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This is a story about ponies. Ponies, grammar implosions, and panty raids:

A filly was going ride a crop the grass(?) region.

"Be wary of the left cleft!" globbled Rainbow.

But Twilight Spapes was far too busy to heeg'm.

(Cover art courtesy of Swan Song.)

Chapters (9)

A student is accidentally transported to Equestria through a crystal mirror. Lost and confused in an unfamiliar world, he struggles to get home. Circumstances conspire to make things difficult. The ponies he meets do the opposite.

Story starts between Season 6 and Season 7. After Equestria Girls: Friendship Games but before Legend of Everfree and the EqG specials.

Rated teen for language. Preread/edited by no one (in case it wasn't obvious). Cover art by some nerd.

Chapters (17)

Meet Cyr. He's one of the last of his breed: A Changeling Behemoth, living battering rams that are selected and mutated from the worker caste of the Hive. Aged from centuries of labor and service to his Queen, he grows disgusted and weary of the Changeling's plots and malevolent attempts to feed on love, especially after his capture during the Canterlot wedding. Thus begins a new (and possibly more enjoyable) chapter of his existence.

Chapters (20)

Laura's fiance has disappeared, the world has gone crazy, oh, and she's turned into a horse.

She meets some strange characters as she travels though what was eastern North America, trying to find her fiance. Is their love strong enough to overcome a change in species and who knows how many years of separation?

I'm marking this as Teen due to foul language, adult themes and violence.

Set in the Ponies After People verse.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to The Third Wheel

Double Time is a changeling. Years ago, she fought the Crystal Empire in the war in the north. Now she's Cadence's prisoner.

Together, they'll learn something new about life, and rulership, and what it means to love.

Chapters (6)

(Set after Season 6, completely disregards season 7 when that comes around, due to the nature of this story.)

It has been several months since Queen Chrysalis retreated from her hive, disappearing into the horizon of the badlands. Relations between Equestria and the Changeling Kingdom have improved dramatically in that time. But Chrysalis is still on the loose, likely playing it safe and quiet, feeding on scraps wherever she can.
It is on one night, at the edge of Ponyville that Tone Shift, an earth pony she had snacked on before, finds her. She is wounded, starving and weak. Despite not remembering their previous encounter, Tone Shift decides to help her anyway, taking the former Changeling Queen into his home to nurse her back to health. With little other choice, Chrysalis accepts his offer to help, wondering what fate has in store for her.

Check out my reading of this story over on YouTube: LINK HERE!

(Sex tag is mostly for suggestive dialogue and jokes, as well as maybe mild sexual content later on.)

Chapters (19)

This story is a sequel to Things Change

When in the past Twilight had pondered the possibility of reforming Queen Chrysalis, she'd always thought about it in a hopeful way, imagining all the good things that would come from bringing her to the good side of things. The reformation process had certainly not gone the way she'd expected it to, but now Chrysalis was finally one of them, someone she could call a friend, willing to come with her and learn from her.

A creature strong enough to overpower Celestia, with no memory of her time as an evil shape-shifting love-stealing queen, with no knowledge of how to properly interact with others, and with a very poor understanding of how to treat personal space when meeting someone new. Maybe inviting her to stay in the castle in Ponyville had not been the best of decisions.

Chapters (4)

Nightmare Moon is alone and wishes to have a daughter to share her kingdom on the moon with. Twilight is alone and wishes to have a mother that will love her. What happens when their wishes are granted? Read and find out.

Russian Translation for the story here. Thankyou NovemberDragon for doing the translation you are awesome.

So let's just turn this into a meme why don't we? Filly Twilight adopted by Villian X! I don't know I saw the ones with Daybreaker and Chrysalis and thought, "Oh what the hell I'll do it too because it's fun!" So here I am bringing you a story in a similar vein. Please enjoy the story and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. If you are going to downvote tell me why you did so I can improve. (Unless you're being an a**hole than I don't want you here.)

Featured on 7/10/18
Day one featured! That's awesome thank you all!


Thank you Julunis14 for the amazing cover art! Go give her some love she really deserves it!

Chapters (1)

Sam Wilson was a normal guy. He had a normal life, with a normal family, normal job, normal everything.

Yes, he was a brony, yes he enjoyed reading fanfictions, including ones where humans got sent to Equestria, sometimes turning into ponies in the process.

Yet, his normal-great life would not last forever. It all started when— *record screeching sound*

"Yo, Pinkie! Quit being a third-person view narrator! This is my life story and I'll thank you to let me narrate it, thank you very much. Narrating's the only time I can talk like my oldself again, so don't take it away from me!"

Okie dokie lokie!


Anyway, as I was meant to be saying, It all started when I woke up as Apple Bloom.

As me and my family struggle to understand what's going on and move on with our new lives, I find myself somehow in Equestria and what's worse, there's already an Apple Bloom here! How am I possibly gonna get outta this?! Why ME?


Note: I made the cover image with an Aj, Ab and background image i found on google and used microsoft powerpoint and paint to put them together and edit a little.

The applebooms came from HERE and HERE

I take no credit for them, the applejack or the background (if you know the link for the latter two, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due).

this is a fic i was inspired to write after reading Becoming Sweetie Belle by Sparknanator.

Now, your first thoughts are probably going to be, this is basically the same story, but with Apple Bloom instead of Sweetie Belle.

well, while that is slightly true, i am going to be doing my best to make this as different from Becoming Sweetie Belle as I can, for I do not want to be seen as a plagiarist, for that is not my intention.

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Chapters (18)

His father missing, presumed dead...betrayed by a friend.
Lost and alone, Fox McCloud turns to the universe for some sign there's something worth fighting for.
The universe answers in the form of a firebrand from another dimension.
Now his life is turned upside down for the second of many times. Especially when the little filly starts calling him 'Dad'.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Awesome new cover art by ProfessorCatPro! Along with ideas for tech pictured in the cover, which will appear in the story.

Chapters (80)