• Published 4th Sep 2012
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My Little Behemoth: Friendship is more than Food - Kishin

Just because you're a 3-ton Changeling Behemoth doesn't mean that you can't have friends.

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Up and at 'em

Dear Princess Celestia and Luna,

I hope that the Canterlot courts are giving you both an easy time. It's already been a few weeks since Luna had arrived and left Ponyville, so they should be calming down about the matter Cyr provided. Now on to more important issues. You have asked me to monitor our "guest" for you. He has already adapted himself quite well to the life here, though I'm getting quite worried that he isn't continuing his feeding habits (normal Changeling Drone/Royalty's can last barely around 5 days without their usual diet, though it has been a few weeks since Cyr has eaten, and I'm assuming that it's because of physiological differences between members of the Worker-caste and Soldier-caste). He shows no signs of hunger, and has refused to continue his eating habits of joyful emotion. His size has remained, unfortunately, the same, but his abilities have been weakened severely since the attempted de-transformation. He is only able to use the sheer basics of his force-manipulation spell, and a more basic disillusionment form, yet he still retains his abilities.

He seems happy here. But I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep an eye on him. You are aware of Princess Cadence's situation in the Crystal Pony Kingdom, correct? Well, my attempts to help my sister-in-law will leave me and the Elements unavailable to keep observing Cyr. I'm sorry, but I think it's time to let the filly ride a scooter without its training wheels, if you know what I mean.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle

Two weeks earlier.....


Boisterous snickers echoed out of the household remarking Applejack's surprise.


Three fillies fled the house and raced towards the barn.

As the mischievous fillies sprinted to their only refuge from Applejack's wrath, Applebloom popped her head out of the trio, and yelled, "Sorry sis! I'll make it up to ya later! Pinkie told us that we could get pullin' pranks as a special talent!"

They rushed in and locked the barn door.

Sweetie Belle asked, "I don't know about this. Didn't we go a little too far this time?"

"What are you talking about? That was awesome!" Scootaloo, out of breath, haggardly responded.

"But did we really have to involve Opal and that bucket of-"

Applebloom, expectantly staring at her own flank, absent-mindedly said, "Don't worry too much. Mah big sis forgives easily. And Ah bet that we'll be gettin' our cutie marks ANY second now...."

All three fillies began concentrating on their own respoective flanks.

"Any second now......", Applebloom hoped.

Sweetie Belle pressed, "Applebloom, I don't think its working."

"Just give it a few more seconds."

After a few minutes, Scootaloo yawned, "Applebloom, I think we're still blank flanks. Whelp, better luck next time. Hope your sister is pretty easy-going about all this."

Applebloom, slowly building up her personal hysteria, admitted, "Gosh darn it! We did all that for nothing! Sorry girls. Ah'll try to apologize to mah sister for all ya'll."

"No way!" Scootaloo said. "We can't let ya take the blame for everything! Sweetie and I were involved, too!"

"But it was mah idea. A really bad one. And Applejack is mah sister, after all. She'll go easier on me."

Sweetie Belle walked up. "Are you sure about this, Applebloom?"

"As sure as Ah was before."

Scootaloo said, "You know that isn't very convincing. Just look at how this turned out...Ow!"

As Scootaloo recovered from Sweetie Belle's knock to her noggin, Sweetie Belle said to Applebloom, "If you really want to do this, I guess we can't do anything to change your mind. We'll get out of your hair, but we owe you for this!"

Applebloom sheepishly grinned, "Nah. We're pretty much even after what happened today. Rarity won't be too happy to find out what Opal got drenched in. Now go!"

Applebloom pushed both her friends out of the barn, and tried to think up of any counter-arguements she could use against her sister.

Nope. Ah got nothing. Well, let's get this over with.

As Applebloom was about to exit the barn door, as she was hearing her sister's characteristic "anger-stomping" nearing the barn, she heard a faint crackling, almost like the sound of little chicks hatching.

She looked around her shadowy surroundings in the barn. Applebloom inspected the usual empty interior, sometimes coming along some of Applejack's and Big Mac's supplies and farming tools. Eventually, as her eyesight lined up with the numerous bales of hay that the ground consisted of, she saw a massive form amongst them.

Its outline in the poor lighting revealed a rough shell outside a pony-like figure. Black cracks started to snake down sluggishly down its surface where the face would be on a pony.

The fissures increased in length, and the slow crackling starte to grow in frequency. Chunks started to peel off of the un-Faustly statue.

Applejack crashed through the locked barn door, shouting, "Applebloom, just wait 'till Ah get mah hooves on ya, you're-"

"SIS!" Applebloom sprinted towards her sister, and latched onto her foreleg. "W-w-what is t-that horrible thing?"

Applejack gave a puzzled look towards her sibling, "That? Ah wouldn't be worried too much about that. And you're gonna have to apologize pretty darn soon."

"Of course, sis. Ah'm sorry for what Ah did. Ah didn't mean to-"

"Oh, yes you DID. And Ah wasn't talking about mahself." Applejack mentioned as she grasped the barn door.

As she stared back into the entrance of the barn, she scolded Applebloom, "Ah was talking about somepony else. It's disrespectful to call other ponies horrible."

The barn doors closed with a creak, leaving Cyr alone in the darkness of his husk.

At the diminutive, apple red-maned filly's remark, Cyr was silently taking the insult.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Not like it was the first time anything called me "horrible" before.

Cyr shrugged and started to re-adjust his position in the husk, which was nearly impossible, considering the narrow shell encompassing his form.

Forget it. The filly seemed pretty nice. Gotta stop judging ponies on first encounters. And....GRRRRH. There's more room in a grub tunnel than there is in here. How did the Princess want me to get out of this anyway?

It's not like I can just punch my way out....or can I?

In the embracing darkness of the husk, Cyr struggled to lift his hoof. With a huff, and some exasperated sighs, Cyr's hoof started to errode away at his prison. A couple of minutes of scratching at the constricing walls soon rewarded his actions: a gleaming sunlight that struggled to brighten the interior of the husk through the cracks.

Cyr began to further continue his task until his forehoof had broken free from its binding shell. Cyr's shoulder soon followed, and with a satisfying bash that contacted the forehead, his head was soon liberated also.

He heckled his way out of the coccoon-like husk, and strode out of the barn. At once, only with his exposure with the outside world, did he realize that familiarity of his surroundings. A bit too familiar.

Cyr stared at the size of the barn and soon walked away towards the apple fields. There he compared his stature amongst the harvested apple trees.

Luna's spell should have resulted in a complete decrease in his size. Nothing had changed. Cyr finally had to accept the idea that her plan was only partially successful.