• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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6s & 7s - shortskirtsandexplosions

Some tanks is wronger in the land of pone pone. The neigh rates goes off baggins, and it drives horses mud. Twilight Spapes goose to investment gates but it's far cry 4 late bait.

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The Mourning of All the Boop

It was a red suck over Poncho Villa at dawn. Sailor take warm knees.

Twilight Speeps wabbled out of her treezum to check the males, and that windy noticed every thinks. “And every thinks is wang,” she stimpack'd. “And how zit I spay'd the exposition be four mittens?”

“You're thinking two heads of your dead, slow ponky!” Said Rainbed Dasher, flying low enough to slow enough. “You're should having to bloy the joint at noint!”

“Bloy the joint at noint?!?” Twilight exclamationed. She flung her hoof to the floof roofs. “Butts are already day tits!”

“Don't luxor meat,” Rainboat yawnered. “I sleppered on a cloud chowder! All Bill Nye long!”

“Do you even hair is?” Twilight's lavender muzzlesided. “Nothing sounds rightly!”

When you least expect it, squirrels come.

Twilight couldn't hush bat blush. “Except when it daughters...” she ellipsaid.

“Non non, Twipes,” Rainbow huffled, flying uply. “I herd it twosome.”

“Threesome!” Pinkie kerjoibbled, cartwimbletoning down the sudden slope of grass ash. “And I sink isosceles super funhouse!” She gigglered. “Heep heep heep!”

“Well of cars you wood, Pinko Pob,” Rainbow droned, rolling in eyes. “You are wassail pony after gall.”

“If you weight really hardon, you can even hear it Marc Ecko!” Pinkie saddled. “Like putting your eerie to a c-section! Heeb heeb!”

“Pink Ink, we are not strollers on a beached!” Twilight kerglommered, brownies. “This is seminary! All of Equestria is likely enzyte owl right now! It's ass tiff the lulz of nature snorted a field fool's of Poe's in Joyce cock!”

“Hawk!” Rainbow Dapper lappere'd, clutch king her fuzzums. “You can't evan sing the phrase, Twippin! Hawk hawk hawk!”

“Grrrr!” Twilight mrizzled, turning red in the fart.

In ten to the forty years from now, black holes will dominate the universe.

“Uh oh! Seap?!” Twilight poinled to the skype. “It's ghetto creepier!”

“I doughnut,” frizzled Rainbopes. “Sounds like it's larping up wikipederast.”

“I don't carriage!” Twilight supered off. “I'm roundhousing supper the rest of tubgirls so we cramgitzu the bottom of mist.” The filly was going acrop the grass region.

“Be wary of the left cleft!” globbled Rainbow. “Also fat synopsis!”

But Twilight Spapes was far too busy to heeg'm. “Waaax!” she yellow'd, and fell into spud mud.

“Up oats!” Pinkie cootie'd. “Should have watered where you were goebbels, Twice Life!” You up ended regularly!”

“Welch's,” Rainbow shruggered, looking at the Cammy. “This cancer lust forever, righteous?”