• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 34: Pokemon League Qualifiers (Part 2)

The next week came and went, and our heroes felt they were prepared for the qualifiers, "Alright, and since we registered, all we need to do is get to the booth where they're handing out those colored cards," Will said, as they left the Pokémon Center, and made their way towards the base of the mountain, where trainers of all kinds were gathered to take on the Pokémon League. Our heroes saw their friends, the trial captains, as well as Kukui, Hau, and Gladion all holding their own colored cards.

"Alright, this is where things get serious," Kukui said, as they saw the four different paths leading into the mountain, as our heroes, save for Serenity, received their cards.

"Looks like I'm going down the red path," Toby commented.

"I'm eager to see which trainers are on the Blue Path," Will said. Fluttershy had received a Green Card, and Silver Spoon got a Yellow card.

"Hello everybody! Thank you all for coming! Now, before we begin, I want to go over the rules with you, one last time. First, you each have one colored card that is one of four colors. Behind me, are caves leading into Mount Lanakila. Trainers MUST go through the gates that correspond with the cards they have received, and may not proceed down a different path. Any trainer who does so will automatically be disqualified. Secondly, there are a total of four checkpoints in each cave system. Trainers MUST engage in a one on one battle. The winners will go on, while the losers will be escorted out of the caves. Lastly, since this is technically a trial, catching any Pokémon before you reach the summit is strictly forbidden. In addition, special evolution items for certain species of Pokémon can be found along the way up. Trainers are allowed to collect as many items as they wish. Also, for those who are just spectating, a shuttle bus is waiting to take you to the top of the mountain," the announcer said, before the screen behind her displayed pictures of several items, ranging from a scale of some kind, to a eerie looking rag.

"Those are all items some of our Pokémon need to evolve," Will commented.

"You got lucky, this time twerp," Busujima snarled at Toby, holding up a yellow card, "But you can bet I'll be in the finals before you know it!" Busujima taunted.

"Good luck. With all the competition, it will be difficult for anyone to qualify," Toby said, as all trainers dispersed to their separate paths.

"Serenity, make sure you stay at the Pokémon Center when you get up there," Fluttershy said, as she saw her daughter to the shuttle bus. Fluttershy then went to her respective gate.

"Rotom, you better go with Serenity. That way, she's not alone," Will said.

"Roger that!" Rotom said, as it joined Serenity on the bus.

"Ready... and, 3...2...1... GO!" the announcer said, as all trainers rushed into the caves, while the shuttle bus drove on up the side of the mountain.

Red Path,

Toby was making excellent time as he navigated through the caves of the mountain, thanks to Noibat, who was guiding him along. During the trek, he had already found several items, including an Ice Stone, and the eerie cloth, "At least now I can evolve Dusclops and Snowball," Toby commented, as he and Noibat approached the first checkpoint, where Lana was waiting.

"Long time no see, Toby, was it?" Lana said.

"That's right. So, I guess we battle?" Toby asked.

"Yep, and here's my Pokémon!" Lana said, sending out a Gyarados, who roared loudly.

"I don't know much about Gyarados, but I at east know its a Water Type, so," Toby said, sending out Goodra.

"Gyarados, sue Ice Fang!" Lana instructed. Gyarados charged at Goodra with frost covered fangs.

"Goodra, use Bide!" Toby instructed. Goodra took the Ice Fang, and started glowing red.

"Gyarados, use Hurricane!" Lana instructed. A powerful wind, generated by Gyarados whipped all through the battle field. Goodra was hanging on, but barely, "Now's our chance, Gyarados, use Ice Fang!" Lana instructed.

"Alright Goodra, let it rip!" Toby called out. Goodra then fired a white beam of energy at Gyarados, who had been coming in for another Ice Fang, and sent it flying against the wall, knocked out.

"Oh dear. Thanks Gyarados, you did wonderfully," Lana said, recalling Gyarados, as Toby used a Full Restore on Goodra, "You've certainly come a long way since I saw you last time at Brooklet Hill," Lana said.

"Thanks. We've been having all kinds of adventures," Toby said, recalling Goodra.

"Well, it looks like I'll be spectating this time around," Lana said, as she left the caves, and Toby proceeded on, with Noibat guiding him.

On the Yellow Path,

Silver Spoon had already won two battles, and was proceeding through the caves, but she was shivering, "Man, I wish I brought a jacket with me," she muttered, as she approached her third checkpoint, where she saw, to her dismay, Busujima.

"Aren't you one of that dip Toby's friends?" Busujima asked.

"I am, but you shouldn't speak so badly about Toby like that, he's very kindhearted," Silver Spoon argued.

"Bah, no wonder his Pokémon were so weak that one time. He's too soft on them," Busujima said, as he sent out Salamence.

"Salamence, it's a Dragon and Flying Type, so, maybe Azumarill can help out," Silver Spoon commented, sending out Azumarill.

"Don't think a Fairy Type Pokémon will help you. Salamence has been training to enhance its attack power, especially with this attack. Salamence, use Steel Wing!" Busujima ordered. Salamence flew up, with its wings becoming metallic, and charged at Azumarill, striking with incredible force.

"Azumarill, use Ice Beam!" Silver Spoon instructed. Azumarill fired a beam of icy energy at Salamence, who dodged every beam strike.

"Now, use Zen Head-butt!" Busujima ordered. Salamence charged once more at Azumarill, this time, head first, as its head gave off a weird energy.

"Azumarill, dodge it!" Silver Spoon called. But Azumarill was to scared to move, as Salamence struck the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon, knocking it against the wall, and out, "Thank you Azumarill, you did wonderfully," Silver Spoon said, recalling her weakened Pokémon.

"Just like that four eyed geek, you're too soft on your Pokémon," Busujima said, as he proceeded onward, while Silver Spoon made her way back out of the caves.

On the Green Path,

Fluttershy was very impressed with herself, as she had just won her second match, and was proceeding to the third checkpoint. When she got there, she saw Gladion waiting, "So, you've come at last," Gladion said.

"Oh uh, well, I guess I did," Fluttershy meekly said.

"I'd like to thank you and your friends, on behalf of myself, Lillie, and the Aether Foundation. Our mother is currently being treated back at Aether Paradise. I know I didn't leave a friendly impression on you guys when we first met, but, I'm glad we're not enemies," Gladion said.

"I'm glad too," Fluttershy said.

"But for now, its time for us to do battle," Gladion said, sending out Type: Null.

"Let's see, in that case, Crabrawler, go!" Fluttershy said, sending out Crabrawler. However, when both Pokémon hit the field, Type: Null's mask broke apart. Its true form had a white eagle like head, with a Mohawk, and Crabrawler evolved into a mix of a crab and a yeti.

"Silvally, you're finally free!" Gladion exclaimed.

"And who's this Pokémon?" Fluttershy wondered.

"It's name is Crabominable, and Ice and Fighting Type. Crabrawler can only evolve on Mount Lanakila," Gladion explained. Crabominable's pincer became cloaked in ice, and slammed it down as though it were a hammer, "Upon evolving, Crabominable normally only learns Ice Punch, but yours learned Ice Hammer as well," Gladion said, as he took his place, as did Fluttershy.

"Silvally, use Crush Claw!" Gladion instructed. Silvally's claws became cloaked in energy, as it charged at Crabominable.

"Crabominable, use Ice Hammer!" Fluttershy instructed. A hammer made of ice appeared around Crabominable's claw, and slammed it against Silvally. Crabominable glowed blue afterwards, "Huh, what's wrong?" Fluttershy asked.

"Ice Hammer reduces the speed of the user when its used. Not good if you're opponent has a fast moving Pokémon with higher attack power," Gladion said.

"I see," Fluttershy commented.

"But we're still in the middle of a battle, so Silvally, use Multi Attack!" Gladion instructed. Silvally once more charged at Crabominable, raking it with its claws, and knocking out Crabominable.

"Crabominable!" Fluttershy cried, rushing to her Pokémon's side, "You battled wonderfully, take a well earned rest," she said, recalling her Pokémon, "Well, looks like you're going on to the next stage," Fluttershy commented.

"Yes. Once again, thank you for all you've done for my family," Gladion said, as he went further into the cave, while Fluttershy went back the way she came.

On the Blue Path,

Will had won three matches, and was heading for the fourth and final checkpoint, which would grant him access to the Pokémon League. He made excellent time with his trek, until he made it to the fourth checkpoint, where he saw Faba, "Wait, you're participating in the League?!" Will demanded.

"Yes, after all, I need someway to redeem myself for my actions at the Aether Paradise," Faba said. He was lying, but Will didn't know that, nor did he believe Faba.

"I find it a little hard to believe that you just changed your tune, just like that," Will said, as he sent out Trevenant.

"Ah, believe me or not, I still can't let you win," Faba said, sending out a bipedal yellow Pokémon, with a white fur collar and a pendulum.

"So, you're using a Hypno against my Trevenant? Not a good match up for you," Will commented.

"I don't need a type advantage to win, especially when I have Hypno's signature move, Hypnosis!" Faba exclaimed. Hypno began swinging its pendulum, which emitted a strange energy.

"Don't look Trevenant!" Will called out. Trevenant covered its eye, "Use Phantom Force!" Will called out. Trevenant then vanished instantly, "Hypnosis causing the opposing Pokémon to fall asleep, but it can't if the Pokémon is missing," Will said, as Trevenant reappeared behind Hypno, and delivered a powerful blow, knocking out the Hypnosis Pokémon in one hit, "Nice work Trevenant!" Will said, recalling the Elder Tree Pokémon, and proceeded onward. Faba however, was smiling his creepy smile, and pulled out a communicator.

"This is Agent Faba, contacting Team Rocket HQ, over," Faba said.

"We read you Faba, go ahead," someone on the other end said.

"The plan is going perfectly. Will, the trainer who caught Ho-oh, has qualified for the championships," Faba said.

"Excellent work. Continue to monitor the tournament, and keep us posted," Faba's contact instructed.

"Roger that," Faba said, putting away the communicator, and heading back the way he came.

Author's Note:

Team so far:

On Hand

Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Muk (F), Hariyama (M), Alolan Marowak (F), Trevenant* (M), Mimikyu (F)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F), Smeargle (M), Crabrawler (M), Lurantis (F), Comfey (F), Gengar*(M)

Toby: Delphox (F), Lucario* (M), Goodra (F), Dragonair* (F), Hitmonlee (M), Noibat (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Vikavolt (M), Misdreavus (F), Spinda (M), Sylveon* (F), Stufful (M)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Butterfree (F) Magnezone (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form)(M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Mimikyu (M)

Will: Gourgeist (Large Size)(M), Gengar (M), Yamask (F), Litwick (F), Duskull (F), Shuppet (M), Alolan Exeggutor (M), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Fluttershy: Mimikyu (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Yamask (M), Litwick (M), Duskull (F), Shuppet (F), Snorunt (F), Goodra (F), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Toby: Psyduck (M), Ninetails (F), Alolan Vulpix (Slushy & Snowball) (F), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Gengar (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Incineroar (M), Litwick (M), Dusclops (M), Shuppet (M), Jangmo-o (M), Axew (M), Gurdurr (M), Pancham (F), Croagunk (M), Meinfoo (F), Metagross* (N/A), Tsareena* (F), Alolan Raichu (F), Cofagrigus (F), Gabite (M)

Serenity: Wimpod (F), Oranguru (M), Gourgeist (Tiny Size)(M), Yamask (M), Litwick (M), Duskull (F), Shuppet (M), Gengar (F), Goodra (F), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Silver Spoon: Gengar (M), Shuppet (F), Duskull (M), Litwick (M), Yamask (F), Goodra* (M), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham* (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

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