• Published 24th Dec 2018
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Hello, Luna - TwiPON3

Twilight Velvet has a heart attack, then her family has to keep one BIG change from her that happened during her coma.

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1: Intro

Twilight and her family had spent every summer at their Holiday Home since she was a year old. Shining Armor, her brother, always enjoyed the time he spent with her. Their mother Twilight Velvet held several high-standing places in the monarchy, along with the side job of being a music teacher at Canterlot Yearling’s Music School. She taught the patriotic pieces.

Velvet would teach Equestria’s Hymn and Risen from Ruins, just to name a few songs, to every foal that would come through her class. She oversaw nationwide involvement activities, head of Foal Support Services, and, above all, loving mother of two young, gifted, talented children.

Equal rights for all creatures in Equestria was moving rather slowly, despite Princess Celestia’s efforts. The head of the EEA, Chancellor Neighsay; Princess Celestia’s Nephew (and biggest soon-to-be-problem), Prince Blueblood; and several other ponies, some of the royal guard.

All seemed to be going well until one day...

“Neighsay, Althena, Dr Turret,” Blueblood said to the other three ponies in the basement, “We just need Celestia knocked off of her hooves for about a week.”

“I agree with Blueblood,” Neighsay said, “Nonpony creatures could take what is being taught in our schools and use it against us!”

“I went to medical school to treat ponies! NOT Yaks and Dragons!”

“Wait,” Althena said, “Doesn’t she have that daughter? And what about that Velvet woman?”

“I can sign a decree. Besides, Velvet won’t stand in our way. She does too much to give a shit. Plus, Sunset Shimmer’s only eighteen years old,” he looked to Turret, “You got the ‘ingredient’, Doctor?”

“Crushed Cyanide, all ready.”

“Althena, I need you to make some special tea.”

By lunchtime, the trap was set. Blueblood just had to give the tea to her. The PERFECT plan.

“Auntie?” he said, wheeling in the cart to her throne room, “I thought you might be thirsty.”

“Thanks,” Celestia said, “I’ll drink some of it later.”

Walking out, he noticed Twilight Velvet being escorted to the throne room by Sunset Shimmer.

“I’m sorry, but the princess is busy right now, Mrs Velvet.”

“It’ll only take a second.”

“Can it wait, say, thirty minutes?”

“I suppose so,” she said releasing a breath, then both mares turned and walked away.

Meanwhile, Celestia had drank a few cups of the cyanide tea, and was feeling queasy. Putting a hand over her stomach, she got up and began to go to the door. Halfway there, she covered her mouth with her other hand, then began stumbling before she passed out moments later.

Phase 2.

Blueblood turned and went back into the throne room, only to find a drugged Princess on the floor, out cold.

“GET THE MEDICS!!! THE PRINCESS IS OUT COLD!!! SOMEPONY DO SOMETHING!!!” he said, attracting the attention of everypony within the vicinity.

He was holding his façade perfectly.

Over the course of the next thirty minutes, Blueblood had taken the throne, bringing his other conspirators with him.

“You didn’t go too far, Dr Turret, did you?”

“No. Besides, cyanide versus an eons-old alicorn goddess? She’d definitely win. Keep in mind, though, she’ll be back in about a week, tops.”

Over the course of the next hour, non-pony creatures were up shit creek, barely being allowed to exist in Equestria, let alone with rights. Word got out, but Velvet was held up at the music school for reasons unknown to her for several hours before she was let go.

Her daughter, Twilight Sparkle, caught wind of this, along with most of Canterlot and her friends from Ponyville, from when she went with her mother for recitals.

That evening, on the main streets of Canterlot, a huge gathering of Ponies were protesting the change. With them were Yaks, Changelings, Griffons, Hypogryphs, Dragons, and Kirin.

“Rights for all! We’re made equally!” they chanted as the Royal Guard formed a chain, though Twilight was having a hayburger at the same time, then got choked for a minute until a yak hit her between the shoulder blades.

“Pony need to cough harder!” she hit again, “Spit food out!” she hit again, dislodging the piece of fast food dinner from her throat, “Pony okay?” Twilight caught her breath, “Is pony okay?”

“Yeah!” she replied, “Thank you! What’s your name?”

“Yo-” but she was cut off as vehicles were driven that forced the protesters back.

“No violence!” they chanted, prompting the royal guard to beat and arrest the protestors, though only the ponies were sent to jail. The other creatures were either deported or fled from the authorities to haven cities and towns such as Ponyville.

Meanwhile, Twilight Velvet, who was finally getting to see the princess after several hours, was being driven to the castle via Zogo.

“Great,” the driver said, “More guards. Why?”

“Don’t worry,” Velvet replied, “I’ll figure this out.”

“I heard the princess is incapacitated.”

“That’s what I found out, too. If that’s the truth, we’ll take over until she’s well.”

After a minute, the driver accepted defeat to the crowd, “Mrs Velvet, you might make it if you take the subway. And don’t worry about paying me. I don’t charge anypony who’s in the monarch. They’re too kind to the rest of us.”

“I insist,” she said, procuring a twenty-bit note from her wallet and giving it to the driver, “For your troubles.”

“No that’s-”

But Velvet was already gone.

“Watch out, ma’am,” a guard said, not knowing it was one of the mares to arrest.

The area was cleared out, compared to earlier, now, and Velvet could see Twilight being arrested and beaten.


The younger Twilight looked her mother helplessly in the eyes, but was beaten, causing Velvet to collapse from shock.

“Get your damn... hands... off of me!” Twilight said, resisting the guard and running to her unconscious mother, but one grabbed her by her tail and pulled her on her back, cuffed her, and threw her in a police van, hit her again, but stunning her this time.

In the jail, one of the guards pulled Twilight aside and handed her a note.

“Your mother.”

“My mom? What in tartarus did you do to her!?”

“She had a heart attack.”

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