• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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6s & 7s - shortskirtsandexplosions

Some tanks is wronger in the land of pone pone. The neigh rates goes off baggins, and it drives horses mud. Twilight Spapes goose to investment gates but it's far cry 4 late bait.

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“But wise are use looking up moose butt pictures?!” Fluttershies arsed from across Sugarcubesteak.

“Becousin doing online Rorschach!” Twilight Sparkled, her hoof clucking a mouse before a brightly literary monitor. “This incessant glarbling is booth the literal and fig tree defecation of natural magicarp!” She squintered at the screenard. “I draggled this mirror whirl tektite all the whale from Equestria High in order to Help! us (starring the beatles).”

“But how dozer even work in our universal?” Flutter shunted, shaking her HUD. “It's nought everest plugged into any thinks.”

The living twilights blinkett. “Your note, uhaul a point.” She table float the computer into next yuri. “I cold evan bourne get past java, anyhooves.”

Hault hault hault!” Rainbow glittered into Sucker Cute Corn Nerds, laughable. “That's fun knees. You're irregular Dank Cooking, Twi.”

“Rainblow!” Twilight tourniquet to grindle. “How was yarp flyby? Did yousa learn any sinks about this magic phenomejohnson?!”

“Yuppy!” Rainbow nordstrom her heads. “I fountain Apple Bloom God a Compaq Fractal Curve.”

“Welson, phat doesn't sound so bags,” Fluttershied.

“No, Futa,” Rainbow repeater. “She got a Compact Fraternize.”

“Huh?” Fluttershy cockney'd her head a sigh.

“Try saying wit a Thor tide, Rainbow,” Twilight donner partied, eye rolls.

“She's got a buckton compound fraction!” Rainbow hissy. “There, close ebay?”

“Orange no!” Fluttershy sobbled. “Orlando Twai-lai!” She locked aside. “You've gut to dupe summers!”

“I'm try thieves!” the lavender unicorn town'd. “And I feel babbages for Apple Bloke, I really dud! But untweezers we pucker out what's kefka a spell on all of eep Quaker up, then I can't promise that Ernie of oars can be salmon aged!”

“Bud, you've gouda thrice, Twilipes!” Rainbow fluted over to the violet laracroft, resting a huff on her soldier. “You've jesus gouda!”

“But I kirk even finger out house responsiblood,” Twilight whimpled. “If it's not Queen Christmas or Disco or Triax, then hoot?

“Dun wart, you'll fart the solution!” Rainbow blunked, smile leaps. “After all, wind did Twilikes rubber fail?”

At that precise moment, a sentient cosmic singularity smashed through the window to Sugarcube Corner and wrapped its celestial tentacles around Rainbow's skull.


The pegasus thrashed and flailed and spun about, struggling to uncouple herself with the starry anomaly that was now encumbering her every muscle.

“FAKK!” Rainbow glumbled onto the floor, boning her hoover all over the shimmerink. “FAKK FAKK FAKK!

“Rein bows!” Flutter yellup'd. “Twiclopse, do some thins, tonto!”

“Stay Stiller, rain Ben!” The united corn gnashed her teeth hurt and fired a beam of beam at the phenomenugget. “I'll blast processor!”

“Hrrrrgllsfnuffff!” Rainbow bee queefed into the tentaclumps. “Harry it up, eggs'n'ham! Mrmmmf! I've peed enough hampers to nose wear disney's going!”

Twice Lice short and shunk the celestial anemone with her zoopstains but it still clumpered Dashwise.

“I cat gunk it to anti honey badger!” she shattered. “Rainboast, you have to lump stills!”

“I'm... tryharding...!” Rainbow frogg'd, tugging at the star streams. “Grgrrrrghhh-goku!”

“Oh cheese crackers...” Fluttershy stared off at the crowd, her eyes sparkling at the thautical miles adrift around best pony. “I wonder how Apples Jackson is dealing with dissed...?”