• Published 24th Dec 2018
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Hello, Luna - TwiPON3

Twilight Velvet has a heart attack, then her family has to keep one BIG change from her that happened during her coma.

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Chapter 11

Author's Note:

The video only needs from 2:35 to 3:03. I couldn't find that particular cut on YouTube.

A while later, the party was over. Sunset decided to stay back with Velvet while the others tried to think of something outside.

"Okay," Twilight said, "What do we know?"

"Da recorded newscasts were shot straight to Tartarus," Seth said, "Any self-respecting pony is gonna be automatically interested inna banner depictin' royalty."

"Wait!" Applejack said, "The five of you were feeding her crap that's happened already, sayin' nothing's changed!?" she turned to Twilight and Shining, "An' she's yer ma, fer Celestia's sake!!"

Shining went for a drive, feeling like he might pummel the mare's face into the ground.

"Oh, Mom, while you were in your eight-months-long-coma, despite the fact that the doctors saying another surprise would lead to an almost-certainly fatal heart attack, Nightmare moon came back and Princess Luna's on the throne again. I hope you live through the next five seconds!!!" Twilight said, inches away from her friend's face.

"Oh, Celestia," Seth said under his breath before looking up, "Listen, Velvet needs to be kept calm. No surprises, no screaming, no any of that stuff. Both of you, we need to think of something."

"Ah'm sorry," Applejack said, hanging her head in defeat.

"Me, too," Twilight mirrored.

"Darlings, Applejack is right. Ms Velvet most certainly will see through this lie eventually."

"I have a camera and printer," Seth said.

"Darling, if you're going that route, we'll need to work on your..." Rarity, upon looking at Seth, started to turn a little paler than usual, "Well the whole thing."

"What... do you mean?"

"Well, you are the only one suited to making something like this, considering she's seen you, by far, the least of anypony there, so I could pull something off follow me!!" she said, dragging him to her Canterlot boutique.

A few hours later, after Twilight learned to work the camera and Seth tried to adopt a "natural" Canterlot accent (that is used very loosely around a Hooflyn accent), they were in front of the building.

"Good thing I have several spares of glasses."

"Three, two, one," Twilight said before pointing a finger at Current Event (Seth in Rarity's elaborate disguise).

"Canterlot. Many ponies here are feeling as'ough da night -"

"Cut, cut, cut cut cut!"


"We worked on this earlier. Your accent."

"In terms-a etiquette, Canterlot and Hooflyn ah beyahnd pola-ropposites."

"Can you do a Trotan one?"

"Let's try. Cyantuhlyat, Noo Joisey... Gaht it!"

"Three, two, one."

"Canterlot: As the nightlife in the city bustles and grows as it has over the past few years, more and more ponies have been-"



"What are you doing‽" a stallion said, going over to the two.

"I thought you asked Sunbeam if we could film here."

"His name started wit an 'S'."

After a few minutes of drama, the two discussed what they were gonna do, finally coming to the conclusion of "Just do it".

"Three, two, one."

Twilight started the set, a little stressed, as a clock was ticking to 9:00:00PM, wondering what could go wrong.

Various shots of Equestria with the text ANALYTICAL PROGRAM scrolling across the bottom of the screen shown before settling at the castle and displaying the word TIME over the end of the text when it stopped scrolling before moving to a shot in front of the building with the banner.

"Canterlot. As the nightlife in the city bustles and grows as it has over the past few years, more and more ponies have been worried of not giving enough thanks to the moon. Clubs, DJs, and even entire towns and cities across Equestria have shared this mutual feeling, and as such, have decided to put on display, their gratitude. This show of harmony was initiated by the population of ponies that suffer insomnia, but make the decision to embrace, rather than treat or cure it, stating that it is a gift that allows them to enjoy the day and night equally, rather than one or the other. I'm Current Event, Analytical Program TIME."

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