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Just a few more steps...


This was inspired by the movie Goodbye, Lenin.

Twilight Velvet, avid supporter of the Equestrian monarch, has a near-fatal heart attack from seeing her daughter beaten and arrested during a protest that should've never come to be. She falls into a coma, and Princess Luna returns to the throne during her sleep. With the doctors saying "No Surprises," it is up to her family to prevent her from finding out that Equestria is now a diarchy, so she doesn't have a second, possibly fatal, attack.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 27 )

I remember this film. Sad, but also very funny.

More good stuff.

Why haven't they sought Celestia's help, she recovered right?

Comment posted by TwiPON3 deleted January 4th

That chapter wasn't supposed to come until later. Besides, the hospital plays a part of the plot, and Twilight has a fear of her finding out about Luna's return via Celestia. Plus, she's still in shock about Velvet. On top of that, the jackass Blueblood may have came up with something to prolong her absence.

I remember this film from german class, natürlich auf deutsch. Goodbye Lenin.

Do you know if there's an English version online?

I don't think so, the best you could hope for is English subs, which the movie has. I never watched it online or with subs though. It was a good movie.

Word of advice; you've used a piece of EqG art, but this is an anthro story. That's gonna confuse people.

I know. It was the best I could do, though. I couldn't find any anthro vectors that I wanted, and my design skills suck like crap.

Sadly, there is no English version. Mocca-fix, anyone?

Is it going with the movie's pace so far?

I would say so. I just wonder how you'll handle some aspects, such as the fake news.

He's just gonna put on an elaborate disguise and do the stuff himself after her birthday.

It'll be after she notices a banner celebrating Princess Luna hanging from a building.

Hmm, that would be problematic.

I have the last chapter more or less done, but from now to then is still in the works.

An echo of the Coca Cola scene, I take it?

You took correctly, meine freund.

That film is so funny.

It's like Alex and his friend had fun while they kept Christanine calm, almost like they took a dire situation and took the stress out of it, you know?

Nice to see this story finished.

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