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Dreams are freaky · 2:57pm Nov 25th, 2017

Often, in my dreams, tons of unusual things happen.

Last night, I dreamed about the second to last day of the school year. School had just gotten out for the day. I could see the school looking nothing like my current school, but more like a hybrid of a church and a capitol building. My mother and father and my youngest brother were outside, standing out by the car at the curb. I greeted them happily. I remember commenting about there being one more day of school.

"Where's E.J?" I heard my mother ask. A glance around told me he wasn't present.

My two younger brothers are Nicholas and E.J, which is the abbreviation for Erik Jason.

We waited for some time and as the people all went home, the yard being barren of life besides us, we decided to go in and check. There was nobody else in the entire building except us...but all the lights were on. We came to a spiral staircase, which was without rails. It was a new stairway which was under construction, I'm guessing. So far it was only planks of wood sticking out of the wall for the steps.

I was first to go up these steps.

Near the top (about three floors up) we heard a scream which sounded like E.J, so we ran down the hall...found him tied to a wall. Nobody else was there, so it was really strange. We got him down and cautiously went back down the steps, the only ones which go to the third floor.

As we descended, I scooted down on my butt, my brother in my lap. About halfway down, the stairs higher up started to break off and fall down. Once safely out of the school, there was a light black fog which grew thicker and thicker until there was nothing but black that I could see.

Moments later, I was in the car with mom and dad, and my brothers, driving home...but it wasnt dark out, it was sunny. a block down at another intersection I saw a bus. It was white with a green wavy stripe and blue on the bottom. It looked like one of the new buses out transit center got, so that was a bit interesting.

Next, however, is where things get a bit gorey.

Dad dropped me off at a parking lot and from there, I proceeded to mutilate my own face, wondering where something was.

I had some tools with me; a small axe. Numerous times, in my dream, I struck my own face with it. Twice on both cheeks, twice on the mouth and then I stuck it in my mouth - since it was small - and I thrust it back, opening a hole in the back of my neck. There wasn't much blood, or pain - it was a dream, so no pain at all. But, I could feel my actual throat was dry.

Then the fog came again and I woke.

Lately, I've been paying attention to my dreams and what they may mean. I've picked out a number of points of interest to search up and I found quite a lot. I pick out the unusual things that don't normally happen in the waking world, or things that just tell me they need further investigation. Such as:

- Brother being kidnapped
- Spiral staircase
- Broken staircase
- Bus
- The axe
- Looking for something
- Hurting myself

Dreams involving kidnapping suggest you feel you're being manipulated or you've lost control of an aspect of your life. This is true for me. My parents was nearly $400 out of me and want me to cone on a trip with them to California but I can't decide if I want to or not.

Dreams involving a spiral staircase can mean many things. Wood stairs means happiness in strength. In an old house (the school looked old) means an unpleasant experience in life. The staircase itself and if you're on it, depending which way you're going, can mean your travel in life. In my dream I went both up and down. As I went down, the stairs began to break. this means there's been unforeseen difficulties in life that may slow or hinder me. These are all true. I'm happy most of the time and with a heart of ooblek (lol). Hard like titanium should you try to hurt it, but soft if you're gentle. I do actually see my difficulties. I want to get into motorsports, but with very little funding and no driving experience as a 19 year old asthmatic.

Dreaming of a bus usually mean wanting to fit in. Yes, I am eager to get into the career I want.

An axe in a dream can mean many things. Is it being used against you? Are you the one using it? In this case it represents a weapon I'm using to hurt myself.

Looking for something is a sign of anxiety. I don't have anxiety, or maybe I'm developing it?

Lastly...hurting myself. This means anger or frustration, which I have a LOT of, to have destroyed my own face. Everything that stresses me links to my goals in life. Are they helping me? Are they getting in my way? I'm shocked there were no railings in my dream. But yes, my parents, my work...it's all stressing me.

To sum up my dream, I'm feeling manipulated by others (kidnapping), and I'm being slowed down by my life problems to get to where I want (stairs) and I just want to fit in (bus). However, I'm feeling angry, frustrated, and confused (hurting myself with an axe) and what I need to do, to find the solution (looking for something) is unclear.

That completely describes me without flaw.

Bipolar Disorder is linked to vivid and bizzare dreams.

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Erik Jason cool name sounds like a Rambo typ character.

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