• Published 4th Sep 2012
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My Little Behemoth: Friendship is more than Food - Kishin

Just because you're a 3-ton Changeling Behemoth doesn't mean that you can't have friends.

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The Body of a Behemoth, nay, but the Spirit to Challenge One

Light poked through Cyr's multiple eyelids. As he clicked open the last layer over his eyes, he was overwhelmed by the bright sensation of artificial light. He was laying in a bed with an confounding, incessant 'beeping' that seemed to originate from a...moving picture of some sort next to him.

The strange surface displayed a dull green line, followed by a number of rapidly-created spikes. It continued with its operation, and only then was Cyr distracted when he attempted to swallow. He found it extremely difficult to, as there was a thin tubing leading to his tongue, and every attempt to pull it out of his maw was met with a discouraging pinch.

Cyr tried to speak, but only a muffle was released in the room he found himself in, what with the tubing interfering with his tonsil fangs and his ability to move his jaw.

But the sound attracted the attention of a nearby nurse.

So he was in a hospital.

In public.

Where nopony was suppose to see him...

I'm calling it. It's Panic Time.

She hesitantly arrived at Cyr's side, and said, "I'm sorry, sir. The only locations that weren't completely covered in chitin were your...well, let's just say that placing a hydration cable there wouldn't be exactly hygienic. So all that was left to put an IV was in your mouth-"

Cyr mumbled, "Curgh roo gurgh irt errt?"

"I'm terribly sorry, sir. That's your only source of water right now, and you need plenty of it after your supplemental surgery," The nurse gestured at his chest.

There was a dressing fixed on the chitin of his chest with tape. Example of medical brilliance right there...

"And I'm afraid you are far from able to drink water on your own. So I cannot remove the IV line. Oh, but, some visitors would like to see you!"

Out of nowhere, Carrot Top landed on the normal-sized Changeling and gave him a bear hug that started to make his wound bleed again. From the direction Cyr had seen the mare jump out of, he saw the shadows of two alicorns watching at a distance.

Cyr suddenly felt a burning outline spread out across the chitin, as Carrot Top abruptly interrupted her own welcome gesture to give Cyr a slap in the face.

"Don't you EVER think about doing that again!"


"What a minute...are you the right Cyr? They found you in a hole in the middle of nowhere and you look smaller than usual."

Cyr ripped the plastic IV out from under his tongue, and successfully clearing himself through the immediate pain, he looked at her directly with his orange light receptors and yelped out, "I think I know who I am, Carrot Top!"

"Oh Celestia, Applejack and I thought we lost you, and we started to search all over for you when she got back and-"

"It's fine!"

"You don't look fine! And your voice! When did it get so...squeaky...and layered?"

"When I..." Cyr stopped. He didn't know how long he had been stuck inside the Pony Hospital.

"...actually I don't know. When did you find me?"

"Princess Luna came to me and said she found your body 3 days ago. And she said exactly that. 'Body'. Like you were dead already, and I didn't want to lose a friend and-"

"Like I said before, everything is going to be okay. Alright? Calm down! I'm fine!" Cyr attempted to give Carrot Top a smile so another could begin to eclipse on her face.

It didn't work.

Cyr asked with concern, "How are you? I'd feel a bit guilty to know that you were thinking about this the whole time I was..."

Left for dead.


Almost murdered by distant relatives.

"...errr, gone."

"I'm fine. But you? You almost...didn't..." Carrot Top couldn't finish. She was a tough mare, but the Princesses decided to give her some relief of not stating the news.

Celesta approached by Cyr's bedside, followed by Luna, and gravely informed, "You almost died, Cyr. That was more than we could have ever expected that could have gone wrong, and information of Changeling biology has been...lost over the years. Your actions were reckless, and misdirected."

"It was...stupid planning, on my part," Cyr nervously grinned. He foreboded a strong scolding for placing royal business in Canterlot at an indefinite halt with the absence of the Princesses.

Celestia's light scowl melted into a smile, "But...you did so with the intentions of saving the lives of others. You provided enough of a distraction to prevent Chrysalis and her forces from beginning their inevitable invasion. You grace us with a manner of sacrifice that even the most compassionate of ponies could not have summoned as immediately as you have. You of the heartfelt thanks of the Kingdom of Equestria. Consider yourself a honored member of it."

Both sisters proceeded to bow on the hospital floor.

Cyr quickly approached the Princesses, or at least attempted to as his legs wouldn't move when his mind told them to. The nerves were still deadened slightly from lack of oxygenated blood. "No, no, no. Stop, please."

The pair rose up from the floor, at Cyr's request.

"I did what any sane-"

Luna quickly mentioned, "Insane, you mean?" She giggled.

Cyr rolled his eyes and repeated again firmly, "I did what any sane individual would do."

"But, from what I hear from Luna, you did so for your friends. Your family. And you are humble about it also. There is no such stronger sign of benevolence, respect, or concern than that," Celestia warmly smiled. "Young Changeling-"

"I'm 417 years old," Cyr responded. "I think that disqualifies me from the 'Young' category."

Celestia chuckled, "Indeed. Cyr, Luna and I, the Regal Princesses of Equestria, owe you a debt of gratitude for your act.

"Well, as long as you make the sun and the moon rise and fall and keep madponies from gnawing on my flesh, then consider me satisfied," Cyr said with a blank face.

Luna pleaded, "Please. It's the least we can do for you. You've gone past the requirement of your sentence."

"A Royal-mandated punishment, I think, is a bit mood-killing to mention, don't you think, fair Princess?"

"To whom arth thou accusing the title of 'fair Princess', you-"

The same nurse from before interrupted the arguement, "Excuse me? Your Highnesses? The patient needs to rest."

Luna nearly screamed in opposition, "Nay! We demand an agreement from the second party to allow ourselves to commit him under an oath-"

The nurse opened the curtains behind her, revealing the crowd of ponies appearing around the patient bed.

The only word that escaped Luna's mouth was a quiet "Oh."

The nurse, and the crowd, then began to be surrounded by individual circles of green flame, each to respectively reveal themselves as members of the Praetorian Guards, which nearly rivaled in size of an alicorn.

Luna repeated herself, this time with a more prolonged effect, "Ohhh......sh-"

Celestia cut off Luna's exclaim of surprise with a furious shout, "You are all foals for arriving here! This Changeling is hereby an honorary Equestrian citizen! If you wish to claim his life, you'll have to get through us!"

"We haven't come here to fight," grumbled the Nurse-Praetorian.

Luna joined in to her sister's verbal barrage, "HA! So you admit to arriving here with violent intent! Wait....pardon?"

"We need to talk to the Behemoth-"

"Well, if you want to talk to him, go on ahead. Nopony will stop you, shapeshifting cretin."

The Praetorian, presumably the leader, shook his horned head. "No. Alone. You have no business in our matters."

Luna responded, "Excuse me, you declared war on us two months ago! Your matters are of our concer-"

"Our Queen is nowhere to be found. We arrived at where you found the bodies, but we could not find our Queen. She's still alive, but she had not found herself back in the Hive. She has been dishonored in battle by a..." the Praetorian paused to squint hatefully at Cyr. "...member of a lower caste. Her shame is great, and her accomplishments are naught but failure. Yet, this one, insignificant Worker, had survived the ordeal against a Changeling alicorn. Therefore, we wish..."

The entire group of Praetorians suddenly lowered themselves, much to the surprise of Cyr, Carrot Top, and the Royal Sisters, and mid-bow, they shouted in unison, "...to honor him as our ruler!."

Cyr was frozen for an entire half hour. The Royal Sisters removed the Praetorians from the premises to more suitable locations to wait for a lone Changeling to recover from shock. Thankfully they weren't imprisoned. But teleportation into suites under heavy guard inside the Canterlot Castle, figured Luna and Celestia, were more diplomatic terms.

Carrot Top decided to wait next to the open-mouthed Cyr, hoping that the sheer shock wouldn't catalyze his poor, repairing heart to go into cardiac arrest...or just implode on the spot.

Finally, Cyr whispered, "Tell me this is a dream. Or better, yet, that I died and woke up in Elysium."

Carrot Top bumped Cyr's ribs with a hoof, resulting in Cyr's painful exclaim.

"Nope. So...King of the Changelings, that's a nice gig if you decide to roll with it."


"So what now?"

Cyr closed his mouth, just realizing that a fly was bound to enter through it and clog his respiratory system sometime. And it was just his luck to probably happen.

"I...think I might do it."

"Well, I guess I'm friends with royalty now!" Carrot Top squealed.

"Not to burst your bubble, but-"

"Nope! Not gonna happen! Time to motherbuckin' celebra-"

"I'm not going to become a permanent ruler!" Cyr interrupted. "The Queen before Chrysalis, she's still alive. I gotta find her, and I need to make sure my caste is safe."

Carrot Top's face fell. "Oh..."

Cyr internally winced, "Heh. Sorry to ruin your expectations so soon."

"You just don't want a party because that would mean you'd have to get out of bed."

"You have me there," chuckled Cyr. "But tell me, do they only reserve these 'beds' for the sick and injured?"

"Umm...Cyr? Everypony has one."

"...I don't know what I've been missing!" Cyr exclaimed. "And this, what is this magical contraption? It drives me simply mad having to listen to it all day!"

Cyr gestured at the machine giving off an irritating, constant beeping.



"That's a heart rate monitor. Oh and that reminds me. Take off the bandage!"

"Wha-" Cyr began to protest.

"Luna arrived mid-surgery, and told me that even though we couldn't save any of the chitin, the heart started to partially heal itself, and...well you gotta see this!"

"Carrot Top-"

Cyr was interrupted when the mare tugged down on his patient gown and tore off the bandage.

Cyr saw that not only was the bleeding stopped, but the hole was still there. Along with the seemingly whole-bodied, untouched heart, pumping blood healthily.

To Cyr, the sight of seeing one's own organ was both incredible, yet disgusting.

Carrot Top smiled, "I guess Changelings have hearts after all!"

Cyr chuckled. "So what does this 'heart-rate monitor' do?"

"It detects whether you're still with us or not. It runs on electricity."

"Fascinating....what's electricity?"

Now the real nurse that was suppose to attend to patients that afternoon confronted the pair just as Carrot Top was about to face-hoof and begin to explain the most fundamental of technological principles in terms so simple that a filly could have understood.

Carrot Top shouted, as soon as she saw the linen-clad figure, shouted, "I don't think so! No Changeling's gonna hurt my friend while he's in injured! Hee-ya!"

Carrot Top clocked the nurse on the snout with a fore-arm.

Cyr inched forward, "Uh...CT?"

"And stay down!"

"Carrot Top..."

"Come on, Cyr, we gotta get out of here!"

"Carrot Top! That nurse was an actual pony!"

The nurse weakly rose up, along with some help with Carrot Top, and instructed, "Yes, and at the risk of getting assaulted again, I regret to inform you that visiting hours are over."

The nurse trotted away, declaring that same statement to other patients, while Carrot Top said to her, "Sorry, Nurse Redheart!"

She turned back to Cyr. "Listen, I need to tell you something. And it's really important that I get your response on something."

Carrot Top went from giggling to serious in a nanosecond flat. Not good.

"Okay, shoot."

With some apprehension, Carrot Top continued.

"I'm pregnant..."

Cyr's eyes opened wide. "Wow. And umm...the father?"


"Should I...beat him up in a dark alley, or what? Congratulations, and all, but you haven't specified what you wanted to ask me."

"Would you like to become their godfather?"

Cyr hesitated, "Carrot Top, there is no way that your other half is going to agree to this-"

"I'll make him, even if I'm not married to him yet."

"I'm old enough to be your great-great-grandfather. I'm not suited for this."

"That just means that the foals will have some really interesting facts to tell about their extended family in the years to come," Carrot Top joked. She knew she was getting to him.

Cyr considered with a hoof to his chin. It can't hurt, I guess.

"I...would be honored to be the foal's godfather."

"Knew I could count on you," Carrot Top sweetly returned. She pecked Cyr on the cheek and left his room.

Cyr, exhausted out of his mind, quickly fell asleep. Too much had occurred before and after his bouts of unconsciousness.

And that last thought that was in his mind?


Author's Note:

Before anyone complains about his size, read the next chapter.