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Quoth the raven: "CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW" (Patreon)


Octavia tells her friends she's dating Discord.

They take it well.

Proofread by Soundslikeponies, Pearple Prose, Themaskedferret and Octavia Harmony.

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[19:42:11] Selbi: ...
[19:42:12] Selbi: well
[19:42:19] Selbi: you went all out with that title didn't you
[19:42:23] Aragón: I did
[19:42:27] Aragón: it was my idea!
[19:42:33] Aragón: you can tell for the CLEVERNESS

This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis.


The saddest part is he still needed my help to get it to that point.

EDIT: ILY Aragon baby <3 <3 <3

Octavia/Discord? Well this has certainly earned a place on my Read Later list.

6985993 You have my sympathy.

... My cheeks hurt.:pinkiehappy:

This is really funny, and I just love Harp.

I'm not sure what I just read, but it had Beauty Brass in it, so I'm happy...

This is the best title I have ever seen on this site

Hmm, something tells me Piano has Electra complex. Somehow.

this was physically hard to read i was laughing so hard

Heathen fire coming from down below, indescribable creatures flying around, their breath poison that killed everything on touch.

Ah, they ate at Chipotle... :trollestia:

I fucking love this band. This is the best band ever... PERIOD!

Is Xipe Totec a real god or was he made up for comedy?


Life-death-rebirth god of the Aztec mythology! I wanted to use Damnameneus (minor giant from the Greek mythology) but I liked Xipe Totec better, because his name and titles are pretty cool.

Octavia is basically Helen of Troy here.

We stand here in memory of those who have fallen this day.
Though they have shed their mortal coils, they live on in the hearts and minds of those they've left behind.
Let us bow our heads in silence as we mourn their loss.

- a memorial service for the brain cells that were killed reading this story

As soon as i got to the octavia and discord boat scene, i realized i could not stomach anymore.

Have a like!

6985993 He has to deal with me, though.

[2/29/16, 7:30:42 AM] Aragón: tay
[2/29/16, 7:30:44 AM] Aragón: did you just
[2/29/16, 7:30:51 AM] Aragón: suggest that I write "maked" instead of "makes"

6985993 The more I hear about Aragon, the more I realize he's basically an undiluted cocaine-man with a negotiable sense of humor. You wish you had him in your life until he's in your life. Great in small doses, fucking you up forever in large doses.

On the other hand, good story, top kek and all that. Miss his other interpretation of octavia though, but this one was fun.

Probably needs a sex tag for some of its content.
But amazing.

...Okay, don't get me wrong, the story was funny and well written, but... it just had this sort of bitter, spiteful undertone to it. I could be just seeing things, myself, but... the story just seems unnecissarily bitter and cruel, with all the swearing and satanic shit, and insulting of main characters. I don't know if you used these guys in other stories elsewhere, and thus I'm not getting the context, but it's like you expect us to be attached to them, when all I've seen, at least of that one guy, is swearing and rudeness. Even the "cute" guy isn't cute - he never does anything cute, and he's only cute through descriptions. Plus all the twi-bashing and discord-bashing.

It's funny, but... it just rubs me the wrong way. That's just my two cents.

That was certainly words arranged in grammatically correct collections.

Wanderer D

I don't know what I just read. Except the mariachi parts. I know that.

This is spectacular. My brain may be coming out through my nose, but that only cements the spectacle if anything.

What is it with these wacked out comedies and making Twilight into the Harbinger of the Olde Gods?

I remember a recent one where all the Mane 6 got knocked up at the same time, Twilight ended up giving birth to Zalgo or something.

Aragon you glorious, terrible person. I don't know what exactly I just read but I do know I wasted about ten minutes of my life and many many brain cells. I'm so glad I followed you.

Honestly, is nobody going to comment on that masterpiece of a cover picture? I'd gouge out my eyes in appreciation if they weren't already bleeding from reading the story itself.

I'm not quite sure what I just read. I am, however, reasonably certain I enjoyed it. I think.

Piano is the biggest son of a bitch in Equestria.

I want to see more of him.

You got the thumb for the title alone. By the time I got to the description of Harp, you got the fave. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

This is literally the best piece of fanfic an author could ever write. High five.

If this wasn't written by a different author I could have sworn this was a spiritual sequel to That other Discord story.


That was the most metal thing I have ever read. And I don't even think that was the intention.

Ormagoden be praised.

6987556 It's like reading about myself in pony format. I am in awe at that mad bastard, in the best possible way.

Man, there are so many one liners in here that I need to steal now... Holy fucking shit, even with the occasional missing word, this is a fucking masterpiece. I didn't stop laughing throughout the entire thing...


What is it with these wacked out comedies and making Twilight into the Harbinger of the Olde Gods?

Seriously? This is actually a trend? Man, it's impossible to be original nowadays. Personally I've never seen it done before.


Plus all the twi-bashing and discord-bashing.

I guess one can see this story as Discord-bashing? I wouldn't say it is. It deals with characters who dislike him, but I tried to portray him under a neutral light (it's just that it's hard to appreciate it when, no matter what he says, Piano starts cussing at the heavens for it). I definitely don't see the Twilight-bashing, though. The main characters are pretty much looking up to her all the time, sans maybe Piano, and even then he apologizes and explains he's sorta joking.


The more I hear about Aragon, the more I realize he's basically an undiluted cocaine-man with a negotiable sense of humor. You wish you had him in your life until he's in your life. Great in small doses, fucking you up forever in large doses.


I'd never heard it in those terms before, not gonna lie.

6986975 He actually was in my life. Twice. Scientists across the world still try to figure out how I'm still capable of thinking normally.

Discord's entrance. The dance off. HARPO.
Sweet Luna, I laughed so hard.
Harpo is amazing. As are all the Two-Oh-Sixers. I love them all.
Please, write more of them. Please. The world needs more of this.
I have discovered the true meaning of comedy. This is it.
CONGRATULATIONS. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Also, brilliant Devil went down to Georgia reference. Very nice indeed.

Exquisitely hilarious from start to finish. Great use of underappreciated characters and sheer absurdity. Thank you for it.

All of my yes cannot describe how much I enjoyed this story. I loved every piece of it, especially the down-right retarded Octavia. Harpis so cute and Sousa is adorable! Piano made melaugh so hard and that entrance to the restaurant? Fucking brilliant. OH! I LOVE IT!

that was incredible


Also: missing a "Random" tag. Might as well be honest about it.

Instead of going into another one of my rants or whatever, I'll just ask this: do you have any stories here that are labeled "comedy", but don't rely on "lolsorandum" non-stop? Just a story with a calm tone and pacing that has some light humor in it. That one fic with Pinkie Pie seemed promising, but at this point I've pretty much given up.

EDIT: Or maybe not.


Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, and boop. Last and third-starting-from-the-last are the shortest, so start with those two. I think you already read the second-to-last in this list, but my memory is pretty bad, so I linked it just to be sure. Sorry if I messed up.

I'll be honest -- at this point I don't have the energy or the intention of even arguing why I don't consider this "lolrandum". I've written enough about the issue already, and this is neither the time nor the place. Guess I'll write a blog specifically about this issue soon-ish, and then we can have a conversation about it in the comments without flooding a story of mine or whatever. Maybe we even reach an agreement!

Till then, though, serious message: I'm fairly, fairly sure that nothing I'll ever write will be of your liking, simply because we seem to have a very different understanding of what good comedic literature should be. Mostly 'cause comedy, subjective, yaddah yaddah we've all danced this tango before. Maybe if I write an artsy fic you'll like it, for some reason? I don't know, we'll see. At least you didn't go on a rant this time, which was pretty neat. I kinda get why you keep popping up in my stories -- at this point it's like a tradition, and I do pop up now and then in the box, which I guess is frustrating for people who genuinely don't like my stuff; nothing I can do about that -- but meh.



You unbelievable dick.

Here I am, bored out of my gourd in Math class and I see you've got a new story. I figure JOY! Something to pass the time.

Five minutes later, my teacher is glaring at me because the bit about the filly proclaiming the end of the world and the ensuing burst of laughter from me happened to coincide with her relating a very personal story about her recently deceased cat.

You unbelievable dick.

And now I can't help but wonder what'd happen if Piano met Lyra from Long Story Short, Things Went Down...

Their kids would be horrible.

Okay. That was a thing.

Like the descriptions. You warp the narrative in a way I've never quite seen before.

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