Griffon of Canterlot

by Electuroo

First published

A young griffon found a few weeks after the events of Nightmare Moon on the grounds of the castle. The questions continue to mount over time with no solid answers as they find that communicating with the young griffon going to be more challenging.

A few weeks after Nightmare Moon defeated and Princess Luna's return to Equestria to rule once more by her sister Celestia. The discovery of a young mysterious griffon emerges, the questions about this young unknown griffon grow as Celestia and many others try to find out how or where he came from.

No solid answers come and communicating with the young griffon going to be more of a challenge then they could believe.

But one rule... (Find out soon)

Chapter 1 - Celestial Opps

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Griffon of Canterlot

Chapter 1 – Celestial Opps


Over 4,000 years before Nightmare Moon Event...

The lands where the mountain of the great city of Canterlot should be appears through a instant bluish tear in the sky crashing into the ground with smaller rocks smashing into the plains around it, the large mountain size rock sparking with electrical energy with snow and ice falling from it after impact embedding itself into the ground as a wave of rock and dirt blown outwards.

On part of the mountain a small figure glowing the same electrical energy appears for a moment and fades away with the rest of the electrical energy. The mountain standing tall and as the dust clears a goat stands at hill side. “Hmm... Now that is interesting.” He chuckled darkly walking towards it. “Come my monsters I believe we found our new home to build my empire from.” The large goat tap his bell and the monstrous creatures lower their heads and match towards the mountain.

Canterlot... Moments after the defeat of Nightmare Moon...

A few guards doing their roads notice the sun rising once again with the moon lowering, they watched and felt the warmth of the sun but a bluish light dancing around caught their attention as they looked around wondering what it could be. “What is this?”

“I have no idea.” The other guard wave his hoof through the waves of cloudy light. “It seems harmless.”

For minutes the light of many streams of it flowed around the mountain and city.

Shining Armor came out and took a good look around. “Report.”

“Captain the light just came out of no-” The light fades all over the mountain and city as if it wasn't ever there. “Where?” Now the unicorn guard gave a questionable look around. “That was odd...”

The Pegasus flapping his wings took to the air to take a better look around. “Other than the light show, nothing seem to be out of place. Sir.”

Shining Armor rubbed the underside of his snout. “That is odd... I'll inform the princess on her return. Till than continue the rounds as normal.”

“Yes sir!” They saluted and left to continue their rounds.

They unaware of something watching with an trumbling motion of fear.

Canterlot... Two weeks later...

Shining Armor stood before Princess Celestia reading out a report to her as she sat at her throne with Luna watching and listening to the side of it. Still recovering from the events of a few weeks ago, her magic slowly recovering as was her true appearance once more. “-The theft of food from the food waste bins have been discovered yet again Princess. No pony seem to be able to discover whom behind it or why they enter the castle grounds to steal from the bins, the food by the time is taken is pretty mushy and nasty.” Shining Armor finished the report.

Celestia using her magic took the report for herself taking a good look at it. “That is very strange captain. Not only this invader get past all the guards including the increasing guard but able to get to the waste bins and steal semi rotting food instead of entering the kitchen to steal perfectly good food.”

Celestia's mind started to tick as she thought of other possibilities that could have been over looked so easily.

“Thy do not understand sister. Why would one of stealth do such a act for the last two weeks?” Luna inquired using her limited magic to take the report and read it herself.

“That Luna is an interesting question.” Celestia turn to Shining Armor. “Hmm... Maybe we looking at this the wrong way.” Celestia had only one thing came to mind as she finished speaking.

Shining Armor gave a confused expression. “Princess?”

Celestia got off the throne. “Luna, Captain please come with me. I believe, I've just solved the mystery.” They looked at each other for a moment and followed Celestia out of the throne room.

They walk to the large dumpsters for food recycled and general waste. “I do not understand why we here Princess, the guards reported no sighting of the pony.”

“Thy heard this too sister.”

Celestia turn around to both of them. “I believe the reason why you haven't seen anypony come or go that shouldn't have is because they been here all this time.” Using her magic the food waste bin is moved and before them sleeping on a bunch of cardboard boards with worn and torn blankets over it was a teenage yellow griffon with black fur around the chest area and wings with a creamy yellow head with black short feathers around both eyes.

They noticed he was wearing scraps of a green shirt and blue remains of socks around his hind leg close to the paws.

Shining Armor started the youngster still asleep unaware he was discovered holding tight to the chest a plushy that look exactly like him but wearing a brown vest. “I never would of thought to look back here...” Shining Armor whispered and about to approach the griffon but stopped by Celestia. “Princess?”

Celestia hint him and Luna to move away and they did so. “Captain has any pony seen a griffon like this in the city?” She asked quietly.

With a shake of the head he answered at the same level of voice to the princess. “No I haven't nor has the guard. Why?”

“I like you and the guard to ask around the city if they seen a teenage griffon in the last two weeks.” Celestia requested.

Shining Armor look to the griffon and back to her. “What of the griffon?”

“I will stay here and wait till he wakes.” Celestia replied.

“No disrespect Princess this is not a place for somepony to stay at for such long periods... It not exactly the cleanest place in Canterlot.” Shining Armor looking around and getting a good smell of the stick coming from the large dumpsters.

Luna took a good sniff and shook her head. “Sister you can not be serious, this is not fit for a princess...”

Celestia turn to the griffon. “It may not be but I believe it be-”

Suddenly a green flash of flame and a letter appears before Celestia, she opens it seeing two tickets with it. “Oh Twilight...” She shook her head and made a new scroll appear with a quill writing in it and putting in four more tickets sending it off to Spike. “Oh I forgot about Spike.” She put another ticket in another scroll and send it too. “There that should solve that problem.”

Shining Armor than speaks up. “That it may Princess, how does that solve the new problem you created?”

“I created?” Celestia was confused by what the captain said.

Shining Armor hints to behind her and she turn around to see the young griffon was huddling himself and the plushy into the far back from them, he was shivering with fear that was also shown by griffon's face and the golden brown eyes.

That said it all.


Chapter 2 - Escape to Breakfast

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Griffon of Canterlot

Chapter 2 – Escape to Breakfast

The teenage griffon eyes shift right to left, the heart bounding rapid and hard. He was scared, confused and trapped. The golden brown eyes searched for some escape from these strange creatures through his mind scape, holding the plush tightly trying to back up with paws pushing and slightly kicking against the torn blankets and cardboard.

“It's okay. We won't harm you.” Celestia tried to reason with the young griffon.

“Princess I believe it be best to give the young griffon some space.” Shining Armor made a suggestion to Celestia.

She could easily see the tension from him as he tried to back up more than he can. “Your correct captain. All guards step back.” They did as asked and the two princesses backed up too.

The griffon relaxed a little but that when he noticed something just above him, a hole. Looking right at it and back at them he flared open his wings and with a push from them he leap up grabbing hold of the ceiling hole edge.

“Buck! His trying to escape!” By the time they did react the griffon slip through a hole in the ceiling.

Shining Armor used his magic to light up the hole looking for any sign of the teenage griffon. “That can go anywhere inside the castle! All guards spread out and search for the griffon through out all floors!”

“Yes sir!” They quickly spilt up starting their search for the young griffon. Shining Armor galloped by the princesses to join in the search for the griffon.

Luna and Celestia walked up to the hole both looking up at it. “The young one is acting in fear, thy could end up anywhere.”

Celestia kept looking at the hole in the ceiling. “This is my mess... I caused this problem unintentionally...” Celestia walked away from the hole. “What am I doing Luna?”

“Walk Sister, clear your head. Rest. We will wait here.” Luna turn to the hole.


“In thy state of mind, thou will try to do the right thing but will not. Unintentionally or not it is not your fault. Twilight Sparkle did not know, nor did you.” Luna stated without facing Celestia.

Celestia took in her words and turn to walk away. “If you find him-”

“We will inform you.”

“Thank you...” Celestia leaves heading inside the castle.

Celestia walking towards her room with each hoof step her thoughts came back to those feared eyes locked on hers. The way the teenager fled and now guards rushing back and forwards around her searching for the griffon that now was in the castle itself.

Celestia stopped looking out the window to the city of Canterlot. “How can I go get some rest when my thoughts are only on that poor terrified griffon? I know Luna means well, but how can I even think of that?” She whispered watching a few guards flying outside doing a few sweeps around the castle, with a few words exchanged from a few of them they parted ways.

Celestia shook her head softly and turning to walk on down the hall but she noticed Cadance handing out some food to some of the guards. They thanked her with an salute of the free hoof before leaving to continue their search. “Cadance.”

“Aunt Celestia. Why are the guards searching every room from plant pot to ceiling lights?” Cadance asked approaching Celestia. “I haven't seen the guard this tense in a long time, even Shining Armor seen desperate to find whatever his looking for.” Cadance turn her head to a guard passing by looking behind the drapes.

Celestia motion her head for Cadance to follow and she does. “There is a young griffon and from the look of him for our short eye to eye contact he look roughly around late teens at best guess. His yellow, black and cream with scraps of clothing attached to him ill fitted from the look of it. He has a plush toy of himself.” Celestia described the teen griffon to Cadance “

“The griffon inside the castle somewhere, quickly fled with fear and terror in his eyes through a hole in the ceiling where we keep all the waste.” Celestia adds the finer details.

Cadance put a hoof out stopping Celestia from walking. “Auntie a griffon is a hybrid of two predatory species. Bird and feline. If any of the guards back him in the corner your going to have more than a terrified teenage griffon to deal with. He will lash out, claw, peak, bite and attack to defend himself and whatever he feels the urge to protect with every ounce of life he has in him.”

“Like a cat back into a corner...” Celestia eyes drift left to right watching the guards rushing around them in groups of two. “I see your trip to Trottingham were a worth while trip.”

“It was auntie.”

Celestia turn to one guard out of them all sitting down eating the meal Cadance gave him. “Hmm...”

“Griffons and ponies living together on Griffish Isle, you have to pick up on a few...” Celestia noticed Celestia wasn't paying attention. “Auntie are you liste-” Cadance notice where Celestia locked eyes on. “Ooooh.”

Both princesses walk up to the guard as he was in mid chewing of the food. He didn't notice either of them now standing only a few feet from him till he looked up, the guard swallowed hard seeing that both princesses looking down at him. “Erm... Am I in trouble your highnesses?”

Smiles crept on their faces making him feel even more nervous. “Why would a genius be in trouble?” Cadance turn to Celestia. “Right?”

“Indeed. Why would we? And Breaker.”

“Yes?” The confused guard responded.

“Expect a raise.” Celestia and Cadance walk away. “Cadance find Shining Armor and bring him to my private dining room.” Cadance nods and turn to the right as Celestia head onwards down the hall way.

Breaker look down at his meal and where the princesses went. “Genius? Raise? I'm sooooo confused.”

Cadance found Shining Armor and brings him right to the private dining room to find Celestia at the table with prints rolled out of the castle from hidden passage ways to each and every room through out it ages from construction to recent upgrades to the castle. “Where did all these construction prints come from? I never seen these before.” Shining Armor looking at each of them.

“These are my own personal and only prints of the castle that I gave to constructors to build and improve the castle through the many years I've ruled.” Celestia replied in a calm manner. “Cadance brought you here because we both agree that searching high and low for the griffon in such an aggressive manner will result in many getting hurt or worse if they find him.”

“He will react badly.”

Shining Armor removed his helmet placing it on the table. “I had that feeling myself. What do we do? His inside the castle right this second. I am captain of the guard and have to do my duty Princess.”

Celestia looking over the plans. “That is why you are going to do your job with help from Princess Cadance's help.”

“With what exactly? All I heard is food is going to win him over.”

Celestia walk around the table looking over the prints. “I've got a plan that should work if the pieces are in the right place.” Using her magic moved chess pieces on parts of the prints with only being white while the rest are black pieces.

“Your guards going to focus on the far side of the castle and thin out towards here where we are right now.”

Shining Armor stared at the prints with confusion. “Princess that would lead him right to here, is this what Cadance meant? You want to feed this griffon?”

“In a way yes.” Celestia sat down on the far side of the table. “I know it will take most of the night to pull this off but I believe we can do it. Princess Cadance will make sure to help create a channel that will lead the griffon to here. You and I will be waiting for him here after you given the orders to the guard.”

Shining Armor was confused more than ever taking note of the chess piece locations. “Princess with no disrespect but this teen, this griffon been in the castle grounds for two weeks from what we know.” Shining Armor walked around the table. “Yes we do not know how he got here or why he lived behind those dumpsters. But he fled into the castle and-”

Cadance cuts in. “Shiny. What did you see in his eyes before he fled?”

He turn to Cadance. “What does this have to do with the intruder?”

“Oh his an intruder now?”

“Yes for the last two weeks!” Shining Armor countered.

“Let me guess your pride is damaged because the youngster been able to avoid you and the guard till now. Hmm?” Cadance now in his face.

Shining Armor looked into his special somepony eyes and gulped. “M-maybe... No...” He nods slightly. “Yes...” He finally said the last true answer.

Cadance walks around him. “Shiny I love but you need to use that head of yours.” She tap it with her hoof. “Now close your eyes think back to when you met him and what did you see?”

Shining Armor closed his eyes thinking about and open them. “Terrifying fear...”

“If you saw a opening to escape would you take it?”


“Now be a dear and tell the guard so I can do my part.” She kiss him on the snout and put his helmet back on his head. “Please.”

Shining Armor rolled his eyes. “Fiiine...” Shining Armor turn to Celestia and salutes. “I do not like this plan but Cadance managed to sway me to your plan.” Cadance smiled slyly to the right of him. “I will inform the guard of Operation Bait and Breakfast.” He leaves the room.

Celestia raise an eye. “Bait and Breakfast? Interesting top off the head operation name.”

“It a Sparkle Family thing.” Cadance smiled. “I will do my part and tell Shiny to enjoy his breakfast.” Cadance turn and leave the room too.

Celestia start cleaning up the table and look back at the door. “I wonder when the captain going to drop the question.” Celestia shook her head with a smile. “Better get everything set up and ready for our young griffon friend.” Celestia hummed to herself as she start to get everything set up for breakfast using her magic moving sheets over the table top and put the chairs in place.

Shining Armor walked back in seeing Celestia setting everything up. “I've informed the guards of the plan and they will make sure to not try to go after him if spotted. They will make openings that would lead him here...” Shining Armor pauses. “If it goes to plan.” Shining Armor finished reporting to Celestia “I still don't understand this plan of yours Princess...”

“I am trying to make up for the mistake that I made when rushing to send those letters off. If I thought before I did. The young griffon wouldn't be in the castle running and hiding from all the guards...”

“Also I think he'd be sick of eating food waste by now.” Celestia said without looking at Shining Armor but turns to him and ask a question. “Pancakes with syrup and whip-cream. How does that sound?”

“I have to admit, it sounds tasty.” Shining Armor using his magic to help prepare the table. “I never thought being captain of the guard would lead the guard directing an intruder to your private dining room to have breakfast...”

Celestia laughed a little from that and said afterwards. “I have to agree mostly with you on that part. Think of him as a scared and terrified guest.”

Shining Armor had confusion once more written on his face. “Urm... Sure your highness...” Shining Armor had to press on the subject at hoof. “In all seriousness your majesty, why are you taking such a keen interest in this teenage griffon? I don't see anything special about him part from carrying a plush toy of himself and wearing what look like ill fitted clothing for a griffon to wear.”

Celestia simply replies. “I believe you've just answered your own question captain.”

The captain closed his eyes once again picturing the griffon, clothing and plush, eyes open and he realised that he'd overlooked a few minor factors about the griffon. “That plush... It look too well made.”

“Exactly. The clothing and the plush are two parts of the questions that have been building. Another is why was his so terrified of ponies?”

Shining Armor took off his helmet removing placing it on the side table by the wall. “He was wasn't he?” Celestia nods. “Why?”

Celestia brought forward a mixing bowl with her magic giving it to Shining Armor, he took it with his magic. “Two questions I can not answer. Maybe... Just maybe having breakfast with us might allow him to relax and not be so fearful of us to the point we can get answers.” Celestia picked up her own bowl. “Now follow my instructions and we will prepare breakfast.”

He look at the bowl floating in his magic and back to Celestia. “Princess I-” She gave him a stern look. “Okay... Don't demote me if this go wrong.” He muttered as Celestia starts to show and tell him what to do as she did it herself hinting him to follow.

Not paying much attention to what Celestia said staring at the inside of the bowl. “I'm doomed...” He whispered.

Deep in the castle catacombs the young griffon flapping his wings flew a few feet landing on the ground looking around to go next, he looked at the burning torches above him around the stony ceiling to floor. Sound of hoof steps near by got closer, with a soft squawk the griffon walk backwards trying to find a way out bumping into a pressure switch.

The wall to his right opens up causing him to jump and turn around standing on two paws and one talon hand with the other holding the plush time to himself, the passage way opened up gave him the chance to slip through. As he did the wall close up as the guards enter, six of them look around with one noticing a feather by the wall. “Sir.” He shows it.

The other guard nods. “Nothing here let's move.” They leave.

The wall opens up with the griffon looking around seeing they had moved on. Breathing in relief he quickly moves off in the opposite direction of them heading up some stairs to find himself in a large open corridor.

Red carpets with white pillars, violet flowers hanging from each pillar, whites with the view of the city lit up night time activities. The griffon looking around than he squawked in fear seeing a few guards near by.

Quickly making a move to a pillar he hid behind it as they guards turn to his direction they look around till they stop near him, one point to the tail. Another nod and they move away, the griffon peer around to see they walking away. Not waiting around he runs the opposite way to them.

Through out the hours that past the griffon kept playing hide and seek with the guards even they saw him most of the time but kept creating openings for him to take. Cadance watched from a tower with two guards seeing him heading in the direction they planned for. “Princess I am very surprised this plan is working.” A female guard stated with surprise.

Cadance using the telescope watch him through the windows she could see as he past them. “His been on the move for hours. That being scared of us ponies for some reason, he must be tired too so he may not be thinking so clearly.”

The other guard in dark grey armour spoke. “Why is he scared of us?”

“That I do not know.” Cadance turn away from the telescope. “Continue playing our part of the plan and let my auntie handle it okay?” Cadance look back into the telescope. “The final act is a go. Make the final push.” She rose her hoof to give others the signal too from a distance.

They salute. “Yes princess.” The two guards left the balcony.

“Okay auntie, the ball in your and Shiny's court...” Cadance lost sight of the young griffon, looking out to the land far and below she watch the sun start to rise. “As the sun rises, a new morning comes. Shall we start a new and start fresh...”

The young griffon noticed the sun starting to shine through some of the windows, this gave him the warning of shadows from the guards near by. He ran from them noticing more in front, sliding to a stop he turn to the only path that was left.

He rushed right down the hallway to two large double doors.

Sound of hoof steps got closer from behind him. Pushing at the doors they easily opened and turn around to close them just as the guards came into view. He let out a breath of air in relief escaping the guards but when he turn a surprised squawk came from him seeing that he was not alone.

Celestia warmly smiled and point a hoof to the far end chair. “We been expecting you young one. Come and take a seat, there some freshly cooked pancakes for you.” Celestia made the offer to the young griffon.

He stared at her and Shining Armor sitting at the table. One thing that confused him at the sight of this was Shining Armor was covered in cream coloured pastry stuck on his fur, mane and armour.

Even with that he wanted to run but looking back through the crack of the door to see the guards now present at the end of the hallway.

Closing it back up the griffon look to the table in the middle of the room again, the smell of fresh food and general welcome from Celestia with the messy state of Shining Armor now muddled his mind.

Sit at the table and eat with these strange creatures through his minds eye or flee to try and escape this maze of hallways. One thing that was weighing more to the first option, was the delightful smell of very freshly cooked stack of pancakes.

He was trapped in an conflicted state of mind.

The doors in the middle far side open with Luna walking in using her magic to pick up a few apples from the bowl. “Morning sister. Care to join us?”

“Tired... Smell of trash... Griffon not found... Going to have a bath... Then bed...” Luna muttered biting into the first apple walking towards the griffon, he quickly shifted to the wall pinning himself to it.

The door opens with her magic, his eyes widen from the glow from horn to door but Luna completely ignored him or didn't even notice him as she walk through. The doors closed from the same magical glow.

Shining Armor and Celestia stared at the closed down with dumbfounded looks upon their faces.

The young griffon blink a few times, unable to process on what just happened...