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I write fics, be it failures or winners, I just write.


Update on my new story · 2:39pm May 27th, 2020

I had it up momentarily so I could get someone to help me polish up any errors, and now that I have had someone to point out numerous opportunities to improve the chapter, I've revoked it to make necessary changes, then I'll be resubmitting it and will write chapter two and continue on as normal.

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May get back into writing · 1:49pm Jun 3rd, 2019

So, I've currently got a fic in the works, but I've only got a few days to finish it. It's going to be a lengthy one shot fic, so it shouldn't be too hard. The reason I only have a few days is because me and my family are moving to Arizona, from Wisconsin and I won't have internet for a while. My fic I'm making I do hope to grow into an actual series of stories, revolving around one of the themes I've been known for: transformations.

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I am no longer going to write. · 8:39am Feb 26th, 2018

As proof I have deleted all of my stories. No im not depressed I just dont care about them. I dont have time to write them and I dont want you guys to continue wondering when I might update one, but I never will. My account only still even exists because I have friends on here I talk to in PM. If not for that, I'd have arranged account deletion months ago.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I've given up on the NFS games · 12:14am Dec 12th, 2017

I just played Need For Speed Payback, thew newest installation for the series - for about 30 seconds. Funny, the only thing fast about the game was how quick I was to judge it as pure garbage - much like the last 5 games. My brother let me try it since it's his game and he is only at the beginning, with a Buick Grand National - which can't keep up with anything. None of the cars he got - even brand new for a new event - couldn't keep up with the AI he was put against. It's sad to know I grew up

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Yugioh Duel links is trash · 4:14am Dec 4th, 2017

I tried this game but you only get three monster and spell/trap card spaces to use.

Talk about fucking pathetic.

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Ha · 6:46am Dec 2nd, 2017

:pinkiecrazy: - Hungry
:moustache: - Hungry?
:applejackconfused: - Hippos?

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I think I need counseling · 7:57am Dec 1st, 2017

I just realized I'm watching a compilation of people getting run over while listening to an earrape version of the old Thomas the Tank engine theme song...........

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Dreams are freaky · 2:57pm Nov 25th, 2017

Often, in my dreams, tons of unusual things happen.

Last night, I dreamed about the second to last day of the school year. School had just gotten out for the day. I could see the school looking nothing like my current school, but more like a hybrid of a church and a capitol building. My mother and father and my youngest brother were outside, standing out by the car at the curb. I greeted them happily. I remember commenting about there being one more day of school.

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Idek · 9:43pm Nov 23rd, 2017

So, I was just going through the "manage stories" and I have one unsubmitted story. It's date:

4:00pm, 31st Dec, 1969

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I discovered Something · 10:15pm Oct 29th, 2017

So, it's been a few months since I started playing Yu-gi-oh Duel Generation and my deck's been slowly getting stronger and stronger. However, I think I just discovered a really OP setup by accident.

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