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Scoti Alaw Prewett - SamuelK28

Scootaloo discovers she's not from this dimension and it is time for her to return home to attend magic school. A CMC at Hogwarts story.

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Day 1 Part 3 - Lows and Highs

Apple Bloom nervously opened the door to the dungeons.

“You are late.”

“Apologies, had to go back to my common room to get my cauldron and then work out where the dungeons actually were sir.” Apple Bloom admitted.

“Hmm, I shall be lenient this time.” Snape growled. “Now you’ve a choice to make Miss Apple. You can take the cowards way out and join Mr Flint at the second blackboard over there and write ‘I will not talk back to and disrespect my teachers’ 100 times at which point you will be free to go as long as I feel you’ve learnt your lesson. Alternatively, you said you’d like to make some Induced Euphoria Elixir. On that desk there are all the ingredients you will need to brew said potion amongst some others to throw you off the right path. Make the potion correctly I’ll not only let you go but I’ll return the twenty-five points I took from your house last night. Fail though and I take a further twenty-five points and you clean the potions lab for the rest of the week. So, what is your choice to be Miss Bloom?”

“Apples are no cowards.” She muttered as she placed her cauldron down on the table.


“Now from what I remember reading there be seven stages to a perfect Euphoria elixir.” Apple Bloom said to herself before starting her work.

Snape watched on in awe unable to believe what he was seeing. Without any instructions an untrained first year girl was somehow making one of the most difficult N.E.W.T level potions. It was simply impossible, but here she was muttering to herself, choosing every correct ingredient and not making even one mistake.

“Trying to trick me with hedgehog quills were we, sneaky.” The girl retorted. “Now stir four times anti-clockwise before adding a sprig of Peppermint to counteract the side-effects. I believe it was you who found that one out from what I remember reading. Really, four types of mint, that’s sneaky even by a snake’s standards.” Sighing she sniffed each mint carefully in turn before deducing the one she required to make the potion perfect before noticing the wide selection of beans laid out in front of her. Looking up from her work she gave Snape yet another glower “I really hate you. Just wanted you to know that.” Before going back to her work.

“The feeling is mutual Miss Apple.” Snape uttered with contempt.


“Now, the number one golden rule of potions is that they all require a magical component. So here goes.” Apple Bloom pulled out her wand and tapped the cauldron three times. “Adortos” She chanted causing a white light to shoot out her wand and strike the surface of the sunshine-yellow potion three times. “Thanks friend” she said to her wand before putting it away.

“You talk to your wand?” Snape looked at the girl a little concerned.

“Of course, you must respect your tools, especially a wand like mine with a Phoenix feather core. If I don’t treat it right, polishing, maintenance, thanking it for a job well done, it would more than likely get unhappy at me and refuse to work, which it would very much be in its right to do! I certainly wouldn’t like to be expected to do a job without getting at least a thanks or a nice meal at the end of it or a nice soft bed to have a nap in. The same can be applied to your wand. You shouldn’t expect it to work for you without offering anything in return and all it really wants is a bit of polishing and checking once a week for any damage, to be kept in a secure place when not being used and to be thanked for its work. I don’t feel that’s asking a lot in all respect for what we ask for in return.” Apple Bloom explained.

“Well that is certainly an intriguing take on wands Miss Bloom, although it does make some sense. Now, shall we see if you’ve succeeded or failed in your task.” Snape said emotionlessly, although in truth he had a new found respect for this first year. So many students failed to treat their wands properly nowadays leading to all sorts of accidents. “It certainly looks correct, but maybe we should test it just to be sure. Mr Flint, how would you like to earn yourself a reprieve.”

Marcus gulped, but when he outlined his choices, there wasn’t really one. He was already getting cramp in his wrist and had barely written half the lines required and this was only the first day of five. Sighing to himself he walked over and took the beaker Snape held out to him.


“So, let me get this straight. You not only let a first-year girl with no prior experience attempt to make a highly complex potion designed for N.E.W.T level students that could quite easily have destroyed even more of the castle if it had gone wrong, you then inexplicably opted to test it on Mr Flint here.” Madam Pomfrey stated angrily.

Said boy was beaming happily in a bed in the infirmary. “I feel like singing, may I sing again please, pretty please.”

“NO!” Madam Pomfrey, Professor Snape and Apple Bloom all shouted as one.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t report you for abuse of power.” The Matron snarled.

“For one, he had a choice. He opted to cut corners in relation to his punishment without thinking of the immediate consequences. Thus, although unconventional, I believe it will have been a good lesson learnt for Mr Flint in the long term. Secondly, I observed Miss Apple brewing the potion for its entirety and would have stepped in if necessary. I would also never have allowed it to be tested on anybody if I felt it had been brewed incorrectly or would cause any serious harm. Yes, there has been a little more singing than I would have liked but overall a very good first attempt. Do you question my expertise as a potions master Matron?” Snape finished with just a slight hint of malice.

“Humph, it was still highly unethical and Dumbledore will be informed.” Madam Pomfrey grumbled.

“Don’t worry about doing that, I’ve already informed him. Although I was tempted to test the girl, it was he who asked me earlier today to test the girl after understanding she had an affinity for potions. Although I’m still a little confused as to why the cauldron has an apple on it?” Snape replied smugly as Madam Pomfrey scowled at him.

“And I told you snake face that I’m an Apple. No matter what are cutie marks represent there is always an apple on them somewhere. May I go now? I’ve a celebration I’d like to get to if you wouldn’t mind.” Apple Bloom replied impatiently.

“I suppose a deal is a deal Apple Butt. Twenty-five points to Hufflepuff and you are free to go. I look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow.” Snape finished with a smirk.

This caused Madam Pomfrey to stare at him in shock. Never in all her years had she felt that the potions professor was actually capable of any emotion. It unnerved her greatly and she felt it best to just get back to treating Mr Flint.

“Thank you.” Apple Bloom said sweetly turning and skipping for the door before turning her head and sticking her tongue out at the professor and uttering “I’m looking forward to it to snake face” in that same innocent toned voice.

For the first time in a long time a warm smile graced Snape’s face.


Whilst Apple Bloom had been in detention, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had opted to remain outside on the training grounds.

“Are you sure this is a good idea after the last time?” Sweetie Belle said nervously.

“It is what Dumbledore told me I had to do to prevent any further accidents. So here goes.” She took a deep breath to calm herself before pointing her wand out in front of her. “Lumos” she chanted and ever so faintly a glow appeared at the end of her wand. Scootaloo positively radiated with happiness at her success. “I did it, I did it” she cried.

Sweetie smiled at her friend “Excellent, now repeat after me.” She held out her own lighted wand and chanted “Nox” at which point the light disappeared.

Nox” Scootaloo chimed. The light at the tip of her wand dispersed and she stared at it in awe and amazement.

“Very good Miss Prewett. Dumbledore informed me of the likely cause of the incident. I am glad to see you practicing and showing a genuine interest in your studies. I look forward to seeing you in class again on Thursday.” Professor Flitwick stated having taken a break from assessing the damage caused by the accident earlier in the day.

The girls jumped in surprise at the sudden intrusion on their practice before turning to the smiling professor.

“Thank you, sir.” Scootaloo managed to stammer. “Do you still wish to see me after classes on Mondays?”

Taking a moment to think Flitwick replied. “Thinking about it, I don’t think that’ll be necessary. Your two friends Miss Belle and Miss Apple seem level headed and sensible enough. I entrust them to watch over your practice and inform me if any more accidents should occur. As I say to all my students though, the door to my office is always open outside of lessons if you require any further guidance. Now, if you don’t mind, I must return to sorting out the mess from earlier.

Scootaloo’s face went red. “You know I’m truly sorry for that.”

“I know you are and please don’t worry about it. I am looking forward to the challenge of ensuring you fulfill your potential of becoming a very powerful witch and seer Miss Prewett that your parents would be proud of if they could be with us.” Flitwick said wistfully as he shuffled off back towards the remnants of the South Tower.

Scootaloo just stood as a still as a statue for a moment letting a tear once more escape her eye. She vowed then and there she would do everything she could to make her parents proud of her no matter how much work it would take.


“Hmm” Pomona mused wondering what exactly she could do for the two girls. Banners and balloons decorated the ceiling, a table was set up for food and drinks and some singing flowers were happily practicing some songs. Still she felt some things were missing

“Looks like some human requires my help!” A chirpy voice said in her ear.

Having lived through the wizarding war Pomona was not someone who got surprised easily but even she jumped at the sight of the pink abomination that rested on her shoulder.

“Merlin’s beard, who, what, where, how?” Is all she could manage to stammer.

Pinkie Pie giggled jumping of her shoulder. “Name’s Pinkie Pie, Equestria’s number one party planner extraordinaire. My card.” She pulled a pink card out of her mane and handed it to the startled witch who just looked at it dumbfounded. “My Pinkie sense told me something big was happening to the girls today and I quickly deduced it must be their cutie marks!” She said with glee. “So, I simply travelled through time and space to come and throw them the best Cute-ceañera EVER. I was just sad I couldn’t bring the girls families but the trip would have likely turned their brains to mush. Oh well, photos will have to do.” The pink abomination finished by pulling out a camera and photographing the still to stunned for words Pomona. “Now, lets stop with the goldfish impression and get to work. We’ve a lot to do before the girls arrive!”


“Hey girls, wait up!” Apple Bloom cried, running to catch up with her friends just as they were about to enter the dormitory.

“Apple Bloom. How’d it go?” Scootaloo immediately pressed for answers.

“Well, on the positive side I regained the points I lost last night and sent that nasty boy who called you a freak to the infirmary.” The girl replied.

“Wait, what?” Sweetie interjected.

“Nice and that’s 105 points we’ve earned for Hufflepuff in two days. Might have just set a new record.” Scootaloo added. “Now, care to explain?”

“Snape the snake said I had to either write one hundred lines or attempt to make the extremely complex potion I said he needed to consume yesterday. If I did it correctly, I’d regain the points I lost yesterday and be free to go. Get it wrong though and I’d lose another twenty-five and have a week of detention.” Apple Bloom explained as they started to crawl along the passageway to their common room.

“Please tell me you stuck it to him.” Scootaloo replied.

“Of course, and Flint might have been our slightly unwilling test subject.” Apple Bloom said smugly.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle exploded with laughter and Apple Bloom had to pause for a moment in the cramped passageway to allow her two friends to recover.

“I don’t think Snape could believe it when I managed to make the potion correctly. The only downside is I now have a cauldron for a cutie-mark, which I’m not sure he is impressed by or totally annoyed about. He certainly didn’t appreciate the apple on it.” Apple Bloom finished with a grumble.

The two girls in front of her once again broke out into raucous laughter at this. After a few minutes of attempting to compose themselves it was Sweetie who finally spoke.

“Oh my goodness, what a riot! He’s probably been waiting for a Potions prodigy for eternity and then when he gets it, rather than one of his own students he gets a smart mouthed Hufflepuff with a temper and attitude to rival his own. Oh, this is just priceless.” She finished with yet more laughter.

Apple Bloom pouted. “Thanks. No, well done or I can’t believe you got your cutie mark. Can we please just get a move on, it’s stuffy in here.”

“Sorry. I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say that we are truly happy for you right now, although you do have to admit it is funny.” Sweetie responded.

“Okay, I concede it is a little funny, now please move.” Apple Bloom chuckled a little. “Let’s just hope I don’t end up throwing him in the lake!”

“Scootaloo, ten galleons Snape ends up in the lake by the end of the year.” Sweetie giggled as they started to move.

“You’re on, but I’m going on Snape taking Apple Bloom with him.” The Pegasus replied.

“I hate you guys.” Apple Bloom grouched, “but if neither of us end up in the lake you both owe me ten galleons each,” she finished as the girls made it to the end of the passageway.

“SURPRISE!!! Happy Cute-ceañera!!! A cry erupted alongside a party whistle as they were abruptly covered in way too much confetti.

“Pinkie Pie?” Apple Bloom said confused by the sudden appearance of Equestria’s number one party planner.

“The one and only.” The pink pony chimed.

“How did you get.” Apple Bloom started but never finished as Sweetie interrupted her.

“It’s Pinkie Pie. I think it is better just not to ask.” The girl stated before going over and picking up the small pony and giving her a big hug. “You came all this way to throw us our Cute-ceañera. You are simply the best. Are Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow with you?” She finished with a smidgen of hope looking around.

“Afraid not, don’t think their minds could cope with traveling through time and space, but I’ll be sure to show them the photos.” Pinkie giggled pulling out a camera. “Right then. Firstly, let me see those cutie marks.


The party was legendary. From food and drinks such as a rain cloud spewing a never-ending stream of chocolate milk down on a chocolate fountain to dancing along to the music the singing plants happily bellowed throughout to an assortment of party games including magical pass the parcel and charades. Even Dumbledore appeared at one point and did a merry jig with Pinkie Pie before joining in in an impromptu conga line. Professor Trelawney also dropped by to and doted more gifts on Scootaloo, books entitled Thirty Obscure Ways to Predict the Future by Cassandra Trelawney, Axinomancy by Lars Arbor and Xylomancy by Selina Sapworthy alongside some twigs and a beautiful axe with details carved into the wood, including her cutie mark, alongside significant etchings in the blade. Professor Sprout was slightly alarmed by this last gift but Sybil refused to let her take Scootaloo’s gift from her saying that Axinomancy was a highly reputable way to predict the future. Pomona preyed they could get through this year without a student getting beheaded. Sybil also spent a far amount of time enraptured by Pinkie Pie and her abilities, often lost in conversation with the pink pony.

Professor Sprout had been overjoyed upon seeing Apple Bloom's mark and had guffawed heartily at the tale she had to tell on how she'd got it. Finally though, as the clock ticked past nine and the girls’ heads drooped it was time for Pinkie to say her goodbyes and as suddenly as she had appeared, she disappeared to the shock of Professor Sprout.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to her.” She mumbled mostly to herself.

“Trust us. No one does. The only way to define Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie.” Scootaloo replied before yawning.

“No matter. Come along now. I think we have all had a long day and could do with some sleep. This will certainly be a day that lives long in all our memories.”

And with that the girls were ushered to their dorm where they washed up and got ready for bed.

“As Rainbow Dash would say, today was totally awesome.” Scootaloo yawned, the accidental destruction of part of the school totally forgotten about.

“Agreed.” Five girls chorused before all six soon found themselves drifting off to sleep, dreaming about what tomorrow would bring.


“Anyone else curious why Pinkie called us out to one of my barns so late?” Applejack asked dreary eyed having been awoken by gummy biting her back right leg. Said alligator was still attached to said leg. “Or how to get an alligator off your leg?”

“No idea darling. I was working late when a letter popped through my door. She could really do with using a lot less confetti.” Rarity grumbled puling yet another piece out of her hair.

“Same here. To both.” Twilight replied. “And sorry Applejack, only Pinkie has managed to get him off me.”

“At least yours didn’t land on your face whilst flying.” Rainbow groused, her left hindleg in a cast. “This won’t be off for a month at least!”

“Oh my.” Fluttershy whimpered. “Angel passed me mine as I was doing the late-night feeds. He has his faults but can be super helpful at times.”

They stood for a few minutes more in the pitch darkness wondering what was going to happen next before in the distance they heard the town clock tower chime twelve times.

“Well I don’t know about you lot but I’ve got to be up in five hours so I’m heading for bed.” Applejack said yawning to emphasise her point.

Spotlights suddenly blared on behind them illuminating four white boards in front of them covered in photos. At the top of each was one word which ultimately spelt out Cutie Mark Crusaders Cute-ceañera!

“What in Celestia?” Applejack shouted dazed momentarily by the lights.

Rarity walked up to the first board and took a look at one of the photos before squealing in delight. Thankfully, there were no windows in the vicinity.

“What in tarnation has got you so worked up Rares.” A tired and crabby Applejack huffed walking over to see what had got her friend in such a state.

Rarity pointed at a photo on the board.

“Whoa nelly. So, they finally did it. I’m proud of you little sis.” Applejack spoke with emotion dripping off her voice as a tear rolled down her eye. “Buck work, I’m going to get a keg of our reserve cider. Tonight, we celebrate. I’ve no idea how you did it Pinkie, but thank you” she murmured before turning to head off.

Twilight looked at her friend astonished. Applejack never flouted her work, but then the words on the boards finally registered with her. “Pinkie, explain now.” She commanded.

“Well, you see..” And thus, a five-minute explanation began.


“And so, each of them has a special talent related to the magic in this other dimension. Sweetie can Transfigure or change her appearance like a changeling.” Pinkie said nearing the end of her explanation.

“What’s a changeling?” Dash enquired.

“You’ll find out in episode 26 although that might be sooner now with Discord sending the Crusaders away.” Pinkie hummed whilst Dash just looked at her completely perplexed and opting to put it down to Pinkie being Pinkie. “Anyway, Sweetie’s Cutie Mark represents the basic formula to be able to transform herself or others. Apparently, she’s even turned Scootaloo into a duck for pouring cold water on her whilst she was sleeping. That story was hilarious, I’ll come back to it later.” She said noting Dash was suddenly laughing at the prank gone wrong. “Now, Apple Bloom’s talent is potions.”

“I thought she’d been spending more time with Zecora before she left.” Applejack interrupted having stopped in the doorway of the barn to listen to Pinkie’s tale. Cross dimension travel, alternate worlds, weird mythical creatures. Crazy some of the things she’d heard and read about this past month she thought to herself before continuing on her way to get the keg of cider.

Scootaloo’s like most Pegasus is flight related but she also has the power of divination.” Pinkie continued.

“Way to go squirt.” Rainbow hollered before once again turning to Pinkie with a perplexed expression on her muzzle. “Wait, what is divination.”

“Simply put she can see and predict the future through magic. Most likely a power she got from being blessed by Discord.” Pinkie clarified.

“Whoa, so cool. That’s my girl.” Rainbow shouted in glee before doing a loop the loop and being caught by Twilight in her purple aura before she could land.

“You brain dead idiot. You want to make your leg worse!” She snapped angrily lowering the Pegasus gently to the ground.

Rainbow looked at Twi sheepishly and thankfully was saved any further rebuttal by the returning AJ with a trolley laden with a barrel and some mugs.

“Alright, sleepover time girls. I’m sure Pinkie’s got some cards we can play with in a little while.”

“Sure do Jackie!” Pinkie exclaimed, pulling a pack of cards out of her mane.

“Brilliant. First though, I’m going to get me a better look at some of these photos.” Applejack said proudly before pouring herself a mug of cider.


Big Mac drank his coffee at the kitchen table wondering where his little sister was. It was unlike her to be late up. Sighing he decided to go investigate and found her bed peculiarly empty with a note on her sideboard.

He opened the door to the barn and looked at the carnage inside. Passed out mares, empty jugs and playing cards were dotted everywhere. What in Equestria had got into his sister he wondered. Not once had she ever broken into their reserve cider stash except for family gatherings. Noting the pictures on the whiteboards he walked over, carefully avoiding a pile of vomit, reading the words labelled above before seeing a group of peculiar bipedal creatures celebrating. Having heard of the bizarre tale of where his other sister had disappeared to it did not take long for him to work out what had happened and he soon came to the group shot of the three proudly displaying their marks.

“Good on you sis.” He remarked smiling before back tracking carefully out of the barn and deciding he would let Applejack have the day off. Her and her friends could help catch up tomorrow.

“Eugh, my head. Where am I?” A voice above interrupted his thoughts and he looked up to see Rainbow Dash sticking halfway out the front wall of the barn.

Sighing, Big Mac went to fetch a ladder.

In the Canterlot Castle Gardens, Chaos chuckled in its stony prison.

Author's Note:

There really are some bizarre ways to tell the future, https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/ways-to-tell-the-future/catoptromancy. Hope you enjoyed there first day, things will speed up from here just wanted to lay some foundations for the major subjects.

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