Griffon of Canterlot

by Electuroo

Chapter 1 - Celestial Opps

Griffon of Canterlot

Chapter 1 – Celestial Opps


Over 4,000 years before Nightmare Moon Event...

The lands where the mountain of the great city of Canterlot should be appears through a instant bluish tear in the sky crashing into the ground with smaller rocks smashing into the plains around it, the large mountain size rock sparking with electrical energy with snow and ice falling from it after impact embedding itself into the ground as a wave of rock and dirt blown outwards.

On part of the mountain a small figure glowing the same electrical energy appears for a moment and fades away with the rest of the electrical energy. The mountain standing tall and as the dust clears a goat stands at hill side. “Hmm... Now that is interesting.” He chuckled darkly walking towards it. “Come my monsters I believe we found our new home to build my empire from.” The large goat tap his bell and the monstrous creatures lower their heads and match towards the mountain.

Canterlot... Moments after the defeat of Nightmare Moon...

A few guards doing their roads notice the sun rising once again with the moon lowering, they watched and felt the warmth of the sun but a bluish light dancing around caught their attention as they looked around wondering what it could be. “What is this?”

“I have no idea.” The other guard wave his hoof through the waves of cloudy light. “It seems harmless.”

For minutes the light of many streams of it flowed around the mountain and city.

Shining Armor came out and took a good look around. “Report.”

“Captain the light just came out of no-” The light fades all over the mountain and city as if it wasn't ever there. “Where?” Now the unicorn guard gave a questionable look around. “That was odd...”

The Pegasus flapping his wings took to the air to take a better look around. “Other than the light show, nothing seem to be out of place. Sir.”

Shining Armor rubbed the underside of his snout. “That is odd... I'll inform the princess on her return. Till than continue the rounds as normal.”

“Yes sir!” They saluted and left to continue their rounds.

They unaware of something watching with an trumbling motion of fear.

Canterlot... Two weeks later...

Shining Armor stood before Princess Celestia reading out a report to her as she sat at her throne with Luna watching and listening to the side of it. Still recovering from the events of a few weeks ago, her magic slowly recovering as was her true appearance once more. “-The theft of food from the food waste bins have been discovered yet again Princess. No pony seem to be able to discover whom behind it or why they enter the castle grounds to steal from the bins, the food by the time is taken is pretty mushy and nasty.” Shining Armor finished the report.

Celestia using her magic took the report for herself taking a good look at it. “That is very strange captain. Not only this invader get past all the guards including the increasing guard but able to get to the waste bins and steal semi rotting food instead of entering the kitchen to steal perfectly good food.”

Celestia's mind started to tick as she thought of other possibilities that could have been over looked so easily.

“Thy do not understand sister. Why would one of stealth do such a act for the last two weeks?” Luna inquired using her limited magic to take the report and read it herself.

“That Luna is an interesting question.” Celestia turn to Shining Armor. “Hmm... Maybe we looking at this the wrong way.” Celestia had only one thing came to mind as she finished speaking.

Shining Armor gave a confused expression. “Princess?”

Celestia got off the throne. “Luna, Captain please come with me. I believe, I've just solved the mystery.” They looked at each other for a moment and followed Celestia out of the throne room.

They walk to the large dumpsters for food recycled and general waste. “I do not understand why we here Princess, the guards reported no sighting of the pony.”

“Thy heard this too sister.”

Celestia turn around to both of them. “I believe the reason why you haven't seen anypony come or go that shouldn't have is because they been here all this time.” Using her magic the food waste bin is moved and before them sleeping on a bunch of cardboard boards with worn and torn blankets over it was a teenage yellow griffon with black fur around the chest area and wings with a creamy yellow head with black short feathers around both eyes.

They noticed he was wearing scraps of a green shirt and blue remains of socks around his hind leg close to the paws.

Shining Armor started the youngster still asleep unaware he was discovered holding tight to the chest a plushy that look exactly like him but wearing a brown vest. “I never would of thought to look back here...” Shining Armor whispered and about to approach the griffon but stopped by Celestia. “Princess?”

Celestia hint him and Luna to move away and they did so. “Captain has any pony seen a griffon like this in the city?” She asked quietly.

With a shake of the head he answered at the same level of voice to the princess. “No I haven't nor has the guard. Why?”

“I like you and the guard to ask around the city if they seen a teenage griffon in the last two weeks.” Celestia requested.

Shining Armor look to the griffon and back to her. “What of the griffon?”

“I will stay here and wait till he wakes.” Celestia replied.

“No disrespect Princess this is not a place for somepony to stay at for such long periods... It not exactly the cleanest place in Canterlot.” Shining Armor looking around and getting a good smell of the stick coming from the large dumpsters.

Luna took a good sniff and shook her head. “Sister you can not be serious, this is not fit for a princess...”

Celestia turn to the griffon. “It may not be but I believe it be-”

Suddenly a green flash of flame and a letter appears before Celestia, she opens it seeing two tickets with it. “Oh Twilight...” She shook her head and made a new scroll appear with a quill writing in it and putting in four more tickets sending it off to Spike. “Oh I forgot about Spike.” She put another ticket in another scroll and send it too. “There that should solve that problem.”

Shining Armor than speaks up. “That it may Princess, how does that solve the new problem you created?”

“I created?” Celestia was confused by what the captain said.

Shining Armor hints to behind her and she turn around to see the young griffon was huddling himself and the plushy into the far back from them, he was shivering with fear that was also shown by griffon's face and the golden brown eyes.

That said it all.