• Published 12th Sep 2019
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Griffon of Canterlot - Electuroo

A young griffon found a few weeks after the events of Nightmare Moon on the grounds of the castle. The questions continue to mount over time with no solid answers as they find that communicating with the young griffon going to be more challenging.

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Chapter 1 - Celestial Opps

Author's Note:

I came up with an interesting concept that I haven't really seen from others. I know there is going to be grammar and spelling errors but I do hope to find someone to proofread this opening chapter and maybe many more to come.

I will check with the group pages to see if anyone will be willing to proofread it or anyone that comes on by would be awesome too.

Having Asperger's is like a double edged sword. On one side I have really amazing imagination with so many ideas for stories coming to mind, but when it comes to spelling and grammar, that's where my weakness comes in.

I know this is the opening chapter to the story, but please keep in mind about it and any help in improving it to make it more readable to everyone would be awesome!

Also the idea for the story is what inspired me to draw the drawing used for the story itself!

Hope you enjoy the opening chapter of Griffon of Canterlot—Electuroo

Griffon of Canterlot

Chapter 1 – Celestial Opps

Over 4,000 years before the events of Nightmare Moon...

The lands where the mountain of the great city of Canterlot should be, appears instantly through a bluish tear in the sky, crashing into the ground with smaller rocks smashing into the plains around it, the large mountain-sized rock sparkling with electrical energy, snow and ice falling from it after impact, embedding itself into the ground as a wave of rock and dirt are blown outwards.

On a small part of the mountain a small figure glowing with the same sparking energy as the rest of the mountain appears, the energy surrounding it fading away with the rest of the sparking energy. The mountain stands tall, and as the dust clears, a goat stands on the hillside, "Hmm... Now this is interesting," he chuckled darkly while walking towards it, "Come my monsters, I believe we found our new home. Now to build my empire." The large goat taps his bell and the monstrous creatures behind him lower their heads and march towards the mountain.

Canterlot, moments after the defeat of Nightmare Moon...

A few guards doing their rounds notice the sun rising once again with the moon lowering. It had been an unnaturally long night. They watched and felt the warmth of the sun when a bluish light sprang into exsistance dancing around the entire city of Canterlot.

As they looked around wondering what it could be, one guard asked, "What is this?"

"I have no idea," the other guard said as he waved his hoof through the waves of cloudy light all around them, "It seems harmless." For minutes, many streams and waves of the light flowed around the mountain and city.

Shining Armor came out of the castle and took a good look around, awed at the mysterious light. Seeing the two guards close by he approached and ordered, "Report."

"Captain, the light just came out of no-" the unicorn of the pair began as the light faded away. Within half a moment the city was returned to its original state, as if it were never there. "Where did it go?" the unicorn guard asked as he looked around curiously, "That was odd."

The pegasus guard next to him flapped his wings, taking to the air to get a better look around, "Other than the light show, nothing seems to be out of place, sir." he reported.

Shining Armor rubbed the underside of his snout in worry, "That is odd... I'll inform the princess on her return. Until then, continue the rounds as usual."

"Yes sir!" the guards saluted and left to continue their rounds, unaware of something watching, trembling in fear.

Canterlot, two weeks later...

Shining Armor stood before Princess Celestia, reading out a report to her as she sat on her throne with her sister Luna watching and listening from her side. Still recovering from the events of a few weeks ago, her magic was slowly recovering, as was her true appearance once more. "–The theft of food from the food waste bins has been discovered yet again, Princess. Nopony seems to be able to discover who is behind it or why they enter the castle grounds to steal from the bins, as the food at the time of the theft would have pretty partially decomposed and unhealthy." Shining Armor stated as he finished the report.

Celestia used her magic to levitate the parchment from the Captain's own magical grasp. Levitating it up to her own face she took a look at the report herself, "That is very strange indeed, Captain. Not only has this thief managed to get past all the patrols, including the newly increased number of guards, but they have been able to get to the waste bins and eat semi-rotten food instead of entering the kitchen to steal perfectly good food." Celestia's mind started to tick as she thought of other possibilities that could have been easily been overlooked.

"We do not understand, sister. Why would one of such skills in stealth do such a thing for the past two weeks?" Luna inquired as she used her still limited magic to take the report and read it herself.

"That Luna, is an interesting question." Celestia said as she turned to face Shining Armor, "Hmm..., maybe we're looking at this the wrong way." Celestia said as she came up with an idea as she was speaking.

Shining Armor gave a confused expression. "Princess?"

Celestia rose from her throne, "Luna, Captain, please come with me. I believe I've just solved this mystery." Luna and Shining Armor looked at each other for a moment before following Celestia out of the throne room. They walked through the castle, out one of the rear entrances, and to the large dumpsters used for uneaten food and general waste.

Shining Armor looked around and said, "I do not understand why we are here Princess, the guards reported no sighting of the pony."

"Thou heardest this too sister," Luna chimed in.

At that Celestia turned around to the both of them, "I believe the reason why you haven't seen anypony come or go is because they've been here all this time." Using her magic, she moved the waste bins to reveal a crude pile of crushed cardboard boxes, worn and torn blankets, and under them both, a young yellow griffon with black chest fur and wings, a creamy yellow head, and short black feathers around both eyes.

The three ponies noticed he was wearing scraps of a green shirt and the tattered remains of old blue socks around both of his hind legs close to the paws. Shining Armor started towards the youngster, still asleep and unaware that he was discovered. The griffon was holding a plushie tightly to his chest, a plushie that looked exactly like him, except that it was wearing a brown vest.

"I never would've thought to look back here..." Shining Armor whispered.

As he was about to approach the griffon he was stopped by Celestia, "Princess?" He asked in confusion.

Celestia motioned for he and Luna to move away, "Captain, has anypony seen a griffon who looks like this in the city?" She asked quietly.

With a shake of his head he answered the princess at the same volume, "No, I haven't, nor has the guard. Why?"

"I would like you and the guard to ask around the city to see if anypony had seen a teenage griffon in the last two weeks." Celestia requested.

Shining Armor looked towards the griffon and back to her, "What of the griffon?" He asked.

"I will stay here and wait 'till he wakes." Celestia replied.

"No disrespect Princess, but this is not the place for somepony to stay at for long periods of time... It's not exactly the cleanest place in Canterlot." Shining Armor said as he looked around and got a good smell of the stink coming from the large dumpsters.

Luna also took a good sniff and shook her head, "Sister thou cannot be serious, this is not fit for a princess."

Celestia turned to the griffon, "It may not be, but I believe it to be–" Suddenly, a flash of green flame and a letter, appeared before Celestia. She opened it, seeing two tickets with it. She proceeded to quickly read the contents of the letter then giggled good naturedly, "Oh, Twilight..." She shook her head and summoned a new scroll and quill to appear. Writing out a brief response and putting four more tickets in it, sending it off to Spike, "Oh, I forgot about Spike," She said as she put another ticket into another scroll and sent that one too, "There, that should solve that problem."

Shining Armor then spoke up, "That it may, Princess, but how does that solve the new problem you created?" He asked.

"I created?" Celestia asked, confused by what the captain said. Shining Armor lifted his left forehoof and gestured behind her. She turned around to see the young griffon was wide awake and had huddled himself and the plushie into the furthest corner away from the three Ponies. He was shivering with fear, fear that was also shown on the griffon's face and in his golden brown eyes. That said it all. "Oh..."

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