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Scoti Alaw Prewett - SamuelK28

Scootaloo discovers she's not from this dimension and it is time for her to return home to attend magic school. A CMC at Hogwarts story.

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Summer Shenanigans and the Hogwarts Express

Tuesday August 13th 1991 – The Burrow, Ottery St Catchpole, Devon

Scootaloo sat reading the textbook, Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger, in silence thinking over the past two weeks. It had mostly been divided into two parts apart from the few times she’d visited Diagon Alley again, including collecting the awesome clothes that Madam Malkin had made her, and the day she’d spent at the Ministry of Magic. It was here where she learnt about how wizarding Britain worked. Unlike back home, where the princesses took charge, here there were a lot more people involved on something called the Wizengamot or Magical Parliament who met once a month and voted on certain orders of business. It had been an enthralling day and she’d been introduced in front of the entire hall of wizards and witches. She’d also learnt that the one who had struck her mother down, Lucius Malfoy, sat on this parliament. It had taken all her willpower not to attempt to attack him right there and then. Lucius and Arthur along with several others had looked at her in shock though when he’d approached her in an apparent act of friendship only to be told that she didn’t deal with murderers and that the House of Prewett would never whilst she was alive have dealings with or support the House of Malfoy. She then spat in disgust at the floor in front of him and walked away. Arthur had decided it wise not to ask her about it as he could clearly see it was a sore subject for her. Thankfully she would not have to deal with the Magic council again until she was sixteen, with Arthur sitting as a proxy in her stead until that time.

The other days had been divided into two distinct parts. The first was flying and learning the game of quidditch in pretty much the entirety of her free time. Although she’d kept her promise to the professor in not flying her new broom, the broom had often demanded to join her in her early morning flights. The twins had also discovered that there was nothing in the laws of quidditch to state that you had to use a broomstick, just that you could not use artificial forms of flight, such as magically constructed wings or jet packs and so forth. Thus, she’d played using her wings and the beautiful flight suit Madam Malkin had made her. The twins had swiftly discovered that although her small form put her at a disadvantage in a number of positions due to the rough and tumble nature of the sport, her nimbleness and ability to dodge tackles and seemingly appear out of nowhere made her ideally suited to both the chaser and seeker positions. The twins had quickly informed her they hoped she was placed in Gryffindor as they most certainly did not want to face her in a real game.

Most of her time though had been spent with either her head in a book, quill in hoof, sorry hand, or both. Unlike Apple Bloom who had taken an instant attraction to Potions and Herbology and Sweetie who she often woke up to late at night to see observing the stars or had transfigured yet another object. The latter had already been classed as a Metamorphmagus and was often utilising her horn to attempt to change into yet another animal. Herself on the other hand had struggled, badly. Her writing had certainly improved although was still nowhere as neat as Sweetie’s or even Apple Bloom’s, but she just was not a natural book worm. The fact that Molly had flatly refused to allow her to use her wand and apply the knowledge she was learning practically until she was at Hogwarts had not helped either. Whilst her friends had already dismissed the books on their preferred topics and had made good inroads on the others, she herself had only just managed to get through the standard book of spells, although she still didn’t understand most of them, and the majority of Fantastic Beasts, due to the numerous intriguing pictures it contained, on her own. It was only thanks to her friends’ encouragement that she had managed to keep up with them on the others, just barely and only through twice as much studying. Even now, this book in front of her just seemed to be an absolute blur of words, diagrams, and numbers. Eugh, if she was struggling now, how would she cope at Hogwarts? What would she do if she was sorted into a different house from them and they weren’t able to help her? Was she really cut out for Magic School? Her schoolwork back in Equestria had barely been adequate even with her friends help. Lost in a sea of worry she barely registered the knock at her bedroom door and Molly’s head popping in.

“Not interrupting, am I?”

“No, Aunt Molly. Is Hogwarts really going to be this hard?” Scootaloo asked.

Molly chuckled. “Don’t you worry. Most students barely even look at a textbook before their first year begins, so you’re going to be fine. Professor McGonagall was just scaring you is all.”

“Yes, but both Bloom and Sweetie seem to be doing way better than me. Apple Bloom has already made several successful potions, whilst Sweetie seems to transfigure into a new animal daily.” Scootaloo groused.

“Ahh, but have they got the gift?” A voice echoed behind Molly. A scruffy brown-haired, middle aged woman with thick round spectacles pushed past Molly and into the room. “Apologies, my name is Sybil Trelawney, teacher of divination at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’ve heard a lot about you Miss Prewett and have bought you a few gifts.” The woman preceded to pull out a crystal ball and two books from her bag, along with a bag of Bertie’s Every Flavour Beans and a pack of cards.

“Oh yay, more books. As if I wasn’t having enough trouble with the ones I already have.” Scootaloo deadpanned “and as for the beans. I worked out that more than half of them are disgusting flavours. Who in their right mind would want a ketchup flavoured sweet, let alone a soap flavoured one? The only decent thing I got from them was that I was able to win a few bets with the others, until they realised I was guessing correctly almost every single time.”

“Hmm, so you are telling me you can tell the flavour of the beans just from looking at them.” The teacher looked at Scootaloo intrigued. “Then what might this one be” she finished pulling a dark green bean out the bag.

“That would be cucumber.” Scootaloo instantly replied.

Trelawney passed the bean to Molly. “If you please, to avoid bias.”

Molly took the bean and tasted it before nodding her head.

“Okay, this one.” Another green bean similar in colour to the first.

“Mint” was Scootaloo’s response.

Another nod from Molly.

Two more green beans followed.

“Spinach and Sprouts.”

Molly nodded along again as Trelawney pulled one last bean out the bag. This one was dark brown.

“Trust me, you DO NOT want to eat that one. It’s horse dung.” Scootaloo replied with repulsion etched across her face.

Molly instantly backed away not willing to…

The bean was forced into her mouth and she immediately spat it back out again before fleeing the room desperate to go find something to get the vile taste out of her mouth.

“Hmm, think that’s enough proof.” Trelawney murmured walking over to Scootaloo and wrapping her arms around the girl and giving her a massive hug.

Scootaloo was left stunned and unsure on what to do next. Wait, was she crying?

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for someone as special as you are. It is very rare to find someone who has such a naturally gifted Sight. You will do well and enjoy divination my dear. Now, let me show you a few other aspects of the course. Firstly, crystal gazing. This crystal ball, tarot cards and the textbooks are gifts from me to you, although you’ll find that the books will only take you so far in this subject. They are simply there to help guide you in understanding what you see in your visions, the cards, tea leaves and so forth, because mark my words young one, you are going to be something special and will see a lot. Now let us see what the crystal ball will reveal to us today…”

5 minutes later Scootaloo was pelting down the stairs at full pelt screaming for Aunt Molly who poked her head out of the bathroom with her toothbrush still in her mouth wondering what in blazes had caused her niece to become so frantic. The smell of smoke suddenly wafted into her nostrils.

30 seconds earlier

The fog had slowly dissipated to reveal a blaze of orange and was that Sweetie Belle? Oh no. Scootaloo didn’t need a second look to know what that meant. She pelted out of the room as quickly as she could.

Thankfully due to Scootaloo’s vision, Sweetie’s first attempt at potion making had not resulted in The Burrow ending up as little more than a pile of ash. Molly and the twins were currently dealing with putting the kitchen back together whilst the forlorn girl had been taken to St Mungo’s covered in itchy red boils by Percy and Apple Bloom.

“I can’t believe how a common cure for boils could go so wrong.” Ron exclaimed staring at the smoke still flowing out of the kitchen of The Burrow.

“At least it wasn’t any worse thanks to Scootaloo’s vision.” Trelawney said admiringly. “Now, shall we continue our lesson out here? You are more than willing to join us Ronald? You can never be too young to learn divination.”

“Thanks, but I’ll pass. I’d rather not know that the house I’m in is possibly burning to the ground.” Ron admitted walking off to see if he could help his mum or the twins with the fallout from Sweetie’s failed first potions attempt.

Scootaloo beamed happily. She had found her magical calling.


Scootaloo spent an enthralling afternoon learning about all manner of ways to predict the future, from crystal gazing to tarot reading, Heptomology and Palmistry to understanding how to interpret dreams and visions.

“Now it is almost time for me to return to Hogwarts, but first I’ve a form for you to sign.” The mysterious and scruffy teacher informed Scootaloo. “Divination is an elective class from your third year onward but I’ve been given special dispensation to take you on a one to one tutoring basis if you are willing to give up your Friday afternoon this year. Considering your natural affinity for the art I wouldn’t be surprised with a little bit of hard work you could be taking you exams by the end of year two or three. But this comes with the condition that you don’t fall behind in any of your core studies. So, would you like to continue our sessions upon your arrival in a few weeks?

Scootaloo pulled the piece of paper out of Trelawney’s hand and taking her quill in her other hand signed the piece of paper with no hesitation. For the remainder of the holidays she found that her studying had become just that little bit easier.

Besides Sweetie’s two day stay at St Mungo’s, the rest of the month of August amazingly went relatively without incident for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, to Molly’s relief. The only other shock Molly received was when Scootaloo came down stairs one afternoon to say she was going off to play quidditch with the boys but would be back in an hour with a couple of broken ribs from a rogue bludger, stating that there was no point avoiding the inevitable in case it led to something worse. Less than two hours later they were sitting in St Mungo’s. Aside from this though the remainder of the month went by without any problems and for the first time in the CMC’s history they’d gone a whole month without a tree sap related incident. As they settled into their beds on the final night of August Scootaloo laid awake for a while wondering what tomorrow would bring. She was unsure whether this was down to nerves or excitement or it could have been due to her ribs still aching from the accident a few days earlier.

“Hey, Scoots, you awake? I’m too nervous?” Apple Bloom called from the bed under hers.

“Yeah, same here. What house do you think we’ll be sorted into?” Scootaloo replied.

“I don’t mind as long as we’re all together and it’s not Slytherin. They sound like a bunch of meanies like Diamond Tiara.” A third voice called from a bed across the room.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’d cope not being with you two.” Scootaloo commented.

“Same.” Apple Bloom piped in. “I wonder how you get placed into your house? Personally, I like the sound of Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Slytherin sounds like a bunch of meanies whilst Ravenclaw seems to be a bunch of eggheads only intent on studying and nothing else.”

“Hmm, you make a good point there Apple Bloom. I’ll guess will find out tomorrow how they sort us. Ravenclaw doesn’t sound that bad though.” Sweetie Belle argued.

“Says the Brainiac.” Scootaloo chipped in. “Sorry Sweetie but think I’d have to agree with Bloom on this one, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.”

Before Sweetie could respond, Molly’s head popped round the door. “Hey girls, know your excited about tomorrow but it’s time for sleep now please.”

“Sorry Aunt Molly.” Scootaloo replied for the three of them as the door closed.

It took them a while but finally all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders were snuggled deep within their covers dreaming of what was to come the following day.


Scootaloo had no idea where she was. Was this a dream. Mist swirled around her preventing her from seeing anything. Suddenly a grotesque face appeared from the gloom howling in agony. Scootaloo awoke with a start as the early morning sun shined through the curtains into the room. From somewhere the cockerel gave its early morning chant. Realising that there was little point in heading back to bed she crawled off the top bunk and jumped down to the floor, seeing Apple Bloom’s bed was already empty as she headed for the bathroom. Wiping her face with some cold water she tried to get the deformed monstrosity out of her mind. What in Equestria had that been. She’d have to look in that book of Dream Interpretations Mrs Trelawney had provided her with and then talk to her about it when she had the chance. Making her way back to the room she shared with Sweetie and Bloom she saw that the former had yet to rise and in a rather unladylike fashion was entangled within her bed sheets. With a wicked grin plastered across her face, Scootaloo headed back to the bathroom.

Molly and Apple Bloom stopped in their breakfast preparation as they heard a piercing shriek from upstairs followed by a rather loud and unladylike “SCOOTALOO YOU’RE DEAD” as said mentioned girl came racing through the kitchen grabbing a piece of buttered toast before shooting out the backdoor as a rather drenched Sweetie Belle emerged behind her chasing her outside.

“Well that was an interesting start to the day.” Apple Bloom commented.

“Indeed.” Molly agreed continuing with making breakfast.

DUCKLIFORS” Came the cry from outside causing Molly and Apple Bloom to look at each other for a moment before racing outside.

“MISS BELLE. TURN HER BACK THIS INSTANT.” Molly cried in anger and disbelief. She was now regretting allowing Miss Belle to purchase those textbooks on advanced transfiguration.

“Can’t. Haven’t got that far yet in the textbook. Don’t worry, it’ll wear off in a few hours before we have to leave.” Sweetie smiled smugly before a lump of duck poo landed atop her sodden hair. “Oh, that does it.”

Thankfully Apple Bloom was quicker and had disarmed and wrestled her clearly aggravated friend to the ground before she could retaliate once more. Considering how much resistance she was giving to her; Apple Bloom wouldn’t have been surprised if Sweetie had attempted to turn Scoots into duck kebabs if she hadn’t intervened.

By now the entire house had been awoken by the disturbance and were once again making their way outside to see what chaos the girls had got themselves into this time.

“Huh, Ducklifors. That’s a powerful transfiguration spell most fourth years would have trouble with let alone a girl who hasn’t even begun her education. Remind me to avoid making her mad. What did Scoti do anyway?” Percy said, impressed by Sweetie’s ability.

“I think she gave Sweetie a cold early morning bed bath and then had the audacity to poo on her.” Apple Bloom replied. “Now anyone like to help me calm her down before we have duck kebabs on the breakfast menu.”

The twins fell on the floor laughing.

“That’s priceless. Wish I’d been there to see it.” One of them commented as Percy and Ron came to help restrain the irate girl as Molly came across and knelt in front of Sweetie.

“I can understand that was a nasty trick for Scoti to play on you, but you must never, ever, retaliate in such a way. Such actions will get you in a lot of trouble at Hogwarts and even expelled and none of us want that. Now come along and I’ll help you wash up.” Molly ended with a hug as she could see that Sweetie was on the edge of tears.

Anaslifors” Arthur instructed on the duck that had now decided to pull a worm out the ground.

“Eww.” Scootaloo groaned spitting the worm out.

“AND YOU WILL APOLOGISE THIS INSTANT OR SO HELP ME I’LL SEND YOU TO HOGWARTS HUNGRY.” Molly shot her niece a death stare that Fluttershy would be proud off.

“Eeeep.” Scootaloo squealed. “Sweetie, you know I didn’t mean any harm by it and I am sorry. That was a brilliant revenge prank by the way and I’m sorry I pooped in your hair. I’ll come and help Molly wash it for you.” Scootaloo muttered her head down and looking at the ground.

Sweetie smiled wiping away the tears before pulling away from Molly’s embrace and heading over to Scootaloo giving her a friendly punch on the arm before embracing her with a hug. “Don’t look so down. I will admit it was a funny prank” she snickered before leaning in and whispering coolly in Scootaloo’s ear “just never do it again or I’ll make leeks sprout out your ears.”

Scootaloo had yet to even start her Hogwarts education but had learnt the most valuable lesson she’d ever get in her seven years of magical education. Never get on Sweetie’s bad side.

The early morning antics swiftly forgotten the CMC ate a hearty breakfast before making last minute packing arrangements whilst Wally made inappropriate comments behind them.

“That bird is so going to get us into trouble” Sweetie groaned.
“Oy, I have a name bitch.” Wally replied.

“Maybe so, but he’s also great company and an absolute sweet.” Apple Bloom responded giving the bird a pet before feeding him yet another cracker.

“You spoil him with anymore crackers he won’t be able to fly soon. Now c’mon girls, no time for dawdling, we need to get these chest downstairs, or we’ll end up missing our train.” Scootaloo interrupted heading for the door to the room they had called their own the past month.


After flooing to the nearest safe point, the girls and the Weasley clan, minus Arthur, had hurried into London Kings Cross Station. With Molly in charge she pulled the brood of children expertly through the station to a brick archway between platforms nine and ten. The girls watched in amazement as Percy ran straight through the wall followed by the twins.

“Now girls, who wants to go first?” Molly instructed.

She didn’t need to say anymore as Scootaloo went hurtling at the barrier, tumbling through onto platform 9 ¾ where a steam train similar to that she was used to back in Ponyville awaited her. A sign overhead said Hogwarts Express, 11 o’clock. Shortly she was joined by the others and another dark-haired boy with round spectacles on his face.

“Alright now girls. It has been truly wonderful to have you stay with us this past month. I really do hope you enjoy your time at Hogwarts this year and hopefully you’ll be willing to visit again sometime next summer.” Molly said with a hint of sadness in her voice bending down on one knee to her niece. “Thank you so much for mending my heart over the past month. You ever need me I’m sure Wally will happily carry a letter for you. Please come back to visit when you can. Your mother and father would be so proud of you.” She finished with a hug as a tear flowed down her cheek. “Now go before all the compartments are filled up and you two”, she pointed at Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. “Keep my niece safe.” She finished pushing Scootaloo away.

“Yes mam.” Apple Bloom replied, before turning and lugging her trunk down the platform to find an empty compartment on the train. She was shortly followed by Sweetie and Scootaloo struggling with their own cases, the latter giving one last look at her smiling aunt waving her off.


The girls ended up sharing a compartment with the dark-haired boy with glasses and shortly they were joined by Ron who crammed in with them as everywhere else was full. To make it easier the girls had already dressed in their robes back at The Burrow with Molly placing a charm that meant the Muggles didn’t pay much attention to their weird dress sense.

“Finally,” Scootaloo groaned. She stood up and let her robe drop to the floor, stretching her wings out as she did so. “I thought I’d never get the chance to stretch my wings. My word I’ve got such bad cramp.”

Harry looked at the girl in astonishment. She had wings. Gorgeous bright orange feathery wings!

“Oh yeah, you’ll get used to that. She’s spent ten years in another dimension as a horse.” Ron deadpanned.

“Pony” Sweetie Belle admonished removing her hat to reveal her horn.

“Whatever. And those two are her best friends from said dimension. As you can probably tell, Sweetie’s a unicorn, Scoti or Scootaloo as she prefers to be called is now part Pegasus and Apple Bloom is an Earth pony with the strength of at least ten trolls.”

Harry’s mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air out of water. He’d seen a lot of strange things in the past month but this was by far the strangest. Alternate dimension? Sentient horses?

At that precise moment the door to the compartment opened and the twins appeared and saw the look on Harry’s face.

“Yeah, caught us by surprise the first time we saw them to. Anyway Ron, apparently Lee Jordan’s got a Tarantula so we’re heading down to the middle of the train.” One of the twins commented.

“She’s got wings.” Harry mumbled still in shock.

“Yes Harry, we can see.” The other twin stated. “By the way, I’m Fred and that’s George. And that’s Ron our brother. See you later then.”

“Bye,” chorused the whole compartment, minus Harry, as the twins slid the compartment door shut whilst Scootaloo folded her wings back up and took her seat between Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.

“Are you really Harry Potter?” Ron blurted out as soon as the twins left.

Harry nodded, slowly coming to terms with the human Pegasus and unicorn sat across from him. He peeled back his fringe to reveal the lightning scar atop his forehead.

“So that’s where You-Know-Who? Ron questioned?

“Yes, although I can’t remember it, bar from a lot of green light.”

“Wow.” Chorused Ron who suddenly realized there were three perplexed faces staring across at them.

“Excuse me if I sound dumb, but who’s You-Know-Who and why are you so famous?” Sweetie asked what was on all three of the girls’ minds.

After a long explanation from Ron about the wizarding war during which he’d brought his pet rat Scabbers out to sit on his lap, Harry had bought a whole wagon full of sweets from the tea lady and a boy had entered enquiring about a lost toad, Scootaloo had switched seats with Apple Bloom so that she, Sweetie and the two boys could discuss which was the best Hogwarts House. Scootaloo meanwhile had resorted to reading The Dream Oracle by Inigo Imago to try and interpret the dream she had had the night before. It seemed to suggest that it was a warning of some kind but for what she couldn’t quite be sure. Before she could investigate further though a knock came at the door of the compartment and a girl entered with the toadless boy.

“Has anyone seen a toad?” She enquired. “Neville has lost one.”

“We’ve already told him that we haven’t seen it,” said Ron, but the girl wasn’t listening, her attention pulled to the book in Scootaloo’s hands.

“Huh, I’ve read a few extra books aside from our assigned ones, but I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard of that one. Oh, I’m Hermione by the way. Hermione Granger.” The girl stated. She had a wild bushy brown mane of hair, an overbearing tone of voice and large front teeth.

“I doubt you will. It is part of the art of divination, the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.” Scootaloo replied politely.

“I’ve heard about that branch of magic. Sounds like hogwash to me. There’s no science or skill behind it. It’s just a load of open-ended predictions that anyone could make and then hoping they come right. Anyway, you certainly don’t look any older than me and that course is only taught to third years. I read about in Hogwarts: A History.” Hermione stated pompously.

Scootaloo’s face went red with anger as the rest of the compartment stared at her in shock. She closed the book and took a few deep calming breaths before she spoke. Venom laced her voice. “Professor Trelawney believes I have the gift of the sight, thus why she is willing to tutor me personally despite my young age. If you’d like to make a small wager, I’ll happily demonstrate my talent.” She took the bag of every flavour beans from Harry’s pile of sweets and offered it to Hermione. “Take ten sweets and place them on the book.”

Entrapped by this strange girl’s confidence, Hermione pulled ten beans out the bag. Scootaloo then looked in the bag and mulling it over for a moment pulled out a slimy yellow one. “This is cats piss. If I can name the flavour of every one of the beans on this book, which you will then confirm by tasting them, you have to not only apologise to me and my teacher, but also eat this bean.”

“And what do I get if you get one wrong.” Hermione replied cockily.

“I’ll not only eat the bean, but I’ll give you ten galleons.” Scootaloo replied with a smirk. She pulled ten galleons out of her robes and placed them next to the pile of beans.

Before anyone could warn her Hermione had shouted “Deal.”


Five minutes later Hermione was legging it to the female toilet located on the train, hands covering her mouth. In amongst the chocolate and strawberry, toffee, liquorice and cola beans she’d eaten there had also been grass, cheese, soap, sardines, beetroot and jellied eels. Despite all of those though the worst by far was yet to come. She currently felt like she’d never get the taste from her mouth. It was vile, like those latter six combined into one and then made a thousand times worse. She didn’t make it to the bathroom.

Back in the cabin Scootaloo returned her galleons to her robe and opened her book up to where she’d left off, intent on making more sense of her dream.

“I would say that was mean, but it was totally deserved.” Apple Bloom commented.

Harry and Ron were in stitches after seeing Hermione’s face after eating each one of those beans, especially after she’d started with chocolate and strawberry followed by toffee. Sweetie didn’t seem to have a view either way. Scootaloo just wanted to get back to her book. She felt sorry for the poor girl but hopefully by teaching her a lesson she’d be a bit more respectful of other ponies, sorry peoples, feelings in the future.

It wasn’t long till the others were talking about their families and where they were, whether it be human or pony, as Scootaloo continued with her book. The answer to her dream had to be here somewhere.

“Ma and Pa sadly passed from a Timberwolf attack when I was two.” Apple Bloom had just started to talk about her family with a slight tear in her eye when the door to the carriage opened yet again.

“Oh, Boo Hoo. Look at the little cry baby missing her mummy and daddy” A pale boy with blonde hair sneered from the doorway of the compartment. “Anyway, onto more.” He didn’t get any further before Apple Bloom was up and in his face.

“I suggest you leave, before I do something I regret.” She growled.

“Oh, what’s the little cry.” He didn’t get any further as Apple Bloom picked him up off his feet and forced him against one of the corridor’s windows causing a slight crack to appear in it.

“You lucky I got some sense and really don’t want to be expelled before my first year has even begun, but you don’t scat right this moment with your two cronies we gonna have a slight diplomatic issue.” She spoke in a low tone dropping the boy onto the floor as Scootaloo reached the doorway first of everyone else

“Wait, are you that scumbag Malfoy’s child. I’ve already told your father the House of Prewett will have no dealings with murderers. Now as my friend said.”

“Fuck Off, fuck off.” Wally’s voice cawed from somewhere in his cage in the compartment.

“So, it was you who dared to spit at my father’s feet. You mark my words the lot of you, you’d better watch your backs. Nasty accidents can happen to people who insult the House of Malfoy. Goyle, Crabbe, we’re leaving.” The ugly blonde-haired Count Dracula look alike sneered from the floor as he slowly picked himself up and made a quick exit with his cronies.

“You certainly weren’t lying when you said she was strong.” Harry mouthed.

“That was nothing, although I’d suggest we try and steer clear of him from now on,” Ron spoke coldly. “His family were followers of You-Know-Who but quickly altered allegiances when he was defeated. Claimed they’d been bewitched. My father doesn’t believe one word of it. Says Malfoy’s father didn’t need an excuse to go over to the dark side.

“He was one of the ones who slaughtered my entire family. Laughed as my mother turned her own wand on herself to prevent him and his gang from torturing my whereabouts out of her.” Scootaloo’s head had lowered, tears starting to fall from her eyes. “So help me. I won’t rest till I have justice for my family.” She finished as an eerie silence broke out across the compartment.

After a short while it was Harry who spoke whilst walking over to give the clearly pained girl a hug. “I know exactly how you feel, but revenge won’t bring them back.” He hugged her for a while until Ron’s voice broke the touching embrace.

“Errm, sorry to break up this tender moment but I think we might be nearly there.” He pointed out the window at the slowly darkening sky as mountains and forests passed in the distance. “Would you ladies mind giving us a moment while we change into our robes?

Author's Note:

Okay, hoping this one is now alright. Any errors at all let me know as I write for personal enjoyment rather than perfect grammar, thank you. Going to get last chapter I have currently written, which needs quite a lot of editing done tonight/tomorrow. I'm back at work from Monday after 2 weeks off but will attempt to target getting a chapter of this out every week, possibly 2. Enjoy, Sam.

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