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This story is a sequel to Wherever the Light Shines

*Takes place after Season 8 and Best Gift Ever*
*Some Season 9 elements and characters will be implemented*

Now a hardened fighter and traveler, Mystic found an intriguing scroll. When she finished reading it, she confronted a lion on her property.
After a brief fight and chasing it off, she finds some items the assailant dropped, and ends up discovering a potential invasion to the land of Equestria. After some debate, she began her journey, unaware that she'll run into six familiar faces and their shenanigans.

Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer is looking into spell hypotheses and is determined to crack them.

None of them know that these events would lead to a bigger adventure.

*Mild violence and gore, nothing explicit*

*Chapters will be submitted on by my decisions and my pacing because I want this story to be the best I want it to be. Speed isn't the point, quality is. :twilightsmile:

Commission done by Sirzi! Check out his amazing work!

Chapters (20)

Shining has secretly befriended a certain Queen of the Changelings.

Turns out she's just a harmless nerd.

Now if only his family and friends would put down the torches and pitchforks.

Featured 7/21/20, briefly #1 on said day! ~ Squee!

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to If Wishes were Ponies . . . .

Harry Potter and the CMC have somehow managed to survive their first year at Hogwarts. Equestria has met Earth, and both are astonished at what they've discovered. The Muggles think Equus is a planet from another galaxy, or dimension. The Wizards all think that Equestria is Atlantis. The evidence for both groups appears conclusive. The changelings haven't been idle, though. And neither has been Tom Riddle and his supporters.

Wow, hit Featured on the first day, 12/08/20, and lasted until the 12th! Yeah, Ch. 1-4! Looks like Ch. 5 put it back for a short time. Ch. 6 lasted an hour on Featured. Ch.s 7-9 lasted at least 2.

Art work by: Mix-up. You can find him at DeviantArt, or his Youtube Channel. This current artwork will be replaced by a different one fairly soon.

Chapters (13)

As Sunset Shimmer was eating her breakfast in her house with her aunts a mysterious letter came in the mail. A letter explaining she was invited to go to the best wizarding school around. Hogwarts

Note: Sunset Shimmer will not be mean in this story. She might be aggressive and a bit of a troll but she will not be evil.

Chapters (5)

After discovering that Cadence is not who she appears to be, Twilight is sent to another world entirely by the disguised Changeling Queen to avoid her plan being disrupted.
When Twilight lands, she discovers that not only have Spike, Owlowiscious and Peewee followed her, but that they've arrived in a world where the main sentient species is human.
There's still a place where they teach magic, though.
Crossover with Harry Potter. Twilight will be effectively taking the role of Hermione.

Chapters (9)

The Main Six have just defeated The Storm King, thus saving Equestria. They celebrate their latest achievement with their friends and loved ones. However, during said celebrations an eldritch horror of unknown origins rips a hole into the very fabric of reality using the moon as a doorway to another world. This being proclaims dominance over all of Equus, all shall bow before the might of The Moon Lord. All hope seems lost for all of the Equestrians until yet another phenomenon enters Equus and manages to pull The Moon Lord back to whence he came. The Main Six, Zecora, and Starlight Glimmer are unfortunately dragged into the portal as well which lands them into a whole new world: Terraria.


Thank you all so very much!, it's all because of you! :pinkiehappy:

DISCLAIMER: Terraria, MLP: FIM, and some of the art presented in this story belongs to their respective owners.

Foreknowledge of "Terraria", isn't entirely necessary but it does help nonetheless. :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (75)

Princess Twilight, for all of her knowledge, didn't particularly know that much about Celestia or Luna's past. In an attempt to figure out more about her peers she digs up the infamous time travel spell. Jumping at the chance to gather first-hoof about the only other immortal ponies she dives head first into the past!

Finding that she has stumbled into helping the Princesses on a mighty quest she isn't hesitant to lend a helping hoof but her resolve is quickly tested when not all is what it seems and the past, and present, of Equestria is put at stake!

Follow Twilight, and the would-be Princesses, across the world as they track down dangerous artefacts, delve into dilapidated dungeons and avoid disaster in a race against time itself!

  • Romance will, eventually, be between Luna, Celestia and Twilight.
  • This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.
  • There will be action and a little dark here and there, but only because it's the past and fighting does occur. It won't be a regular thing, trust me.
  • There is time travel and Twilight will be jumping around the timeline. But don't think about it too much!
  • The AU tag is only there due to the Princesses still being there, as well as the whole world existing before Equestria thing.
  • The world this story takes place in is: Equestria and Beyond. I absolutely love the detail which was put into this. Obviously there's parts not included, such as the Crystal Empire, etc.

I'm thankful to Dusk Melody for reading through and helping me realise the direction I wanted the story to go in.

Spelling, grammar and general thoughts have been provided by TheGreatEater

The source of the image used is: Magnaluna - Eye contact

Thanks for featuring! <3 Love you peeps!

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to Complications

After getting into a bargain with Discord and having the aspect of pegasus replaced with that of a thestral, Page is having some trouble with some of the things he discover with time and some choices made, may have unforeseen side effects.

Then again, all decisions have their effects on the world around you. Be it making a deal with chaos or choosing tea instead of coffee. Or sneaking up on a jumpy sun goddess. No matter what you choose to do, there are always going to be Repercussions.

AN// Big thanks to Sipioc for the awesome cover image!

Chapters (116)

A magical accident has a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.

Warning, Spoilers in comment section.

Cover art by: Sipioc

AN// All thanks to the people over at spacebattles.com for betaing.

Sequel can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/306592/normal-life

Chapters (53)

This story is a sequel to Magic School Days

The Crusaders are returning for their second semester at Hogwarts. You can look forward to a nice quiet and relatively uneventful experience. Well as uneventful as magic allows, anyway.

Their presence has not already caused a wave of chaos that shook the magical world to it's core. You can't prove anything, so it never happen.

Rich-Online has taken the time augment the story so please visit his blog HERE

Chapters (9)
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