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[center]Bye guys[/center]


Scootaloo's an orphan, let's get that fact out of the way. She lives in a cardboard box and it's rad as heck.

She also does other orphan stuff.


Big ups to Norse Pony for his editing work.

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Did this really happen

was it a dream

Mr101 #2 · May 25th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Or was it just fantasy?

Sorry but this fic isn't stretched out to 20k words of which at least 1000 are "sis", so can't downvote.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

7246596 Caught in a landslide

no escape from reality

I approve of these shenanigans.

This story:

"... um..."
"... well... shit."

or a delusion from all the Mcdumpster and Taco Bell

This is clearly what happens when irresponsible and dubiously extant parents allow their children to ingest Taco Bell.

I hereby claim this fic a starting meme of Scootabox! :trollestia:

Apple Bloom was probably the richest orphan she knew, next to Silver Spoon, considering that she had a brother, a sister, and an ambiguously large number of cousins.

So, Granny Smith is just a figment of everypony's imagination? Alright then.

“Here’s hoping.”

Do you mean, 'Here's to hoping'?

7246613 Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see

Poor scootaloo, Next time, try to put a roof or something.

If anyone else had done this, it would have been probably downvoted into oblivion.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Do you mean, 'Here's to hoping'?

"Here's hoping" is a common and legitimate way of stating that expression in the States.

This is both messed up and hilarious.

7246638 Here's hoping is an idiomatic synonym. English is weird like that.

Oh, sorry! I'd simply been unaware of that! :twilightblush:

7246645 And to continue this...

I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go

Will you let me go? (From this chain of lyrics?)

oh lawd

Then Scootaloo came by and jacked it.


Wanderer D

*Slow clap.* :trixieshiftleft: Well done, Obsy. Well done.

This amuses me greatly. :scootangel:

7246636 >Inb4 everyone starts doing it and it becomes another tired bandwagon

looks like 8 people are mad that the story is too short

Best part about this is:

Subwaste, Olive Garbage, McDumpster, and Taco Bell.

Always refreshing, never disappointing. Try Obs today!

Bravo, good sir. The zombie meme "Scootaloo is homeless" needs all the mockery it can get, and this is some of the good stuff.

7247433 Make that 9...ish... Well, dang it. The bylaws of Scootorphan fics clearly state that all Scootaloo, parent-free, cardboard living stories are to be no less than 17k word minimum, per chapter. At least!

Ignoring basic fic bylaws like that and, pfft, next thing you know we'll end up with 1k word Human who didn't want to live in a pony world but learns to get over it by marrying all mane 6 will start to be a thing and not even include copyrighted but yet slightly altered music lyrics through into the story to woe or inspire ponies!

*resumes breathing functions*

You're basically asking for anarchy!

Featherweight, Scootaloo appreciates your *ahem* DONATION. Scootaloo may spare you during the next dry period.

Support OOPS today for free cardboard boxes, for your cardboard box house!:derpytongue2:

This fic inspired me to get back into writing this kind of story.

Well, in Fimficville they say - that the Moose's small heart grew three sizes that day.

Goddamn that was amazing. Thank you for writing this. You have renewed my faith in Scootorphan stories!

Little high, little low.
Anyway the wind blows.

Guys... what in the world are we doing with our lives?

:rainbowlaugh: The only complain I can think of is that you didn't make a 'Taco Belle' joke.

This may be a personal taste thing (and therefore in no way meriting a downvote), but I found the style and presentation wearing thin by about the halfway point. Sarcasm can work as a vehicle for humor, but It's like this dials up the sarcasm so high that there's little room for anything else.

Though I will grant that the chapter title is frickin' hilarious.

That...ending. WHYYYY!?!? :raritydespair:

Hmm... Well... God job scoots

Scoot-a-orphan in the feature box getting to you again, Obs? :rainbowlaugh:

I found this most entertaining. since that's all that matters to me, A+! :pinkiehappy:

Then she jetted with the goods, because honestly what was Granny Smith going to do about it? Tell Apple Bloom's mom?

Well-played. :twilightoops:
The name confusion from the conversation leading up to this point actually put the realization of just how dark this was on a bit of a delay.

To amazing effect.

A Scootorphan satire and it took you till then to get how dark it was? That's surprising.

7248186 No, the entire story was dark in its twisted and amusing way. That one line? Took it to eleven.

Scootaorphan fics were dead from overexposure already, but this one digs up the trope, reanimates it, and then puts a bullet through its head before throwing the carcass onto a heap of wet cardboard in a back alley.

I upvoted but...
Is there any continuity here, or is this negative continuity?

What you forget to mention, is that this is a good thing.
The world would be a poorer place without this tale... but not as poor as Scootaloo.

behold the son of obs

Well, that was... random. And silly, and hilarious, etc. Nice to see Scootaloo has her priorities in order- its the boxes that are precious, not the rubbish inside. Yes, her precious, precious.

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