• Published 3rd Jan 2019
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Contact Harvest - CommanderApplejack

A solar storm is disrupting magic all over Equestria, the crystal mirror is going haywire, and three fillies are missing.

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There are no accidents without intentions.
-Alex Miller

The soft sound of hooves rang through the crystal hallway, in front of me a Pegasus filly was niftily passing doors as to prevent detection from anyone in the castle. “Scootaloo, Ah don’t think we’re supposed to be here.” I whispered.

Scootaloo looked back at me and rolled her eyes as if she had been expecting me to say somethin’ like that. “Come on, Bloom where’s your sense of adventure! Twilight’s castle is massive, there must be some awesome secrets hidden in these rooms!” The orange Pegasus squealed and she swiftly turned around to continue the search for ‘hidden artifacts’. Talkin’ sense into the Pegasus would be nearly impossible…
…And to be honest, Ah was very curious as well.


A loud noise that sounded as if Tartarus itself had just closed its front gate rang out from behind us, mah heart raced as both mahself and Scootaloo jumped around to look at what had caused the sound. The perpetrator, a white unicorn with a purple and pink mane stood behind us looking guiltily at a previously open door. “I didn’t mean to!” She nearly cried with her usual high pitched voice.

We stood in silence, waiting, Twilight could teleport in any second now. Seconds turned to a minute and we sighed in relief, “That was way too close, Sweetie.” Scootaloo whispered as Ah tried to get mah breathing back under control.

“Spike?” The voice echoed through the empty hallways, terrified expressions returned to our faces as the echo faded further into the castle.

Ah knew this was a bad idea!

“Quick! In here!” Scootaloo said, holding open a large metal door. Seeing no other option Ah quickly run inside, the sound of hooves behind mah betraying that Sweetie had also followed.

Past the door there was a small hallway that led to a spiral staircase, the walls were no longer the light blue crystal that made up the majority of the castle but a dark purple just as there were torches that let off a looming dim purple glow. “Girls, Ah reckon that we should quit while we can.”

Sweetie immediately nodded in agreement with the proposal, Scootaloo just seemed to grin. “Oh well, I guess your sisters will be disappointed when Twilight tells them you were sneaking around her castle.”

Ah grimaced, Applejack would be furious would probably and assign all the terrible chores to me for months! Scootaloo slowly walked past me and Sweetie, putting a hoof on the door handle, slowly pushing it down.

“Wait!” Both mahself and Sweetie said jus’ before the door would’ve sprung open, Scootaloo slowly released the handle of the door. “You win, Scoots.”

The orange filly trotted back past me and flung her tail into mah face, “Come on, AB. Just look around! Dark and gloomy hallway lit by underpowered torches leading to a spiral staircase into the earth. This looks like the start to an awesome adventure story!” Ah grumbled as we headed down the stairs, what does that filly see here that was so ‘awesome’ anyway? Ah mean, it’s only a dark and wet set of stairs... in a magical castle... leading into the deep darkness of the earth.

Darnit, why does that filly always manage to drag us into these situations?

Ah found the filly pushing against a thick wooden door at the base of the stairs, "Bloom give me a hoof, the door won't budge." Sweetie pushed Scootaloo aside and took hold of the door handle, "Let me."

The door creaked open, Scoots should probably have pulled instead of pushed Ah grinned. The room in front of us was shrouded in complete darkness except for the entrance as the light from a torch in the hallway lit up a couple of furniture pieces covered by white tarps, the musty smell of the room hit like a brick as we entered. "Whoa" Scootaloo gasped, her voice slightly echoed through the chamber, "Sweetie can you grab that torch?"

We looked over to Sweetie as she lit her horn, projecting her magic around the torch in the hallway. A bead of sweat running down her forehead as her magic flickered, "Gah! Stupid solar storm! I'm sorry girls I can't lift it."

"Really, Sweetie? I've seen you lift stuff twice of heavy!"

Ah horseapples, this ain't gonna go well.

"O, so you're the expert on magic now? Why don't you use your Wings and just Fly up there and get it for us?"

"Take that back!" Sweetie and Scootaloo standing nose to nose ready to dish it out on each other. Ah stood up on mah back legs and reached for the torch, nudging it out of its frame makin' the thing clatter to the ground.

"Now y'all can stop arguin' about nothin', Ah got you your torch Scoots." Sweetie tried to angrily glare at Scootaloo but failed, sighing in resignation.

"I'm sorry about making fun of your wings Scootaloo." She apologized.

"Me as well, I know that solar storm is messing with your magic. I'm just so excited about exploring around here." Scootaloo apologized and grabbed the torch, clamping it between her barrel and a wing. "Now let's go find cool stuff!"

The chamber was large as after Ah entered Ah couldn't see any walls in the distance, just row after row of pillars and arches to support the weight of the castle above. More boxes and furniture covered by tarps and pieces of cloth were neatly stored in marked sections, we lifted every tarp as we passed them.

"Scootaloo, Ah don't think we're gonna find anytin' down here." Scootaloo had stopped walking and was twitching her ears as if she heard something.

"Shh, do you hear that? Come on, follow me!"

She completely ignored me!

Passing row after row of pillars the noise Scootaloo had heard became louder, the best way to describe it is as a low humming that seemed to shudder your gut. An object was standing between four pillars and Ah could see blue light coming from the tarp that was thrown across it.

"I think we just found one of your artifacts, Scootaloo." Sweetie said as Ah could see the three of us gawking at the object, Scootaloo slowly took a step forward and pulled off the tarp. No dust came off the piece of cloth indicating that the thing underneath had only recently been placed there. As the tarp fell down on the floor so we could finally see what was underneath.

A large mirror, the frame in the shape of a purple horseshoe and magenta gems embedded into it. on top of it, there was another smaller horseshoe with a mirror that had a rearing pony etched into it.

The mirror pulsed a light blue color and was constantly rippling, "Whoa, that's so awesome! What do you think it is?"

Somethin' ain't right here, we shouldn't stay "Scootaloo this is going too far, we're leavin', Ah don't care if you tell mah sis but this might be dangerous." Ah could see Scoots roll her eyes, a clear sign that she wasn't gonna listen. "Come on AB what's scaring you so much about this thing? It's just a mirror." As an example Scootaloo tapped the crystal mirror with the torch, the blue glow and rippling immediately stopped and the surface turned regular again.

"See, nothing to be affrai-" The torch's magical flame was sucked into the mirror as it suddenly started glowing bright blue again, its surface reaching much further out than it did before it was touched. Sweetie's horn started glowing in its signature emerald green as the mirror seemed to draw on her magic as it had done on the magical flame. The more magic the mirror sucked in the more noise it started to make and the brighter it became.

"Sweetie get out of here!" Ah tried to shout but the bellowing roar of the mirror was already too loud for me to be heard by the others. Purple swirls started forming in the mirror as it felt like somepony was pushing mahself towards it.
Nononono, Shut off stupid thing! Scootaloo suddenly lost grip and Flew into the mirror, disappearing in the pink swirls which immediately made it light up brighter and suck in Sweetie as well. "SCOOTALOO, SWEETIE BELLE!"

The force pushin’ me to the mirror strengthened once again and Ah felt mahself slipping towards it, inch by inch. Screaming didn’t help a darn bit as the sound of the mirror was drownin’ out everythin’ Ah was saying as I felt mah tail hit the mirror.

Lookin’ back at the mirror once again revealed that half mah tail was already stuck in the purple swirl that seemed intent on devouring me whole…
…And it was winnin’.

Ah’m sorry Applejack. The purple swirl finally managed to get a good hold on me and dragged me into the mirror,

into the deafening silence.

"Spike?" I’m sure I heard a door close over here, that lazy dragon, I need him in the library to help with Starswirl’s cross-dimensional Communications magic guide!

No more sound came from the hallway as I entered it, yet a couple of the doors seemed to be left open which is something I don’t do. Walking to the first door I looked into the room, it only contained a set of unused furniture which were covered by dust blankets. The second and the third rooms yielded similar results but when I reached the fourth I finally found what I was looking for.Gotcha!

The green and purple dragon was sitting on a couch with a stack of comics besides him.

“SPIKE!” The dragon yelled and tumbled off the couch. “I told you I needed your help in the library! Ever since that solar storm hit Equestria my communication with Sunset has been down, The only thing I can send and receive are garbled messages!”

Spike wrung his claws nervously, “Can’t you just ask Discord? He’s in the library with you, I’m sure he’s much more helpful than me!”

That was it, I hadn’t slept in two days because of trying to warn my friend in another dimension not to take the portal back. The reason being that it might just kick them out somewhere into yet another dimension, the stress this caused had fried my nerves too badly by this point to care about the little dragon’s relaxation time. My coat momentarily turned to a brilliant white while my purply mane lit on fire as my magic released itself in an uncontrollable burst.

“Discord, as you already know, has lost ALL HIS CHAOS MAGIC ABILITIES due to this solar storm making him literally nothing more than dead weight I have to drag along since he never bothered to learn even BASIC MAGIC THEORY, WHICH IS LITERALLY TAUGHT TO FOALS!”

The flames died down and my coat turned back to its usual color as I glanced at Spike, the little dragon had lost all color in his scales.

I might have slightly overdone that, my magic reserve never drops to a level that's this low.

“I’ll head for the library right away!” He quickly said and ran out of the room, taking a right turn towards the library as he left for the library. My intervention might have been a little cruel but given circumstances I hope Spike understands why he’s seriously needed. I’ll ask for some extra gems in the princess’ next delivery, fire rubies if possible since he always seems to like those.

I suddenly felt a tug on my horn as something was trying to draw magic from my reserves, my hairs standing on end as I realized the direction of the magic pull.


The Portal.

I had placed the portal in the cellar in an attempt to counteract the effects of the solar storm but the magical disturbance was so strong that in the end it didn’t really matter where I would’ve put the thing.
Not wasting any more time I flung myself at the door, due to the solar storm interfering with magic teleportation was out of the question forcing me to take the stairs. The torches that usually lit the hallway to the cellar brightly now shone dimly due to magic starvation, the wooden door at the bottom was open indicating that somepony had gone down there without my knowledge. A loud roar was coming from the direction of the portal, running as fast as I could to where I placed the portal two days ago I saw something that made my heart skip a beat.

Applebloom was trying to hold onto the floor as the portal had managed to get a grasp on her tail.

“APPLEBLOOM!” I could only shout as the filly was dragged into the portal. Moments later all sound stopped for a moment, my heartbeat rang through my ears while every breath sounded like a strong gust of wind. A small flicker of light escaped from the top of the mirror and before my eyes could blink turned into a magical shockwave which launched me into the nearest pillar.

I watched as a last few sparks of magical energy arced over the mirror before it went back to its inert state and the darkness of unconsciousness took me.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is. After some deliberation, I thought to myself.

You can keep staring at this prologue to see if you can make it better but that would only delay the launch of this for another week.

So I just clicked submit.

The next chapter is going to have to wait for a bit because of some lore things I want to figure out first, anyway I hope you guys will enjoy! :twilightsmile:

*Edit: Future chapters will not use the accent for narration.*
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