• Published 4th Sep 2012
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My Little Behemoth: Friendship is more than Food - Kishin

Just because you're a 3-ton Changeling Behemoth doesn't mean that you can't have friends.

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Resolutions, and Sentiments

"So, are you gonna help us, or what?!"

Applejack placed a patient, yet forceful hoof on Carrot Top's mouth.

"Now, 'Shy, what Carrot Top was about to say is if you're willin' to help us out...on that problem."

As per the usual of her "church-mouse" persona, Fluttershy began, "It's no trouble-"

"Yeah, uh-huh. Well, I'd like to keep your courteous exchange going, but a few of us like to keep a schedule," Carrot Top butted in. "You know, since I have to get everything in the surplus by the time winter comes...and I won't be able to do that if, say, I'm here bumbling around like I've got time! So please, go on."

Applejack scowled, "Nah, that ain't such an attitude to bring around friends."

"Sorry, but you've actually got time after you had some help, unlike [cough] last year [cough]", Carrot Top matter-of-factly stated with her imitation of the good ol' summer flu....if there ever was one. Applejack glowered at the mare next to her. She didn't like it when others criticized her stubborn moments.

"I can understand where she's coming from, though," Fluttershy gently assuaged Applejack. She was getting ready to, in a certain colloquial term, fly off the handle. Specifically in Carrot Top's direction. "Come on in, I'll only need a moment."

"I'll be right back. I just need to get gather up some woodland critters, and- hmmmm...I wonder where Angel wondered off to? Angel? Where are you?" Fluttershy glanced around the house. She wandered back in, continuing her calls.

"Oh there you are!"

The snowy white-coated bunny tried to disguise his out-breath state. Even though he did take a short cut to the cottage, the Ponyville marshes was quite a hopping distance from the main town.

Fluttershy asked, "Are you ok, Angel? Oh my, you have mud and filth all over you! What have you been doing all this time?"

Oh. Angel figured that he was caught now. It was one thing to casually lie to his pegasi caretaker, but to lie successfully was an entirely different matter. Oh, and he really needed to ask whether consuming rotting vegetation in a garden in the middle of an unclaimed swamp was really stealing.

Angel was about to gasp out an answer, as his silence and intense sweating (which was curious...and questionable, as bunnies didn't have sweat glands. Curiously questionable?) was making Fluttershy increasingly suspicious, when the door was suddenly knocked on, to Angel's silent relief, with dull, heavy thuds that had sounded like they originated from a battering ram. The door was soon bashed in as dramatically as possible, with a rampaging giant Changeling attempting to squeeze through the doorway, which wasn't accustomed to a guest of such...bulkiness. No fat joke intended.

"Cyr? What in tarnation are you doing here? You're supposed to be watching the garden!" Applejack explained.

Cyr yelped between panicked intakes of air, "They've followed me up here! They've....they've been in my...holes!"

Carrot Top was nearly in a giggling fit, and while Angel was trying to slowly sneak away from the scene unfolding, Applejack and Fluttershy gaped looks of confusion.


Cyr said, still attempting to squeeze through the door, explained, "The pests were crawling all over me. Having the holes in a Changeling's hooves occupied or filled by anything is akin to the feeling a pony would get if some gravel or if maggots obtruded into an open wound of their's. Not a comfortable experience...oh, and if you thought I meant my posterior...well, I can't guarantee that it's intact and unconsumed."

Applejack motioned her hooves so they showed the frogs of her hooves, signalling Cyr to slow down with the information overload....and the awkward statements.

"Woah, there big fella. Take a deep breath, and slow down. Firs' of all, how'd ya find us? We never told you where Fluttershy's cottage was."

Cyr answered in a hesitant manner, "Well, would it, in your terminology, 'creep you out' a minuscule quantity if I said that I followed your scent here?"

"No, not at all."

"That's a relief, because in fact I-"

"It would actually 'creep me out' a lot if you did do that," Applejack said.

"Oh. Well then I saw you distantly all the way from the marshes....through all the brush and fog...because Changelings can do that."

"Uh-huh. And what followed you here?"

"Well don't get agitated when I mentioned that I left the garden. I'm pretty sure that I was their priority, so- YOU!"

Just as Angel was nearing around the corner of the room, Cyr caught sight of the little critter.

"You and your relatives will regret the day that you had dared to devour m-URRFFF!"

Cyr couldn't finish his incriminating statement, as Angel had leapt and muffled Cyr's mouth with his body. Cyr had to hand it to the small creature: the vermin had quite a pair of steely paws.

Angel Bunny shook his head back and forth rapidly towards Cyr, not wishing any trouble to come his way, and especially unwilling to face the wrath of his caretaker if she finds out what type of activity he had been participating himself in. Fluttershy's "anger" episodes were cans of worms that he never wished to open.

Cyr shook Angel off of his face, not an easy feat as he was stuck halfway through the cottage door. The bunny clasped his paws together to show the urgency of his pleas, though doing so a bit grudgingly.

Cyr stared at the bunny indecisively. For once in his existence, he had come at an decisive impasse in his mind.

Come on, Cyr. To that son of an aphid, you're nothing but an eggshell on a sidewalk. A doormat for others to step on. Nothing more. What's happened to you? You were once a cold, merciless enforcer of the Hive; Many foes, Changelings, Gryphons, Ponies, Dragons, have befallen under your hoof! One insignificant pest's much-deserving suffering and gloom will not even compare to the things that you yourself have endured.

Yet...It's still not right. The vermin is on his knees.

His in-bred relatives partially consumed you! When will you start acting for yourself? You left the Queen's side because she demanded too much of you, and here you are, bowing to the whims of ponies, plants, and small mal-evolved animals. They tell you, 'Cyr, do this. Cyr do that! Overthrow Equestria, Cyr! Help harvest a farm's apples, Cyr!' When will it end? You deserted so your friends would escape persecution, and there is no worthier cause, but when was the last time you started to think about your needs? A couple of centuries ago? When will you start considering, free from influence, of what you want?

Right. Now.

Cyr meekly continued, the mares around him urging for further explanation of what the heck was going on, "-to devour....devouring...my patience! Yes, that little bugger has been so...considerate in assisting me with my tasks. He tries to help everypony in town to the point of...annoyance." Cyr emphasized that last word for a certain woodland critter in the room.

"Isn't that right, Angel?" Cyr inquisitively asked, as he gave up on attempting to enter the cottage in his current state. Cyr proceeded to push himself out of the doorway.

Angel reluctantly nodded, and had to suffer a nuzzle from Fluttershy. His pegasus owner lovingly said to Angel, "Angel, you are such a dear. I didn't know that you were so selfless."

Angel nervously shrugged in response in a way that said, 'I guess I did?'.

"Carrot Top, I don't think you need to worry about your pest problem anymore. It's taken care of," Cyr commented.

"You sure 'bout that?" Applejack asked.

"Positive." Cyr limped away from the cottage, and left the two Earth mares to shrug and follow him.

But right before he left, Cyr feigned a friendly, yet deceptively forceful, hug with Angel and, pretending to smile, whispered through bared fangs so only Angel could hear, "You owe me. BIG."

As the two mares and Changeling took the long way back to the apple orchards and farming enclosures to avoid curious eyes, Applejack finally noticed Cyr's limping.

"Where'd you get hurt? Are you going to be okay?" she questioned nonchalantly, though with a hint of worry.

"Give it a night's sleep, and it'll probably heal right up, depending on how much love I have left. And you'd be surprised how many creatures in a forest would be interested in cabbages..." Cyr mentioned vaguely. His ear twitched, as he detected a faint buzzing in the distance. Probably just fatigue...it can't possibly mean...wait, buzzing ears? Oversensitive sense of smell?

Great. This is all I need right now.

"And why do Ah getta' feelin' that you were in a heap of trouble, but yer tryin' to hide it?"

"What makes you say that?" Cyr chuckled, and waved goodbye.

When they reached the outskirts of Sweet Apple Acres, he trotted off to find a good spot under a tree. He never liked barns, they left him with a general feeling of claustrophobia.

Just as he got comfortable, the buzz once again had returned to Cyr from the ambience of his environment. To him, it was a warning signal of his end. Starvation for Ponies is nothing compared to those of Changelings'. Sure, stomachaches and the shrinking of all 3 stomachs were familiar symptoms for Changelings unable to find love, but the worst and most infamous of all were the over-heightening of senses, especially those of smell and sound. They were the point of no return for Hive members. Over-reactive sensation was their body's urgent efforts to go "all-or-nothing" before shutting down.

Maybe....I could just ask to feed- No. You can last a few more days. The ponies, even if they only want you around as their indentured servant, are quite friendly. They remind me of my fellow brothers and sisters. And Talc. And Saifra. And the rest of the Worker caste. I miss them dearly.

As buzzing grew more apparant, Cyr felt alone. Naked and isolated to the touch of Fate's cold touch. He never wished, in all of his life, to be alone, and certainly not starve, or even die, alone.

Or maybe....

A small hummingbird, it's outline faint in the dusk, landed on Cyr's horn, queuing the end to the buzzing.

...I'm overreacting.

"It's you again. Saw me at the cottage?"

His avian friend nodded and it flung its wings excitedly.

"I believe I never introduced myself. My name is Cyr. What's yours? Oh, do you have one?"

It shook its beak.

"Would you like one?" Cyr carefully asked. "I know that Fluttershy doesn't exactly characterize all of her animals with proper namesakes. How about....Fawkes? No....Toothless?"

The hummingbird had lifted an eyebrow, almost as if it retorted, 'Not impressed, Cyr'.

"You're right."

Cyr contemplated for a bit. He realized that, as the bird had arrived, he no longer felt alone in the dark. He felt a "flitter" deep in his chest; a fulfillment of his yearning for a friend. It was a sensation that screamed out that things were actually going to be...alright. Cyr even remembered an old expression that hope was a 'thing with...

...wings'. Cyr got it.

The name pertained to his 'flitter of hope' and a name of an recently popular Changeling repellant that some ponies were actually using. It was perfect; it was both ironic and sentimental.

"How about 'Flit'?"

"But, Granny Smith, Ah don't wanna go!"

"Young filly, if'n you wanna get fed, you gotta do yer part in this household. And your's is getting schoolin'!"

Applejack's eyes cracked open lazily. She was used to waking up to the bare wisps of light edging passed the picturesque mountains of Ponyville, being accompanied to the fields with nothing more than an unblossomed sun and a dark blue shroud of near-dark hovering about everything that she sees, but even this was too early for her. She stumbled half-blind, her eyes not yet adjusting to the concept of light at this time of day...night (she could hardly tell the difference) until she reached the epicenter of the argument in the Apple Family kitchen.

"Wha's all tha ruckus?" Applejack groggily croaked. Her eyes could only be able to detect vague blurs of her family members.

A high-pitched voice stung her ears to their core. Applebloom....

"Sis, tell Granny Smith tha I don't have ta go to school! Some of the fillies there, they make fun of me!" screeched the young filly.

"You're better then that, Applebloom," Applejack sleepily replied. "I know you are. Remember what Ah said to you? 'Sticks and stones may break my bones-'"

"Yeah, yeah. -'But words will never hurt me'," Applebloom finished the old saying. "This is different! Nopony ever tried to help us out whenever Diamond Tiara teases us on the way to school! They just laugh, and no matter how many times you talk to Filthy Rich-"

"Mr. Rich."

"Whatever! Even if you tell him to scold DT, she never stops! I'm getting tired of it, and Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and I can't do anything about it!"

Applbloom was on the verge of tears, and Applejack was guilty that the thought even came to mind, but she decided that it was too dang early in the morning for this. Even for her.

Applejack sighed, "Fine."

Her filly sister exclaimed, "Wait. I get to stay?!"

"Nope," AJ mimicked, resonating her brother. "You're still going, no matter what. Just follow me to the fields. I'm gonna hafta ask for another darn favor."

"Oh, and whatever you do, don't panic when you see Cyr."

Applebloom said, "Huh? Whose 'Se-er'?"