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War. War changes ponies.

It has a way of shifting priorities and perspectives. None who survive it emerge unscathed. Especially those who weren't supposed to have survived it at all.

An unscheduled detour to uncover a secret was all that saved Starlight Glimmer from dying in the fiery culmination of The Great War, along with everypony else not fortunate enough to have reserved a spot in one of Equestria's many Stables. But she did survive, and found herself in a world she didn't recognize. A world consumed with hate, violence, and death; even when no longer faced with an external zebra threat. A world she couldn't understand.

So now she seeks the only understanding that she cares about any longer: learning the fate of those she loved. Far to the north, she seeks answers to what became of the Crystal Empire, and the husband she left behind.

While it is not necessary for this story, I don't think, I do encourage reading Legacies if you want to find out how Starlight came to find herself a couple hundred years in her future.

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Why does it require so many keys to open the chest? Why is the chest hidden so well in the tree? And why is it's main feature a map room complete with a round the clock monitoring system of Equestria. And why does it keep marking things on a map? All will be answered.

Warning! Some knowledge of Fallout 4 required. But don't worry, it's not a Fo:E story. I Pinkie Swear.

Also my 2nd short story

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Equestria is gone. Canterlot, Manehattan, Ponyville. All nothing more than piles of rubble.

Relic is not a pony.

He is an FF-7 unit, a synthetic pony built hundreds of years ago and modified to scavenge the Ruins of Canterlot for scraps and supplies. One day, he finds a mysterious, red, lightning bolt-shaped gem; triggering the adventure of a lifetime. While battling monsters and maniacs, Relic experiences changes in himself that he never before thought possible.

Every OC featured in the story will be credited in the afterword! Be sure to leave a description of your OC in the official idea page!
Editors and Pre-Readers will be credited in the participated chapter's author note. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Creating a soundtrack! Want to contribute or listen? Here's my SoundCloud!

This is NOT a Fallout: Equestria side story. However, if it suits your fancy, feel free to believe so. But this is not FoE related, and any similarities are merely accidental or simply references.
Rated Teen for violence and sexual references. Gore tag for blood and... well... gore.

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After an attack on Jack's camp he is given an offer to go to a new world. He accepts and is transported to Equestria were he will find new friends and new love as he fights through the Equestria-Zebra war.
Disclaimer this is not the same zebra war as in Fallout Equestria.

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Set during 'The Cutie Re-Mark' as Starlight Glimmer attempts to stop the rainboom and change the future with her magic scroll. But something goes horribly wrong. There is a bright flash and a shockwave felt all across Equestria. Now Spike is stranded in the past and the Twilight he knows is nowhere to be found. Spike teams up with filly Rarity in an attempt to get fate back on track. Meanwhile the other mane six fillies face new problems of their own without the rainboom to guide them. Worse still, the fallout of that bright flash now known as the 'Starburst Event' threatens to reshape the future of Equestria in a way that nopony could have predicted.

Hiatus info: Part 1 is completely uploaded. Now I have to go and write Part 2. This is going to take a while, of course. (No more deadline promises - I learned my lesson.) Bear with me during this time and feel free to continue giving feedback on Part 1 because I will still be hanging around and reading comments.

Just a warning that the comments section does contain spoilers.

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The island of Sodor was always known for its history and being a safe haven for steam locomotives in Britain. But in recent times the nation of Equestria appeared somewhere in the ocean. Things were fine until Humans not only became ponies but lost their sense of humanity as well. Now the sweeping changes come to Sodor. These are the stories of the engines and their crews going through what could be the fight for their lives.
Inspired by Sodor fallout by Tidmouth Thunderbolt and the many TCB stories of many.

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An elite trained veteran ranger, served the NCR for 20 years, gave up and wandered the land of America. He saw Vegas liberated, he watched Los Angeles fall, he helped the messiah of Washington, he even irittated the Institute before going into hiding.

Though the wasteland never leaves him, this time however, they finally did, in a form of being transported to Equestria and trying to hide and find peace in his living. Will he receive his very needed wish?

This is a rewrite of A War Inside You, and is based on my Alternate Start Character in Fallout: New Vegas. His supposed gear will be stated in the story, however it’s no self-insert story, rather an OC story.

HEAVY WARNING: I will use mods in this story. As opposed to some vanilla stuff, don’t worry, nothing really complicated.

This is in no way inspired or taken on by Shadow Step's A Second Chance! I have not read that story (yet).

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This is Cassandra, my OC don't steal. Her interests include having a dark past, saving Twilight when the elements of harmony fail, and being Celestia's long-lost sister. What follows are the adventures, foibles, and shenanigans that the Mane 7 get into. These stories will touch you, spiritually and emotionally; they will make you laugh, make you cry, and hopefully make you love Cassandra as much as I do. I don't want to be too narrow, so even though I can't tag this as both "Adventure" and "Slice of Life" I'm going to try my hand at both of them.

Praise for The Cassandra Chronicles:
"wonderful. perfect and wonderful." -RagamuffinQ
"Too majestic for words." -Brony Hectic
"This is by far the best fiction on this site." -AwkwardTaco
"You show 'em, Cassandra!" -CartsBeforeHorses
"I love Applejack and this is still the greatest story ever told." -Twinkletail
"Your OC really is the best OC! (Other than MINE, of course...." -Twilicorn_Luver
"This is better then Fallout: Equestria." -DashieTheAlmighty

You're probably wondering how I came up with the name "Cassandra." Because while it is a beautiful name on its own, the meaning is deeper. Greek mythology tells of Cassandra, daughter of Priam, who is cursed to see the future, but never have anyone believe her. Consequentially, a "Cassandra" is one who says things that are true, but is largely ignored, either because these truths sound ridiculous, or are too painful to hear. While my Cassandra can't literally see the future (because where's the fun in that?), she still tends to be more perceptive than the others. However due to jealousy or inclination of mistrust, other ponies often disbelieve her. That is why her Element of Harmony is Trust; to represent that she has to learn to put trust in less-intelligent, less-reliable ponies, and that other ponies have to realize they should trust her.

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