• Published 4th Sep 2012
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My Little Behemoth: Friendship is more than Food - Kishin

Just because you're a 3-ton Changeling Behemoth doesn't mean that you can't have friends.

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Author's Note on Sequel Complications

A/N Account is on hiatus. Due to creative block and decreasing amount of personal interest, there won't be a sequel. Sorry :/

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...Hmm. Clever. You'd be surprised at how compact you can make an AK once you remove the stock and basically shorten the barrel right down to the gas piston. But anyway, I digress, I've always wondered about a story where Changelings attempt to integrate as much as possible with Equestrian society. After all, the 3 different races were basically 3 tribes at some point, and managed to be united despite their ethical and physical differences.

Well, whether it comes to fruition or not we'll just have to see. I for one would like to see it happen.

Well, you don't have to completely swear off Cyrillius forever. I mean you can always just pick up the pen later when you feel like it. I know that's what I did to my 'verse when my brain imploded from over-use. About two months later I decided I'd write a few paragraphs. Then after a while a chapter was born.

TL:DR version: You'll be back.


YES! Thank you for not getting angry at me! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

But I do support your decision.

To be completely honest, I support this. Cyr was a awesome character, but the story was left well off. The ending was great, and I feel that adding shorts may(I doubt it) take away slightly.

I as a reader would love to hear a adventure of a changeling moving into canterlot with the possibility of challenges he/or she may face.

And yes, you inspired me to write a changeling fic.

I... dont have any words. Just, whatever man. Go for it I say.


Nope. I won't. I'm going to make cameos of Behemoths and Praetorians though, and maybe Cyr's name will be thrown around, but Cyr's character?

I really can't say for sure, but even if I did, I still have 4 more stories to release before I start writing more about Cyr. (I have storylines and story images already created, and everything! I can't give up on them!)

But thanks for your opinion!

This is why you only swear in random phonetic bursts that barely resemble language so nopony knows what you're talking about.

I'm following you anyways, so that's all fine by me.


Thank you! :raritywink::raritystarry:

Hopefully you'll enjoy the next batch of stories!

Though your speechlessness disturbs me, duvagr007. In a not-bad way.

1. It's the same universe so I don't mind.
2. Cyr, why are you impersonating Kishin? :twilightangry2:


Yup! Just in case you guys begin to learn the dark, dark world of what exactly an insult is in Korean to a Changeling.

I mean, give them a break already...


[Response to 2]

lul wut.

1940247 Obviously Kishin would have never killed you, Cyr, due to your capabilities and strength as a behemoth!
I AM ONTO YOU! :flutterrage:

Fuck logic in the ear while riding on a chainsaw powered space shuttle on mars. Oh, and the cree consists of a robot dracula with an astronaut riding on his back and the ninjas that can't catch you because you are the ninjas that can't catch you. Also, bacon powered midget robots serve as the medical staff and those that provide sustenance to all life on Venus and her baby monkeys floating inside the truck of doom.


1940269 I WILL AVENGE KISHIN! I NEVER GOT TO THROW THAT FLAMING PILE OF FECES AT HIM!!! :raritycry::flutterrage::flutterrage:


I am Kishin now, and Kishin is me.

For we are Legion...:pinkiecrazy:



Of course we shouldn't be mad.

There's something to be said about how popularity can motivate a writer, but you shouldn't be at the mercy of your following either. Frankly I like the idea of Changelings eventually integrating into the greater Equestrian scheme of things, since their emotion-related powers provide a different angle of uniqueness Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns normally don't possess. The "hive mind" structure of Changelings gives them unparalleled ability to understand other living creatures, and superficial factors like acting, behavior, or appearances may mean little to them. Changelings can "see-through" the complications of civilized living, so to speak.

Just my two cents.

1940293 That's because you are his creation, and you have both his memories, and your own!

If I understood this correctly... then it means there can be a sequel, at the cost of no more Cyr as the main character. Sorry, but this won't do for me. I suppose my own changeling-behemoth sized character with his/her own story is what I'll be spending time on. Don't worry, the only thing that will resemble this story is a giant changeling. Backstory and the-how-it-came-to-be will be largely different. Either way, I loved this story while it lasted. :pinkiehappy:

My brain just went Caboose mode on the most part of this chapter...:derpytongue2: Dunno why though. I can only understand the part of an indirect sequel, some door banging, a random AK pop up and some more bangs.

Anyway,all I can say is...I dont mind at all that Cyr will have no sequel. And I'm really interested about that other sequel you just mentioned(Dunno whats it about. I know you mentioned about it somewhere in this chapter. But Im feeling Caboosey right now so...) So go for it.

"Life and Times of a Winning Changeling"?

I can get behind that.


Sense little made chapter.
(I have no idea what was going on in this chapter. ^ is what I pretty much felt)

Interesting concept though.


This wasn;t even a new chapter. It was an improvised author's note in third person form XD

Do what you want, and if I like it I'll read it if not, then someone else will.


I read a bit of it and it made little sense so I began to speed read it and no sense was made at all.

I love the idea.
'Nuff said.

I'd read it.

So your doing a distant sequel or something???
Such as in the same universe but slightly different story?
Well an idea is that since Cyr's two best friends are together forever can they have children???
So, what I think happens is that they have a child and he lives a normal life somewhere with other ponies and changelings but finds it to be incredibly boring.
This takes place several years later to the current timeline so by then maybe his parents died of age? I dunno... :/
Anyway, since it's several years later Cyr gets captured by an evil force, maybe Diamond dogs or Griffins so since Cyr is the changeling's last family friend or relative he goes out to save him.
While going out he finds out who took him, holding him ransom because he is close with royalty or something, and try's to follow the bad guys to base to save him.
He gets caught and dumped somewhere and he crawls into an ancient temple (barely alive), one that Chrysalis made several hundred years to create the first behemoths, experiment chambers lets say.
So, seeing it as his last hope he goes over to and does stuff to become a behemoth.
Throughout the rest of the story he goes around the globe to find his "Uncle" (Cyr) and needs to learn about his new found powers, strength and weaknesses.
I say around the world because I think it would be cool if Cyr got sold to some other country across the see so when he goes over there he is the first changeling/behemoth to be seen by public (The protagonist, not Cyr.) in their country.
It could be a land full of cat people, no, wait, Centaurs and/or Minotaurs. It would be interesting to see their homeland.
Anywho, back on topic, the protagonist goes out, beats some but, maybe makes some new allies and saves his Uncle.
Cyr would hardly appear at all and would not be the main character so it can still be interesting.
OH! Idea!
Once Cyr has been saved lets say that the one who bought him was a tyrannical king and he was evil so along with the citizens they start the revolt, form the rebels, and defeat the empire! :D
The kingdom is then taken over and everyone lives happily ever after.
There could even be a sequel as the new country tries to find their lost prince who got taken away as a child.
Actually, he could have been taken to Equestria, been raised there and had a child named Carrot Top!!! (See where I'm getting???)(And it works too because Centaur or Minotaur + Pony still kinda = pony...)
And so, in the end, it is found that the true ruler of their kingdom is her son/daughter (Can't remember gender) because they are of rightful age.

So, what do you think, interesting?
Who votes this would make a cool story!?
You should totally do this if you have time... O_O

Cyr stahp. cyriously, stahp.


You...I...But...but you...

Gyvon read my story?

[falls over dead]

cyr gets a cameo, and I'll be moderately happy


Eh...not a cameo...but really a reference. Sowwy.


Ummm..that sounds like a good plotline...for another author. You could do it, but if the same author made a sequel, that would make me seem rather...too dependent on one series. i want to give the rest of my future stories that I already have prepared a chance for my attention, and yours.

Oddly enough this made sense to me. Not sure if I should be worried about that or not.:applejackunsure:

I COULD do it but I don't have time.
I'll make a note of it and maybe do it in the future.
I already have 15 different story ideas though and not enough time or attention span to write them... :ajbemused:

If you can't really come back to this and have other things you want to wright then I can't see why you should make yourself do something you don't want to do. I will miss Cyr but the story was fairly well resolved, even if it felt a bit short, and there's apparently plenty of stuff for later.

... Meh, what ever you do, don't disappear for a long time. Too many good authors have disappeared into the unknown, leaving the readers behind, waiting, hoping for a return that seems will never come to be...

i cannot figure out how to add this to my "read later" section please help?

Click on the little Clock and Book to the left of the story title. It should light up indivating that you have saved this story for later viewing

TY! god, fimfiction needs a tutorial x) everything ive seen so far is trial and error

Hey, no sequel? That's fine by me. This story had a definate, solid ending. I'd rather see it remembered for what it is, rather than for its shitty story-less sequel that makes it look like you were just milking the topic for all it was worth.

Oh and nice author notes / story / multi-faceted 4th wall breach. :pinkiehappy:

Sad to see such a good story end with so many possibilities. The "Behemoth" class changeling has become almost canon now. I myself am planning on using it if I can think of a situation for it. You have made an entirely new character from literally nothing but a picture and your own mind. That's pretty impressive. And lets hope Cyr gets mentioned in a lot more story's from now on when writing about changelings. You may have very well changed Equestrian history. Good job. AND STOP BREAKING THE FORTH WALL!

my body was not prepared for this disappoint

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