• Published 24th Dec 2018
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Hello, Luna - TwiPON3

Twilight Velvet has a heart attack, then her family has to keep one BIG change from her that happened during her coma.

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Chapter 9

When the ambulance backed into the driveway, Twilight and Shining were ready to get her back inside. Seth stayed back with Cadence, but left out the back when the ambulance came into the driveway.

"Mom," Shining said, "Mom just lean on us."

She complied, seeing as how she didn't have a choice after having slept for eight months.

"Nothing's changed," Velvet said.

"Of course not," Twilight said, her and Shining putting Velvet in bed, "What is there to change?"

"Thanks for coming and visiting me."

"You're welcome," Shining said, "If you're bored, you can watch a DVD or listen to some of your CDs," he picked up the radio and swapped on the disconnected TV, "The radio fell the other day and the TV's been touchy."

"You two don't need to take care of me," she said, "You have your own lives, Shining, you have Cadence, too. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself."

"Don't say that," Cadence said, coming into the room, "Oh, I'm also not sure how exactly to say this, but the other day, you became a grandmother."

"I'm happy for you. Could I see the foal?"

Cadence sat Flurry down in Velvet's lap, "Her name's Flurry Heart."

She held the filly, "I'm your grammy, little Flurry!" Flurry just laughed as she looked up, "I wish Night Light were here for this."

"Could we get you anything, Mom?"

"No," she said with a warm smile, "I'm okay."

"Are you sure?"

"Well, I guess I have a craving for some sliced carrots, if you insist."

"I'll be right back," Twilight said.

When she got to the refrigerator, her phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered, not looking to see who was calling.

"Did ya mom buy the DVDs I made as real?"

"We just said the TV was on the fritz."

"...What part of it do ya need help with?"

"I don't know that I can pull it off."

"I'll stop by later and 'look at it'. I should've told you when I was there with everyone."


She hung up the phone, grabbed a pack of carrot sticks, poured a glass of sweet tea, and took it to her mom.

"The cable guy's coming out later to check on things and maybe take a look at the box in the living room. You shouldn't be cut off for much longer."

"You two are the best kids a mother could ever ask for, and I love you all."

An hour later, the doorbell rang.

"I got it," Twilight said, answering it.

It was Seth, holding what looked like a box from the cable office.

"It also didn't cross my mind that you'd need this," he went in and opened the box on the couch, revealing a DVD player, small monitor, and more-than-long-enough cables so Twilight could run the "broadcast" from her room.

A few minutes later, and the setup was ready.

"And there... you... are!" Seth said, finishing the new link and turning to Velvet, "You should have television again now."

"You're too kind."

"It's just my job," he said, sincerely, "I hope ya get better soon," he switched on the set, hoping that he got the timing right for the 2:30 session of Current Camera.

It was the ending credits to an episode of The Big Bang Theory, followed by a clock that ticked to 2:30, then spun around to reveal a blue, bold CC.

"Well, I should go. There are other houses I should stop at."

"Thanks," Twilight said.

"Ya welcome," he said, leaving.

The news recording was just filler-type junk like a few streets were being worked on, a street accident, an elementary school field trip, a few debates, sports, and the works.

"Equestria hasn't changed, so that's good," she mused, "Though I wish that everycreature could come and go as they please."

"Don't worry, Velvet," Cadence said, "They're working on it."

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