A Christmas to Remember

by TwiPON3

And Then THIS Happens

"Rainbooms! Paramedics! CHS! NOW!!"

Worriedly, they followed Sunset back through the portal.

"Oh, thank Celestia!" Sunset said as an ambulance rushed into the schoolyard.

Students were gathered around as the scene unfolded.

"Sunset?" Autumn said, running up to them, "Where the hell- nice dress- did you go?"


As Nurse Redheart and Principal Celestia wheeled out a bespectacled, concealed-in-baggy-clothes Rainbow Dash, the two princesses couldn't believe what they saw.

"I'm driving the girls to the hospital behind the ambulance," she felt her pockets and jacket, "Shit my keys!"

"Here they are!" Principal Celestia said, running them over to her, then noticing her double, "We don't get paid enough," she ran into the ambulance to ride with Rainbow Dash and Scootalloo to the ER.

"You two coming?"

They both followed, amounting to eleven people in a '99 two-door Civic DX, which was a hard time for all involved.

Starting up the car and putting it in drive, she slammed the hazard lights on and floored the car, which scared Fluttershy about thirty seconds in.

"Autumn! Revs!"

"Damn transmission," she said, moving the shift from Drive to 2, then 3, and back to where it should be, "Need to get that fixed, please be fast enough," she said, frustrated as the speedometer rested at 120.

"We're losing it!" Sunset said.

"Don't worry," Autumn said, "I'm gonna start driving like all Kirin do," she rolled down the window, stuck her head out, started blowing the horn, and driving in the middle of the road, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY YOU DEGENERATE JACKASSES!!! WE'RE TRYING TO GET TO THE ***DAMN HOSPITAL!!!"

"Watch out, Darling!" Rarity said as she was speeding to a crosswalk with people about to cross.

"Don't worry, they're young," Autumn said, blowing the horn as if she were doing CPR on something very badly, causing them to jump out of the way, "See how they jumped?" she rolled the window back up.

Everyone looked at Autumn like a force to be reckoned with, before Applejack spoke up.

"Are you okay t-" was all Applejack said before someone was caught in the middle of the road.

She slammed on the brakes, rolled down the window, blew the horn, stuck her head out, and yelled, "GET OUTTA THE WAY, YOU IDIOT!!!" before going around the guy at the first chance she got, quickly hitting breakneck speeds again.

They made it to the ER a few minutes after the ambulance did, where they found the sick girl's parents screaming at the receptionist.

"I got it," she said, darkening at the woman behind the glass, "Take us to Rainbow Dash!"

"603 in the East Wing!"

"Follow me," she said, going to the elevator and trying to cool off.