG party!" Pinkie said, taking a stand with the others.

"Applebloom, we've been caught up in too many lies lately ta go without helpin' her."

"I'm going with you, too," Sweetie said to her other friends.

"Flutters, ya in?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Yay," she said, joining the others.

"Then it's settled," Seth said, "This bloodfeud is settled, and I can't use Soviet cash in America, but I will deal with that one later."

"What about mah family?" Applejack said, "Ya did burn our harvest."

Seth took out a checkbook that looked like it had spent years in a closet under junk and wrote some twenty grand to Applejack, "Don't think twice," he said, giving it to her, "Stupidity brought this on, stupidity's only gonna make it worse."

When the farmer saw the amount, she sputtered for a second, "H... how d..."

"I work with computers and code software. People donate to me if they like it because I don't charge up front for it. And before you ask, they're enough for Autumn, Sunset, and myself to live on and then some."

"Dude, why didn't you think of just bribing the cops?"

"I wouldn't bribe the Soviet Police, why would I do it here?" he said as a piece of paper fell from his jacket.